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Code Monkeys is a discord server dedicated to giving and receiving great help and advice for a variety of programming languages. Help us build a large and friendly community!
Code Monkeys is a discord server dedicated to giving and receiving great help and advice for a variety of programming languages. Help us build a large and friendly community!
Johnny's Market is a place where you can get anything that you need (design, discord setup, marketing and much more)
بەخێربێن بۆ سێرڤەرەکەمان Welcome to Our Server
If you join, you need a roblox account and your own bigheads
Welcome to Panther Products! We are a CAD and design company that was founded in 2019. We are happy to help you with any problem you have. So join us for cheap and high quality products today! We Offer! small_blue_diamond Computer Aided Dispatching Systems small_blue_diamond Logos small_blue_diamond Web Applications Coming Soon! small_blue_diamond Discord Bots small_blue_diamond Much More! We also offer! black_square_button Giveaways black_square_button Professional Service black_square_button Events black_square_button Partnerships! Pop into Panther Products today and Invest in Quality! Here are the links! Discord Invite: Website: Founder: Reece R#0001 Tags: @everyone
This group is for OTIS Elevator (Asia Pacific) on Roblox
This is a discord For LazeNetwork.
Cześć, może chciałbyś Grafikę | Logo | Miniaturkę ?? Zapraszam do mojego serwera "Tanie Grafiki"
Bransive is a Graphic Design server filled with various levels of designers. This is a server for beginners and experienced people alike! A great place for people to learn and get tips We have: • Colour roles • Giveaways • Helpful and friendly staff • Buy & sell graphic services A list of common topics; • Graphic design • Illustration / art • Typography • UI/UX • General layout • Technical help in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Gimp, etc.
you can get some free banner logo and wallpaper by just doing some easy task
Welcome to Psycho Mods Discord server!
a game's community server
Esse é um canal de uma stremer mielunatica!
UnitedRP Suomi Reborn
Nitro Gratuit / Free Nitro
Türkiyenin En Gelişmiş Minecraft Topluluk Sunucusu
Recrutamento por discord!
Hello xx. We are a server made for any fandom but focused about Kristian Kostov K-pop etc We love everyone + accept anyone xxx <3 Love you all xx
The trading den is for artists and buyers to trade/sell and buy adopts or characters. Come join in and find some new friends to take home or even send your adopts off to new homes!
Serwer typowo do pisania
👇 Bonjour à tous aujourd'hui je voudrais vous présenter un serveur comptant plus de 270 membres ! 👇 ▶ C'est un serveur actif et sérieux, avec plusieurs bot a votre disposition. Un Staff compétant et à votre écoute ! 👍 ▶ Le but principal du serveur est de rassembler plein de codeur / programmeur et de parler de coding ▶ Possibilité de faire un partenariat sous demande. Des gens sympa qui aime aidé et parler ! 📝 ▶ Bonne ambiance sur le serveur. Des recrutements ouvert, et un serveur esthétique ! 🔱 ▶ Des bots bien configurés ainsi qu'un bot personnalisé au nom du serveur ! 🎩 ▶ Voici le lien de leur serveur passé faire un tour : Copier là et envoyer là à vos amis winkwink
Tazcel's v2 Lounge
In this server, staffs can be able to create a skin for you.
Only Aesthetics is a server for the aestheticists. If you enjoy art, photography and music for the feeling rather than the message, you've found your place. This server was created primarily for fans of Y2K and the vaporwave movement, but all aestheticists are welcome.
I'm Designer Dave, I've been working in the game industry for 20+ years on games like Warcraft III, WoW, Oddworld Stranger's Wrath, and lots of stuff you probably don't care about too. ;) If you're interested in learning about game development, game design, or have questions about games I've worked on, game or narrative design, then... Come on in. :)
Hi there! Welcome to Weezzy's Garden. I'm weezzy and I am the Warden! Feel free to join our Community! We're a small community and we want to grow. :D What do we offer?: ~ A lot of giveaways! ~ An active Staff Team! ~ A lot of fun coming soon! We're also looking for new active Staff Members! Thanks for reading our description! Have a wonderful day! ~ weezzy (OWNER)
Salve!!Se Precisar De Ajuda Só Soltar o Verbo Pra Staff
Neo Tokyo is a server dedicated to Cyberpunk, Vaporwave, Synthwave, Retrowave, Outrun, Vaporwave Aesthetics, 80s/90s Nostalgia, Retro-Futurism and to rainy Dystopian societies around the world. Currently consisting of over 800 members, the server features channels to share music, self-promotion channels, music bots and many more! Feel free to check us out!
Ajunta-se para se diverti Faze artes e arruma amigos.
Ola entra aqui e venha ver coisas legal
Welcome to ROBLOX Builders! ROBLOX Builders is a server where you can meet and collaborate with Roblox developers, including builders, game designers, mesh makers or any else! In the server you have different variety things to do such as join monthly/weekly giveaways, find jobs as a builder or else, sell your creations, share, admire other and most importantly have fun :D! Our Staff Team will try it's best to keep the server as safe and friendly as possible! Show off your creations in #cool-creations, request help in one of our help channels, and most importantly, have fun! Thank you, and welcome!
Join the Lego community and have a good time!
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