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Free Mode Designs is an LSPDFR / FiveM design company specializing in Vehicle creation and skin creation. You can apply to become a developer for Free Mode Designs and get a Text channel to show everyone what you can do. You can also apply for a moderator spot and get multiple perks. Has this piqued your interest? Give us a go and join the discord. Thanks, Jack - FMD Owner
Welcome to the official Discord Server of the biggest upcoming building competition of the Minecraft Bedrock Engine! In our channels you can inform yourself about news, exchange ideas with other players and much more.
Only Aesthetics is a server for the aestheticists. If you enjoy art, photography and music for the feeling rather than the message, you've found your place. This server was created primarily for fans of Y2K and the vaporwave movement, but all aestheticists are welcome.
I'm Designer Dave, I've been working in the game industry for 20+ years on games like Warcraft III, WoW, Oddworld Stranger's Wrath, and lots of stuff you probably don't care about too. ;) If you're interested in learning about game development, game design, or have questions about games I've worked on, game or narrative design, then... Come on in. :)
Hi there! Welcome to Weezzy's Garden. I'm weezzy and I am the Warden! Feel free to join our Community! We're a small community and we want to grow. :D What do we offer?: ~ A lot of giveaways! ~ An active Staff Team! ~ A lot of fun coming soon! We're also looking for new active Staff Members! Thanks for reading our description! Have a wonderful day! ~ weezzy (OWNER)
Salve!!Se Precisar De Ajuda Só Soltar o Verbo Pra Staff
Is a place for worldbuilding, the creation of fictional worlds for works of fiction. The intent is to have projects, to work on and in time finish. It's a place to share your stuff, ask for feedback, understand approaches, and expand your mind. While we have our traditional gaming roots, we are open to anyone who can pass vetting and gel with us. The end goal is a small, active, comfy community where things get done.
Neo Tokyo is a server dedicated to Cyberpunk, Vaporwave, Synthwave, Retrowave, Outrun, Vaporwave Aesthetics, 80s/90s Nostalgia, Retro-Futurism and to rainy Dystopian societies around the world. Currently consisting of over 800 members, the server features channels to share music, self-promotion channels, music bots and many more! Feel free to check us out!
Ajunta-se para se diverti Faze artes e arruma amigos.
Ola entra aqui e venha ver coisas legal
Welcome to ROBLOX Builders! ROBLOX Builders is a server where you can meet and collaborate with Roblox developers, including builders, game designers, mesh makers or any else! In the server you have different variety things to do such as join monthly/weekly giveaways, find jobs as a builder or else, sell your creations, share, admire other and most importantly have fun :D! Our Staff Team will try it's best to keep the server as safe and friendly as possible! Show off your creations in #cool-creations, request help in one of our help channels, and most importantly, have fun! Thank you, and welcome!
Join the Lego community and have a good time!
Forward Instinct's verified server, where members can follow game development from the team.
Just a server with a little bit of everything!
The GMM Server is your place for operating system news, WNR, NROS, and more.
Toontown (TBD) To Be Decided Is A Future Project that is going to be start developed in a year or 2 we are looking for all the help we can get to make this project a reality, we are looking for community team members, technical team members, creative team members, and moderation team members were looking for it all also looking for modelers you also don't even have to join if you don't have those skills you can join and just watch as the project hopefully gets off the foot :) ps the name isn't to be decided its TBD because there isn't a name yet.
Voici un serveur pour les Wolf's Gameurs, GFX/VFX et encore plein d'autre choses en rapport du Gaming. Tu recherche exactement un serveur Gaming? Alors n'attend plus et viens me rejoindre sur ce serveur Gaming fait par le chef des Wolf's, c'est-à-dire moi! Ðяλzøメ 🐺 Peace! 🙏
A chill server I think (:
Rabid Potato Studios is a newly formed entertainment company and community geared around and in support of the creative arts, gaming, collaborations, and having fun. We know how dark reality can be. We offer an escape from the grind of life... with french fries. What else do we have to offer, you ask? Glad you asked: This Discord server is where creative minds and gamers can chat, share their projects or ideas, and have fun. If anyone has a suggestion on how we can do better: Please bring it to our attention. We want to make this a fun, respectable experience for all members. We believe that every creator, every gamer, every person is entitled to sweat of their brow. Within the realm of the rules we have set, we want to make this a reality. If you are looking for good people and good atmosphere, look no further. We got you. Thank you, kindly.
