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Everything You Need In One Place. aka. the most useful discord server and we don't tolerate trolls and botting. Have fun -digitalclock-founder
In this server we talk about roman and share memes
Debate the shape of the earth. We promise not to censor anyone, but please keep a civil tone.
Philosophy and Politics is about exactly what it sounds like. We offer debate and discussion about the forms of thought that matter most. Meet some like-minded people, and enjoy discussing high philosophical and political thought in an intelligent environment. Are you looking for a group of people with whom you can debate things ranging from politics to aesthetics? This server is for you!
**Welcome to E-University!** We are a community of cuties and heartthrobs that talk about games, music, movies, animes, memes, rpg, and a whole lot more! Enroll now!
Singing is a 10K+ active discord community dedicated to the vocal improvement of all members. We offer events and resources to give singers a positive experience as they perform for others and learn more about their own voice. Our hosts do open mics, word association games, and other events for the server, including occasional singing competitions. We offer auditions, requesting feedback channels, and learning channels for those who are looking to improve their vocal technique and performance. Singing is a friendly server for all levels of singers - from beginners to professionals. We hope to see you soon in the server, and thanks for checking us out!
Who Yazar? çoğunluk itibari ile yazarların bulunduğu bir Online Editör Topluluğu'dur. Bu toplulukta roman yazanlardan tutun forum yönetenlere kadar her türlü birey ile tanışabilir ve sohbet edebilirsin. Bu topluluğun yegane amacı yazarları oldukları halden daha iyi bir hale getirmek. Bu yüzden göz bebeğimiz olan Yetenekli Kalemler projesine katılarak kendini daha iyi hale getirebilirsin. Projelerini bizimle paylaşarak hayata geçirebilir veya aktif projelerimize katılabilirsin. Ayrıca herhangi bir forum veya site açma fikrin var ise bizimle iletişime geçip gerekli desteği alabilirsin.
En server för nyköpingsbor, eller nåt...
Server For speaking in the isle saxon conlang!
Smoker friendly educational community for all the weed needs.
With over 1500 members, we are by far the largest Islamic community on Discord. We have members from every continent (minus Antarctica) that speak a multitude of languages! Come by to chat about an Islamic topic, listen to a lecture, practise your arabic, and feel closer to the believers. All Muslims and Non Muslims are welcome to the server as long as they abide by the rules.
Join to ask questions about Islam, share knowledge,or learn,
Un serveur pour s'entraider quand on est au collège ou au lycée. Que vous puissiez aider, que vous ayez besoin d'aide, ou les deux, n'hésitez pas à venir !
We are an English community, if you need help learning English then you came to the right place, we have many test channels where you can talk to other people who are also learning English, we also have our very own translator if you need help with translating anything.
A discord server for Math Support.
Welcome to our small Reading Group! We are a chill and friendly server focused on the discussion of classic literature and art, with some shitposting too :^). Different points of view are always welcome and we are always open to criticism. We don't censor any opinions or ideas as long as they come from a place of respect and well-meaning. We're mostly comprised of people from 4chan's /lit/ but all are welcome.
Servidor el cuál nos dedicamos a regalar cuentas de todo tipo, spotify, fortnite, netflix, minecraft... También enseñamos un poco sobre ciberseguridad y demás.
a studying and productivity server that includes many other functions such as discussion about music, books, movies, etc. join us! :)
The Stranger Things Fan Club is a Discord server designed for the biggest Stranger Things fans! From Fanart to cool emojis! If you are a Stranger Things fan you will enjoy this server!
English speaking and want to learn Russian, or Russian speaking and want to learn English? You are welcome! :)
Homework Express Not finished homework for tomorrow? No problem! We do it for you! Really cheap homeworkservice that gets you better marks in seconds! No stress anymore! Just chill all day! We also do text corrections! 😎🥳
This server is for dog lovers, big dogs, little dogs . . all dogs are allowed! this is a fairly new server so please bare with the lack of people who are there if/when you join. we have a 18+ chat, polls, a bot that allows you to adopt a pet and care for it all yourself! AKC registered dogs are also welcome. :) channels you can share pictures and things about your dog, ask advice about dog training,health (in some cases, if its something serious speak to your vet immediately) , as well as upcoming events! such as: having a picture of your dog as the servers logo, AND getting your own custom role with whatever you want on it. :) (more to come.)
