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Bulwark is a cryptocurrency with a focus on privacy hardware development.
QuarkChain is a flexible, scalable, and user-oriented blockchain infrastructure by applying blockchain sharding technology. QuarkChain is one of the first public chains that successfully implemented state sharding technology for blockchain in the world.
From here you can buy acc and more
Rupaya is a cryptocurrency targeted at the South Asia Community. Rupaya aims to be the most user-friendly and scalable payments-focused digital currency for our region. Whether you are curious about Rupaya or cryptocurrency in general our community is friendly and always eager to help. We run regular giveaways, raffles, and bounties for the community. Don't delay and join in on the excitement today!
AI certification and honeypot/containment systems. Spanish Server
Forex Signale (Aktien, Börse, Zertifikate, Wirtschaft, Nachrichten) forex chatroom, chatrooms, chat, forex, FX, traders, trader, FX trader, chatrooms for forex traders.
| Coin Miners | » | Oleme Economy/Gambling server. » | Toome uuendusi iga nädal. » | Otsime juhtkonda liikmeid. » | Vajame ainult teid serverisse.
COTI is the first enterprise-grade fintech platform that eliminates all intermediaries from transactions and enables any organization to build their own private payment solution, saving time and money. COTI provides functionality as robust as PayPal and AliPay, while allowing enterprises to set their own payment rules and own their valuable data. Keep in mind that this is a home for community discussion around the COTI protocol and COTI network. All opinions, ideas and questions are welcome, as long as they are shared respectfully and encourage constructive conversation.
Private discord server for Crypto discussions / private pools crypto
Flex on a hoe.
#1 Ripple (XRP) Discord Community.
What is ADSactly? ADSactly can be summarized in 8 words. Autonomous Decentralized Society Acting Cooperatively to Leverage You! ADSactly is a Decentralized Open Value Economic System that is built up by various Individuals, Organizations, Cryptocurrencies and Various Communities that have agreed to join forces to help YOU find exactly what you are looking for when you need it most! Whether you are looking for Networkers and Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Investors, Contributors, Developers, Volunteers and more. You have finally found exactly what you have been looking for!
Netcoin - Digital currency with personal interest rate and fair weight stake mining
Welcome to the official Branch Discord! We are a community for the collaboration of cryptocurrency projects in order to further the space and progress into a future where we collectively move into a more decentralised and open future.
The Oracle-D Discord Server.
The official Discord of Quebecoin (QBC)
Expanse is a smart contract platform based on ethereum.
The Hacker Experience Discord is focused around the simulation game called Hacker Experience. Join us to learn more!
The vision: A hang out where we’ll be bouncing ideas back and forth in an open and respectful space. We encourage participation, while fostering a friendly environment. As we grow we’ll build in rewards to encourage users to get involved, elevating server roles. For now, we offer an all-in-one TView indicator to make it easier to control charts. You'll be able to add more than 3 indicators as a FREE TV users, which makes a huge difference. Nothing to fancy or unique. it just consolidates them in a single script.
Earn money, By doing simple tasks!
Official CUT coin crypto community. Announces from the dev team, and place to talk. Outstanding anonymous PoS crypto.
Olá, Somos Um Servidor De Factions e Se Você Gosta De Jogar Factions Entre e Confira!.
Join this new server and get 10 Credits for free! Grow your BTC investment and gamble your way to riches!
Join the Best OK Bitcoin and gaming server of them all!
Earn passive income with our own currencies Litcoin & Flex Tip & trade over 30 different cryptocurrencies Our own minecraft anarchy server where you can mine cryptocurrency, IP: Giveaways, crypto airdrops & rains on active users Active quality staff team providing next-level organization International community with channels for every language All the best bots; image manipulation, memes, private rooms, etc. Casual open minded discussions NSFW & madness anarchy section with anonymous messages Basic server-mode for new users, advanced mode for experienced Invite rewards & server maze with money bounties Music & karaoke Newsfeeds & top notch link collections Self-assignable roles & name colors Growing community & you can freely advertise your servers Always looking for new staff and developers
This is a Multilingual New server. Here you will meet people who come from all four corners of the earth, people of all ages and cultures, people who have a common interest in the ramen and cryptocurrency, learning to cooking and eating. Racoin is a Genuine Real Global RamenCoin. Racoin brings a peaceful economy to the world through ramen. We will change the world through Ramen, enhancing world through Racoin. “Ramenomics! ” Join the world ramen revolution! Your join will change the world. The first Airdrop will be held in 2019. Get Racoins and go to the shop! It is also recommended as a commemorative coin.
CBD discussion server!
Cracked, ücretsiz hesaplar ve Arkadaşlarınızla oynayabileceğiniz bir server.
EverGreenCoin cryptocurrency and environmental discussions, development, and education.
All about tech, games and crypto coins. We do talk about other stuffs as well, it's a server for techies to chill and chat together. Join us now!
CryptoLovers Twitter Tipbots
Looking for a friendly community to hang out in away from the kiddos? Then Breakfast Club is the place for you! We like to watch movies, chat in vc, and hangout in general, so stop on by and come say hey!
Crypto's coolest hangout - tip, trade, airdrops, and gamble over 30 different cryptos. On demand TA for 1000s of coins. News & RSS hooked into the server. Shitposts, memes, NSFW & picswaps. All crypto fans welcome!
This is a brand new server that gives out paypal. Just invite your friends and strangers? Anyways when you invite people you get closer to getting PayPal. The first role starts at 5 paypal for 25 invites. Join now!
Arbitraging Trading Discord Server
2Bitscoin Bringing The Hemp Industry To The BlockChain helping poor Community become self-sufficient independent not relying on outside investments to be stable. We are a Community Driven blockchain that will focus on being a Multi Wallet Asset Exchange, Marketplace allowing members to vote on upcoming projects built upon the blockchain. If this sounds interesting please come by and join our community we are doing giveaways as a promotional right now. Learn about industrial hemp and blockchain and earn cryptocurrency at the same time
get cash for bitcoins in local atlanta area!
Bitdeals is a server where you can make deals and buy mine ! We want to expand our community and make better things ...
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