This is a ROBLOX GFX Server.
This is a ROBLOX GFX Server.
Ven Unete Y Ayudanos A Ser Una Gran Comunidad Wenn du einen coolen server suchst, der noch der Aktive und gechillte Moderatoren und Supporter Sucht😇😝? Dann schau doch mal bei UNS vorbei: 💥💥 Wass wir dir Bieten: -24/7 Radio🔊🎵 -Spieler-Talks🎧🎤 -Nette Community📺 -Nettes Team👦👮 -Support📉🎮 -Offene Bewerbungs-Phase📌 Wir hoffen dass unser Server wächst und freuen uns wenn du uns besuchen kommst😀. Mfg Server-Leitung | noc😇🎧
We are toxic-free feel free to join vent..Make new friends -
Serveur discord officiel de la chaîne YouTube TutosWebFR où l'on publie des vidéos démo en Html CSS, et peut-être prochainement des démos pour programmer des bots discord
servidor : Linguagem : Pt-Br Descrição : Um servidor com humor e zueira fazemos bots e os testamos tiramos duvidas de bots , etc
Developer Server for GTA V
Welcome to RGL! ~Share your graphics and have our wonderful GFX artists assist you! -《Events soon to be hosted every week by the staff.》 -《A active community always finding more ways to improve!》 -《Hiring, and selling Always!》 -《Robux events from time to time!》 -《Skilled GFX designers to critique you!》 ~Our server is a community based on helping you in learning ROBLOX GFX. Our server goal is to have 100+ members for events and monthly contests to start so that we can give you plenty of robux to help yourself. Join Roblox Graphics Land today!
Want a chill place to hangout? Feel free to join SelptiPlex's Kingdom! We are already over 100 people here, and we are always growing ! We are new and little, but YOU can help US to make it GROW ! thx in advance for joining our kingdom kids, and have a good day ;)
DesignDrop is a discord server for graphic designers, illustrators, 3d artists, and more, to grow as designers. We offer a friendly community of people looking to improve and give feedback, as well as an exclusive marketplace for our members.
Design Hub is a Graphics Design / art discord we allow all people above the age of 15
iSkyify is a +1,200 member Minecraft Java network of 10x game modes. Learn more at or join in and play at
IP: MC.DIVINEREALMS.US Pridružite nam se u našim avanturama! Server sadrži custom plugine, ručno izgrađenu mapu, razne evente i mini-igre! Sve što vidite na serveru je ručno izgrađeno od strane našeg Build Tima! Sta čekate? Uđite i uživajte na serveru. Verzija: od 1.7 do 1.13.x
We offer custom websites and gfx design services, Join Now and get a website or gfx design made just for YOU!!
Olá, meu nome é Willy, eu sou um dono de Studio de Dublagens, e você sabe dublar????, então venha nesse server!!! Meu canal de animações e videos!
We are a community for developers, designers and builders. Join now! :)
Welcome to BeneficialCucumberP’s Nationstate Roleplay server. This server was created as a parody of sorts of Gyro’s RP server, ( While I've been in the Nation RP server business for a while, I’ve never seen anything like Gyro’s. It’s a marvel of engineering. I made it my goal to replicate, and even enhance the experience. Join me through this journey as I try my hardest to recreate the masterpiece that is Gyro’s NationRP Server.
Hiii all. Lemon Gang is my discord server which I aim to make a thriving gaming community (whether it be a small or large group). Rocket-League aswell as many other games are palyed here. :D Make my day and join Lemon Gang for some fun banter.
**Hey there!** Scope GFX Buy/Sell is a GFX and VFX Advertising platform where you can go to find customers or a quality design! We have designers that Charge for their work and others that don’t but that doesn’t affect the standard of work (very good) If your worried about the safety of a money transaction with a designer or customer your covered with Scope GFX Terms of Service which means that if their is any issues with a transaction involving **money** we will make sure you get your money back! Our designers can make nearly anything and always at a low price! ———————————— Join here: ————————————
German Discord Community | 70+ Member | Gaming, Design, Music, Technic
『✨ Welcome to Graphic Design! ✨』 Welcome to the official Graphic Design discord server where we mainly focus on designing and artwork. But there's also something to do for everyone. •😂 Meme channels. •🎤 Multiple voice chats. •🎉 Fun events. •🎨 Art channels. •🎵 Music channels and much more! Server Invitation-Link: 🔗 []
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