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SAS - Serious About Science —————————————————————————————— :school: | A place where you can learn and share what you know! :family_wwbb: | Great community! :speaking_head: | Heated debates! :video_game: | Chat games and fun to be had! ✪ Staff Needed —————————————————————————————— Owner: @TheCosmicKiwi Invite: Banner:
Congratulations! You have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. »»——«« This is a NEW server and would love it if you joined and help grow our community. »»——«« -Sorting hat -Available jobs (such as goblins for banks, teachers, etc.) -Economy and shops -Settle into a dorm or request an office -Real classes with real curriculum -Friendly staff and members - everyone is invited -Quidditch, triwizard tournament, and other sorts of competition -Voice chats and karaoke -Graduation ceremonies
Welcome to the STEM Discord! This is a warm community focused in bringing individuals together to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We ask that you do your best to be professional, kind, understanding, and a humble contributor to this community, and we're glad to have you!
A small sever for discussing books, writing, and other creative outlets!
Pragmatic Sanguivory is a discord community group focused around supporting Sanguivores (Real Vampires) by providing useful information and community group discussions. Note that this group’s focus is for those that feel the need to drink blood to maintain wellness. This community is not for the discussion of psychic phenomenon, spiritualism, or otherkin, or supernaturals.
Cyber Security covers a vast range of topics. This server is for discussion and learning. Knowledge in this field is becoming more important and in demand. Community for students, professionals and those thinking about going into this field.
Lire des livres et apprendre facillement l'astronomie et autres sur ce serveur !
We are a community of dedicated history fans, learners, and casual peeps who want to hang around casually and spread their friendliness while doing what they enjoy the most. Our server provides several history channels covering most periods of documented military and non-military history, from classical antiquity to modern day affairs. If you're not too keen on history, feel free to discuss in our gaming and anime channels.
Do you want to learn the Finnish language? Uusi kielemme is a place where you can do just that!
The Kindergarten is an unofficial discord discussion server for the Kindergarten video game. This server is based off of that and has some cool other stuff as well. Features: *Self Roles *NSFW channels *Memes *Raid Protection *Role specific categories and/or channels *Staff Needed
Graalonlinesucks Is a movement created by Zin after being globally banned on Graal, to expose the snakes and deception behind Graal. Antago and Rice2k also help with the movement. GraalOnlineSucks Discord Server :
Learning and practising foreign languages from scratch to fluency! Through the quality education implemented by our volunteers and community, it is our commitment to educate, teach and help anyone who lives in this cosmopolitan world.
Servidor focado em estudos, enem, vestibulares, concursos, idiomas, tudo.
Der offizielle Discord von Doktor Whatson aka. Cedric Engels! Hier gibts die möglichkeit über seine neusten Videos und/oder aktuelle Themen zu diskutieren.
Armenian community in Discord Discussions about Armenian culture, language, history, politics, etc. Non-Armenians are accepted as well. Կեցցե՜ Հայաստանը։
Welcome to High School & College. The server to make new friends and discuss school. Need help applying to college? That's us! Want to meet new people at different universities? You got it! Need help with that assignment due tomorrow morning? No problem! We're here to help!
This server is dedicated to Ken Wilber's Integral Theory, and to all Integral pioneers and related concepts. To the expansion of Knowledge and cultivation of self-development and various practices.
B&B is a support group that welcomes any parents or soon to be parents! We provide a family like environment with fun channels such as real-help, rants, my-story, my-baby, and much more! P.S. We only accept those who can provide proof of being a parent or parent to be. You will be kicked if you can not do so.
Hi, welcome to New Horizons! We are an academia-based server that focuses on the topic of space and all the fields that contribute to our understanding of it! Come explore our little corner of the galaxy!
Super chill server meant for asking questions about religions, discussing stuff, teaching others in a non-conversion based manner. Open to anyone and everyone, come and teach/learn about religion!
Anti-Capitalist Free Market Anarchy: 1. It is purely voluntary. 2. It cannot be created or sustained with violence 3. It leaves the individual to rule themselves. Free of the State: Private Property, Voluntary Exchange, Free Competition, Entrepreneurial Discovery, Spontaneous Order
For those who are new to graphic design and want to learn, experienced people to show, talk and sell, or people to buy services.
Welcome to the Helpful Hangout! A brand new server hoping to expand with your help. We're a fun group where you can hang out and chat with friends. If you're seeking advice or educational help, or wanting to just chill, this is the server for you. Share your knowledge and skills, talk with the group, have a good time, come and join us! Help us grow into Discord's most helpful and fun community! We are brand new and just starting off, so come and be some of our first members!
Dedicated to the exploration, practice and discussion of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and their works.
A fun political Discord server where we hold elections and discuss parties and ideologies from Communism right through to Monarchism and everything in between.
We are a server dedicated to helping people with their academic difficulties. We use the American Education System, but we will accept everyone regardless! Includes subjects from Math to Sports to Foreign Languages! You must be thirteen or above to be in this server. In order to become an assister or a mentor, you'll have to prove that you're talented in the fields you want to be in, especially as a mentor.
politics, community, social, fun, chill
This is a server where we help with anything Discord related! Feel free to join and ask any questions!
If you want to become a country, this is the server for you! In this server, you can become a country/empire in a certain time period. In this server, 1 year is equivalent to 1 real day, or 24 hours. The server started on 6/13/19 on the year 500 AD.
All things related to Bushcraft - tools, techniques, videos, etc.
RV | Serveur Officiel De rencontre VIRTUEL
Vous avez une question ? Un membre du Café des Etudiants pourra sûrement vous aider. Que vous soyez en PACES,médecine,pharma,droit,prépa vous trouverez quelqu'un avec qui discuter
Game development for indies, students and professionals!
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