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An unofficial volunteer server for Andrew Yang's 2020 Presidential run. We're a group of volunteers working hard to help Yang win and bring forward the revolution of reason.
San Andreas First Response is a New RP Community that needs members ASAP! We have a realistic CAD/MDT everyone can use, we have the following departments: Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Sandy Shores Police Department, San Andreas Highway Patrol, Civilian Operations, Fire/EMS (Coming Soon), and Communications. Leadership Roles are available! First Come First Served! Also this is a XB1 Community.
We are a new discord community that takes an interest in information. Every member is here to Learn & Teach i guess you could call it "Trading Information" and expanding our knowledge as a whole! You are informed about the medieval period? Come and teach! You know alot about poetry? Thats Great! Come to Teach the things you are good at and at the same time learn more about the things that you are not good at! To teach one must hold the rank "Expert" witch can be acquired by taking the basic classes on teaching and presenting your knowledge about the specific subject.
If you have a story, for example you had been to jail and you want to talk about it: Just feel free to join and (V)chat and tell everyone your stories.
Servidor dedica a estudos e curiosos sobre a Arte Digital. Todos com a vontade de aprender são bem vindos.
This is a server where you discuss pretty much anything subject to terms of service and community guidelines. This ranges from sport, poltics to casual philosophy.
“My principles are only those that, before the French Revolution, every well-born person considered sane and normal.” This is a space for normalcy
This is a discord support server for the 000webhost services.
Comunidade de desenvolvimento focada na troca de conhecimento. Nosso objetivo e transformar a vida das pessoas de forma positiva e feliz usando a educação e a tecnologia como meio. Cola aí pra passar seu conhecimento a frente ou ganhar conhecimento com a galera!
Thirstee OSRS services
Ce serveur est une communauté touche a tout
Unreal Engine için en doğru adres.
Welcome this discord server is linked to my Roblox game called Dice School! Join for cool stuff! <3
This server is associated with the roblox group Police Training Acadamy
Efsane otelin discord sunucusunda eğlenmeye nedersin?
We're a brand new language learning server. You can hang out and talk in the language of your choice, learning about grammar from other users and practicing.
A historical focused discord mainly targeting Germany History Kaiser=Me Chancellor=whoever i think deserves it/Head admin UberMensch=Mods Prussian government official=Admin Grupo focado em estudos, para enem, vestibulares, concursos, pessoal disposto a ajudar e ser ajudado. Todo tipo de dúvida é sanada. Desde o ensino fundamental até o ensino superior. E muito mais.
Hello and welcome to the GCSE 2019 Discord server. Here, you can join and chat with other people doing your subjects, as well as get help for your subjects from our certified tutors who have passed their subjects with 6's or above. We also have a feature where you select the subjects you're doing and it gives you access to their chats so that your server experience isn't clogged by subjects you aren't doing. We hope you enjoy your time here and it helps you get a better grade in your subjects. Thanks!
a community discord based around studying and stuff ;P
Welcome to the Lucid Dreaming Academy! We have one, simple goal, and that is to spread awareness of our amazing and complex brains! This server focuses on the topic of lucid dreaming, so if you want to be capable of doing literally anything you can dream of, you're in the right place!
Bem-vindo(a) à plataforma de Atividades Formativas da Associação Brasileira de Ligas Acadêmicas de Saúde da Família (ALASF)! Fique à vontade para compartilhar e adquirir conhecimento.
Reptile Haven is a reptile/amphibian husbandry server. We have an active core group of users that stay talking. We have roles for what reptiles you keep as well as a project section where you can reserve a whole channel for a DIY Project, Tutorial, Caresheet, etc. Come join us!
💯 🎬 🎹 🔭 ФИЛОСОФСКО-ЛИТЕРАТУРНЫЙ, НАУЧНО-ПОПУЛЯРНЫЙ, МУЛЬТИ-ТЕМАТИЧЕСКИЙ, ТВОРЧЕСКИЙ СЕРВЕР С МНОЖЕСТВОМ КОНФЕРЕНЦИЙ ПО РАЗЛИЧНЫМ ТЕМАТИКАМ #философия, #литература, #искусство, #наука, #физика, #эзотерика, #биология, #психология, #соционика, #кино, #музыка, #поэзия, #политика, #экономика, #история, #английский, #english
This server is meant to create a space for discussion of a diverse history that is often neglected in discourse: Africa. Information is being added as I research more, and people are welcome to contribute, discuss, and ask questions.
Educate, dont hate, oh and welcome.
We are originally members of the r/classicalmusic subreddit. Musicians, enthusiasts and friendly folk are all welcome to join in discussion and sharing of classical music!
The Chads is a National Socialist community with a focus on political discussion as well as self improvement and daily polls. Casual banter and shitpost vault included
i chill server where you can hang out and discuss your beliefs on apple and android
Merhabalar , arkadaslar raidcall ' sunucusunun kapanması sonucu ile discord serverine taşınmış bulunuyoruz birlik ve beraberligimizi sürdürücegimize söz veriyoruz ' (KRAL)SONGECE - ailesi olarak çok güzel işlere imza atmiş bulunmaktayiz ailemizin en güzel yerlere gelmesinin tek sebebi güzel dostlugu temiz sohbeti saglam kardeşligidir biz bir birlik olmak yolunda verdigimiz sözden attıgımız adımdan geri dönmemeye şerefimiz ve namusumuz üzerine söz vermiş yemin etmiş insanlarız iyi dcler - BurakBaskan
This a server dedicated to all aspects of history. We focus on Art Geography, war, and possibly much more. This place is perfect for history buffs and memers alike
Serveur dédié à la MAO, entraide, astuce, concernant la composition musicale. (Fr)
Join the OFFICIAL GSMST Discord Server! We have tons of fun here! Meet all new students at GSMST, and even old ones too! From freshmen to seniors, come visit and have a conversation! Talk about homework, ask questions about our school, or just hangout!
A discord server for parrots lovers. We are here to answer all your questions and concerns. Also a place to share stories, pictures and knowledge. - Give a parrot what they deserve, they deserve your all. -
Le but de ce serveur discord est de proposer un lieu d'échanges et d'initiation autour de l'anarchisme. Nous sommes libertaires, anticapitalistes et résolument antifascistes. Tout le monde peut y participer, à condition de respecter les règles.
Ruhsal sorunlu insanların bulunduğu, sürekli saçma sapan cümleler kurduğumuz bir sunucu. Üye sayımız her gün parabolik artış gösteriyorrr
The focus of the Model United Nations (MUN) server is to simulate the UN and have fun while doing it. Even if you don't have any experience with MUN, please feel free to join.
You want to learn or improve your French? or you want to help others? or you need help with your french homework? Then this server is made for you!
An open minded community for people of all kinds to express themselves within a wide variety of channels. Intellectual discussion, heart to heart conversations, Creative writing, plus many more.
A new server centering around Israel and other jewish related topics with less of a vetting process [for the time being] and with less of a trigger happy banhammer than **Israel** itself. I think I got banned for advertising [There was no warning, so I have to guess], though the post was simply a link to a website talking about the tallship I'm living on. Anyway... The point is, there are no eggshells to walk on here. I mean, don't be stupid, but relax! My personal goal is to immerse myself into a group of people familiar with the language, history and culture of G-d's chosen, and there wasn't another option. I imagine I'm not the first! So come one, come all, regardless of your background or sentiments. Feel free to disagree but respectfully.
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