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Official Discord server for the KUFFS Gaming Crew.
Um servidor Brasileiro para as Stays de comunicarem!
Um servidor muito divertido e zueiro! aqui fazemos bastante coisa legal como sorteios , jogos e etc. Também temos um sistema de economia bem interessante !
h4xr0x. >< h4xr0x. \:/ .--. Cracks, Hacks, Accounts, Spoofers, Marketplace, Cheats, Game Discussion, Tutorials, and so much more!
Royalty Lounge. A server for listening to music - chatting - making friends - playing games and loads more exiting features around the corner. Do not be shy to start talking or asking for certain roles that'll allow you to do certain entertainment features. This is the start of a soon to be amazing Community! Currently ran by: Chairman, CJ60 and President, Lex.
Amegafuru, which translates to raining blossom, is the name given to this school centuries ago. . .here’s the story. Many, many years ago. While the world was at war. A group of gifted civilians fled for their lives. This small group stranded on an island, far away from the outside world. As their family grew, they built a village, to a town. To after many many centuries, a city. A city on a distant island. With one of it’s very first buildings being the school. It took years until surnames were invented on the island. They live by their own rules. The gifted people learned to make more different materials than can be made naturally. Despite only 5 % of humanity being gifted with a power. This island consists 95% of gifted human beings. From mutations to supernatural appearances. Everything is normal here. Everyone living in this place, was born on this island. Now that you roughly know the past. Have fun getting to know more about this world
Welcome to SeaBreeze Advertising! We're a server dedicated to serve a place to advertise and help grow your server. First 25 members get premium role that allows you to advertise in a different channel This server can help you to: ∟Find a server to Partner with ∟Grow your server ∟Find people to be moderators on your server ∟Find a server that would fit your needs
Jugamos a Rol online por voz. ¡Únete y experimenta por tí mismo!
Alice Super Stash is a growing community that is looking for kind and good people. 😃 Our Features! 💰 -[ LEVEL, ECONOMY & STORE System! ]- 💰 🎮 -[ Multiplayer Chat Games! ]- 🎮 🎰 -[ GAMBLING! ]- 🎰 🖥 -[ CODING! ]- 🖥 📮 -[ Advertising! ]- 📮 💵 -[ Free Games! ]- 💵 We have got kind and loving people on our server and we're looking for more to make one of the best and friendliest communities to date! Enjoy your stay 💗
molluwu is a new discord server but with a fantastic community! come meet all the amazing staff and generally have a good time. we have variety of different channels from venting to sharing your art! we will be adding a channel where you can assign your own roles soon, but that is currently "under construction". we accept all ages, whether you are 13 or above 20. we are a very non-judgemental server and we will show no discrimination towards any people who join the server! so come along, join and have a good time!
Do you just want a server to hang out in? Do you want a place that you could go to when you just don't care and just want to talk to people and have fun? In that case, join FuckAll! Our server is a place where tons of cool people come to hang out and just chill, blow off steam, or even just listen to music and have fun playing games with the bots we have available. We don't judge. We are just here for a good time and we sure do give it! Come join us. We'll be waiting.
Foco do servidor: Entretenimento, diversão, teorias, histórias, brincadeiras etc.
Greetings, taffers. Welcome to a new server for fans of the Thief games! Mainly The Dark Project, The Metal Age, Deadly Shadows, and any of their fan missions. Square Enix's 2014 re-boot can also be discussed, but is not the focus. Hope to see you here. Happy thieving!
This server is for gamers and streamers.My server is all about gaming,streaming and videos.Anyone who plays games,streams or records videos will find new people to connect with,play with,stream with,or record with.You can make a lot of friends here.Would you please join?
Hijinks is a prank call discord community focused around people with a love for prank calls and comedy. Here's what we have to offer: • 24/7 Prank Call Archive (Listen to all day prank radio featuring both classic and current prank calls.) • Live Show Notifications (Get notified by our bot whenever someone is streaming prank calls.) • Variety of Topics (We aren't just pranks, discuss your favorite music, games, and more.) • Point System (Earn rewards on our website for participating in our chatroom.) We would love to have you around, join us in the Hangout!
