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★ Stradivarius ★ SDVR (Stradivarius) est un serveur de partage de contenu créatif basé sur un système de votes, privilégiant ainsi le contenu de qualité. • Crée et montre ton talent à la communauté ! Monte en classement et rejoins l'élite des artistes ! • Découvre et profite d'une source d'inspiration infinie grâce aux nombreux artistes et amateurs présents sur la plateforme ! • Demande des feedbacks sur ton travail afin de te perfectionner sans arrêt ! • Gagne des Blocs, la monnaie de Stradivarius, afin de t'offrir des récompenses uniques en boutique ! (bientôt)
Vosak Design Studio Company (VDS) Is a graphic design discord server, at here you can request for some amazing pictures / logos & more. Join our server now!
Compre seus produtos agora mesmo na Hunter Store! Melhores preços do Brasil.
Personal Design server. bat | Design.
Graphics Central is dedicated towards graphic design. We offer channels in which you can request or offer either free or paid graphics. We also offer help channels if you need help with your project, you can come chill in our voice chats or just talk in our general chat. We are always adding new features and would love for you to come join and even suggest edits or suggest a new feature. Hope to see you soon :)
Vixen Solutoions offers quality products. We offer top CAD/MDT's for free and some paid. We are ranked in the top for friendly assistance along with quick and friendly to use products. We strive to meet all of your needs when it comes to roleplay assistance. We understand there are different time zones so with that in mind we off 24/7 assistance with any products that you are either interested in or having issues with. We are the fastest CAD/MDT,Discord Bot,Five M Skin delivery service out there. We make sure everything is to your liking when obtaining your product. Our Websites, Logos are made bye our developers and we have been reviewed to be the best. We are also recruiting staff for the top designsers and staff with great ideas!
Official Discord of Kyoto - a design clan focused on anime, clean & abstract designs
Gostamos bastante de Star Wars temos várias ideas mas por enquanto queremos ter várias pessoas
Nuevo servidor de Arte totalmente en español. Buena seguridad de su privacidad. Servidor en crecimiento. Se ofrece la oportunidad de ver streamers en linea dibujando comisiones.
Share your ideas for games here! I'm a long time gamer and I wanted to get some of my ideas out there and I thought many others would like to too. So I thought I could make something where we can all share our ideas for games with the world!
We've created this server for people who (want to learn) code and design. We are trying to build up a close community with people who want to help and learn from each other. An explaination of how everything works will be shown to you in the join channel
This is a design-related server owned by Killer(me). I've worked for tens of people including MyUsernamesThis the popular youtuber/streamer. If you're intrested in purchasing a gfx/UI here's the place to go.
Delet This is a gaming community and shitpost server that serves a wide variety of purposes. We make image edits, memes, play games, fix cars, etc. minimal rules, so join for a fun time! languages supported: 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇵🇱🇩🇪🇭🇺🇺🇦 and more on request.
Chat, build, and get help from other developers!
Welcome to Voximus. We are a small development team but are hoping to expand. In this discord you can make games and upload them to our website which is currently in the making. Well we hope you join and make some games with us.
Cool youtube server i have made join now
Are you interested in viewing and creating operating system mockups? This is the server for you!
zTrackz Community in this Community you can get scripts from Void Script Builder (Roblox) or trade scripts! We do giveaways too! Oh and soon we will make a channel of Designers.
Serveur en béta Test pour regrouper des dessinateurs FR dans le domaine du génie civil. Attention serveur mature et bosseur. "Atention whore" et personne non motivé s'abstenir.
Official Discord for Fx's Clients Welcome! If you would like work done by me (FaariFilms), open a ticket using -new (subject). Need support? Open a ticket using -new (subject) and an Administrator will get back to you asap. Links:
A friendly community of nerds, artists, and gamers, run by a travelling hippie indie developer, Rinabow. Come in and share some of your art, photos, crafts, or game dev projects. Our community keeps a generally chill and open environment. Our community owner is also a solo developer behind a 2D platformer known as Floating Wonderland, so this will also serve as an "official" community for that game.
WE Design is a discord server for Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Programmers, Animators and more! We offer a friendly community of people looking to improve and give feedback, as well as an marketplace for our members and a place where you can advertise your portfolio.
Graphic Designing and creating Visual Effects.
Design Lab is a server built fundamentally on creative learning and making friends. Here you can find almost everything you need to fulfill your creative needs. Not to mention our awesome monthly contests and giveaways! Win some awesome premium graphics. Top notch, I tell ya! It's basically heaven, let's be real. Spread the word, stay a while, tell your mum!
Artalk-Fr est le premier serveur francophone ayant pour but de regrouper une communauté pour partager et discuter de toutes les formes d'Art, comme : -Le graphisme (dessin, peinture...) -L'animation (pixel art animé, dessin d'animation...) -La modélisation 3D (modèles 3D, rigging...) -La photographie (photos, retouches...) -Les vidéos (stop motion, trailers...) -La musique (compositions, remix...) -La littérature (romans, poèmes...) Également : Des jeux autour de l'art, des bots de modération, de jeu, une équipe solide pour vous aider, un salon Humour, de l'aide pour vos projets, un grade VIP vite accessible avec beaucoup d'avantages, des concours...
BEYOND aesthetic. Aesthetic community for chill people. Sign up for a Gallery on our Gallery Server! Aesthetic reaction roles & Channel variety! Welcome 友達.
We are an art community of talented and budding artists. Our goals is to improve our art, share art we enjoy, and make new friends!
Circadian City is a pixel art indie life simulation game for PC and consoles. The game takes place in a big city where you improve your hobbies, make friends, craft your personality and find a purpose to life. You play the whole 24 hours which means dreams are playable as well.
Hello, we are a friendly and chill gaming server made in anticipation for the release of Super Mario Maker 2 on Nintendo Switch. You can converse about the game with others and even talk about other stuff, you can also share your levels from the Wii U version of Super Mario Maker. There are new themes every month for stage building and weekly course events. Hope to see you and there and have fun.
Profesyonel tasarımcılarımız tarafından güvenilir tasarım alışverişi.
Kidney's Emotes is an emote server full of aesthetic emotes that might please you.
Kidney's Emotes is an emote server full of aesthetic emotes that might please you.
Join our server if you want to become an amazing 3d artist for the video game and VFX industries.
A community for Game Developers! TheIndieGamesLab is a growing community of game developers. TheIndieGamesLab is working to provide support for game developers and people that want to start. We help support devs and promote their upcoming and existing projects. See you there!
A discord server for a project that is growing. // We need staffs on our discord
Welcome to the Official {} discord server! We as the developers and community developers of BotChat, hope that you enjoy our produces and have fun conversing with the community. We here at BotChat have developed a out this world game launcher and community hangout, sponsor but upcoming mobile games that aren't listed in the Google Play Store and/or the App Store.
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