Islamic chill/discussion server
You want to learn or improve your French level and help or be helped with your french homework ? Join us to improve your pronounciation and your communication skills with french native speakers.
We are the church of the squirrel Slayer, brought to you by your pope
A pomodoro orientated server focused on studying to help save the lives of procrastinators.
A music server to meet fellow producers, collaborate, network, share music, give feedback and promote yourself.
We are an active community of online students. We also accept public, international, charter, and independent study students. We provide tutoring and a friendly community to socialize with. Educators and parents welcome!
This is a Socionics and Enneagram server where you just chill.
This server is Education purpose only. we will not do scam or do other weird things, and we will abide by the law and rules by LLC law and terms.
Hey there! want some free minecraft premium(alts) account? want some free exploits & scripts for roblox? come join us, we have tons of them! also you didn't need to do wait a long time to download due to linkshortener, just copy then paste. its done!
Vous avez une question ? Un membre du Café des Etudiants pourra sûrement vous aider. Que vous soyez en PACES,médecine,pharma,droit,prépa vous trouverez quelqu'un avec qui discuter
Welcome to High School & College. The server to make new friends and discuss school. Need help applying to college? That's us! Want to meet new people at different universities? You got it! Need help with that assignment due tomorrow morning? No problem! We're here to help!
Language Practice is a server dedicated to help you with learning languages and getting support from people that are fluent in them. The languages which you can practice are: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Danish, Japanese, Irish and possibly more if there is enough demand. We welcome everyone with the desire to practice a language.
21+ Server for mental health. Visual joy and mental satisfaction.
Hello les gars,filles! J'ai quelque chose en tête depuis un moment, et je pense qu'on est pas mal à en avoir besoin ! Ça peut vraiment nous permettre d'avancer encore un peu plus vite tous ensemble ! J'ai crée un discord accès développement personnel, tout domaines confondu,objectif perso,sport,études, musiques, loisirs,timidité ect. Des personnes avec un passé ou présent anxieux sont tout autant et surtout les bienvenus. N'hésitez pas à le rejoindre C'est vraiment basé sur l'entraide et le partage. Il va évoluer au fil du temps, mais vous pourrez contempler les exploits de chacun, vous motiver mutuellement, et vous demander des conseils les uns les autres ! Bonne soirée à vous. Et rejoignez nous !
Welcome to Learn Quranic Arabic. In this sever you will be introduced to the basics of grammar of the Quran. You must be able to read the Quran.
There's no need for a description. Come and see for urself.
Super chill server meant for asking questions about religions, discussing stuff, teaching others in a non-conversion based manner. Open to anyone and everyone, come and teach/learn about religion!
Congratulations! You have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. »»——«« This is a NEW server and would love it if you joined and help grow our community. »»——«« -Sorting hat -Available jobs (such as goblins for banks, teachers, etc.) -Economy and shops -Settle into a dorm or request an office -Real classes with real curriculum -Friendly staff and members - everyone is invited -Quidditch, triwizard tournament, and other sorts of competition -Voice chats and karaoke -Graduation ceremonies
Meteorology and More is a discord server dedicated mostly to, you guessed it, Meteorology, especially Tropical Meteorology. We started as a community off-shoot of the Category 6 blog from Weather Underground, as a method of easier communication, and since then have grown into its own community. Some special things we have included - An important Links Channel - A Twitter Feed (Provided by Erisbot) - A multitude of bots, including Unbelievaboat and Erisbot - Music Channel - Channels for things including Bot commands, weather discussion, seasonal forecasts, and even a media channel! - We provide users with an incentive to be active, that being level roles provided through Mee6 which have special permissions - We are also partnered with some interesting servers! - Obviously we have good staff too! Welp, that about wraps that up. Hopefully you enjoy your time with us!
Aletheia is a server for those who are serious about the exchange of occult knowledge through academics and experience. All members are expected to behave as mature adults. We will not tolerate claims of summoning a harem of succubi, being a god or entity in a human body, being astrally pregnant, or any other kind of larping or delusion. Nor do we particularly care about your feelings and what you find offensive. Only serious occultists and those serious about learning occult arts and mysteries are welcome.
Tutorials, Exam preparation, software skill learning and apply for jobs (India)
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