Serveur créé par des membres HypeSquad motivés et désireux de lier la communauté représentant Discord en France. Un espace de partage, d'échange et de rencontre. Les trois maisons Bravery, Brilliance et Balance sont les bienvenus ! PS : Un rôle est accordé aux partenaires et HypeSquad Event.
July 2, 2017, is when I started my server. This server was inspired servers that didn't give people the freedom to post and say what they wanted too. Some of the owners and staff of those servers kicked or banned people that had a disagreed with them, without breaking any rules. That's why I made this server, for people to have fun without any worries of being muted or banned. If you want a user to be muted or banned then Discord implemented two amazing features called the Mute and Block button.
New Orleans é uma comunidade de Roleplay do FiveM, onde os jogadores fazem a interpretação do personagem como se estivessem na vida real. ​Nossa comunidade é completa e está pronta para receber todos que desejarem habitar em nossa cidade.
Game: Mercenary Silicon Rising
Shittiest server ever i swear.
Looking for a comfy place with laid back people? Then you have come to to the right place~ This server aims to be a warm and welcoming place for gamers, content creators, anime fans, and comfy people. Lurkers are welcome too~ This is a few of the topics/channels you'll encounter here: -Anime -Comfy conversations -Memes -NSFW channels - A dedicated "shoutout" section for creators of any kind ... -and much more... But it is not limited to only that, as we intend to grow this place into a bigger and comfier community~ We hope to see you around Zidakuh
KISACA Herkeze Merhaba Kral İfşa Gelişmiş bir +18 Platformdur. KIZ / ERKEK Karışıktır. +18 VİDEO VE FOTOGRAF DAHA DOGRUSU eğilenceli içeriklere sahiptir. KURULUŞ: 2013 HER AY GELİŞMEKTEYİZ!
The official owner of Discord Talent! I would like to personally welcome you to our discord. Here you will be able to do a lot of things such as: show off your talent, collab with other discord members, promote your music, interact and make new friends and much more! We are a very friendly community so it is required that you read the rules.
Sith Empire server i suggest you read rules before you break them, we play all starwars games most people here play starwars battlefront II (new)
Come here to talk about whatever you want meet new friends and chill, we are a non toxic community and are open to suggestions, I will add whatever you guys want within reason.
Servidor brasileiro de World Of Warcraft - 3.3.5a
Wir sind die erste deutsche Community für Satisfactory! Bei uns habt ihr alle News immer als erstes!
epic wacky server for epic wacky people come and geragleaggle with us.
Server de entretenimento, junte-se a nossa familia, venha conhecer pessoas novas e se divertir conosco
Welcome to the Land Of Pk Fire Spam, I hope you enjoy your stay on this radical server!
This server is where you hangout and have fun! We have many games such as Aki and pokemon. This server is full of wonderful people that you can have fun with. I recommending joining if you like to communicate with new people.
Ogólnotematyczny Polski serwer, mamy: dziewuchy, ziomeczków, super zabawności, herbatę i choroby weneryczne do wyboru! *Adminów można przekupić ciastkami.
Polski serwer Dla graczy,youtuberów lub dla zwykłego użytkownika szukającego osób do porozmawiania na różne tematy!
Welcome! Grab a blanket, some snacks... maybe a pillow? Enjoy the friendly vibes that we give off, spread some love to others, and enjoy the small community. Our server is still a work in progress, but we'd love to hear your pinons as to what you want!
Get those real friendships that you never had before. Most active during weekends. Sometimes we do movie nights and game nights. This server is primarily VC focused.
A server for all fans and discussions of the Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe!
A server dedicated to anything and everything related to the popular Nintendo franchise, Mario!
This server isnt really special but you can feel free to be as weird as you can be
Welcome to The Discons, we are a small server in developement but we do appreciate if you could give us some support by joining and having fun. Join us and have fun ❤
C'est un serveur général.
Community server of XENOWING.
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