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Professional eSports community for anime gamers and anime fans. Join here, make lots of anime and gaming friends, show us your weeb power and stay op. ❤ Let's make anime games eSports ❤
Polar Ace was originally founded in 2016, and started driving forward as an exceptional esports team. We have grown and grown over the last couple years and now have over one thousand members in the #AcePack; alongside our incredible esports players and teams which have countless victories under their belts. The Polar Ace server on Discord, is a place for the fans and gaming community to come together to meet and talk about games and learn from each other - or even if you just want to talk. We're verified with Discord, allowing us to boast awesome features for the community to use. We can't wait to have you on board with us!
CrypticContents is an eSports Organization with teams in Apex Legends and Rainbow Six Siege looking to further expand into other games such as OW, CS:GO & PUBG / PUBGM
Creators of RuneScape Gambling Since 2011, Gambling, commission staking, sports betting, Gp Swapping.
🔞 +18 (PUBG, LIF:MMO, ETS, ATS, FOLLAUT-76, MUD RUNNER, PLAYSTATION-4, CS:GO,FIVEM, GTA5, DIVISION, DIVISION-2) Боты: (RP-BotBox, Музыкальный бот.) Как получить и что даёт статус "Бронзового, Серебрянного, Золотого" Участника Вы можете получить эти статусы исключительно за Поддержку Канала. Данные статусы дают вам доступ ко Всем каналам в Discord'е, а так-же некоторые дополнительные привелегии. Узнать подробности вы можете здесь:
AceClan.ORG is a PC multi-gaming clan formed in March 2019, experiencing rapid growth in a multitude of games we are truly bringing change to the clan scene. Operating a military-inspired ranking structure with various ranks and departments which you can obtain, you will truly feel rewarded all the time so long as you get involved!
Welcome to Paradise! A truly Drama free discord server, whose community members enjoy real convo. mic spam free gaming and various community events. So, if your tired of the toxic internet B.S. we have created a safe haven or Utopian community to chillax in all categories. Music, Movies, Art Gaming, and VC. We are the best place to come organize eSports events or campaigns, without all the disruption of the cancerous disruptive internet trolls as a whole. Come meet new friends, or find one of our many channels to unwind after a long day at school or work. Relax while grinding in your favorite game or finishing your homework while listening to music. Monthly Events: Including art, mixed media, and gaming. Come to join the fun!
Aspiring Pros, Streamers, and Gamers forming the best community for practice, fun times, and just to hang out! We will hold tournaments and other events for prizes such as in game currency and other cool prizes!
A EGT é uma organização que promove campeonatos online de League of Legends e Critical Ops ,com o apoio da Riot Games e da Critical Force. O foco de nosso discord é o suporte para os campeonatos organizados pela Elite Gaming Team, venha participar!
NVade is a pro gaming team for Rocket League. Our server is not just for our team but a place for people to chat, play, and practice. If you are a diamond or above you can sign up for three different teams depending on your rank, If you think you are good enough you can even apply for the main team. We play in many pro tournaments, join the discord to learn more!
Welcome to League Scrims! This is a server dedicated to League of Legends! Here you can find teams of all ranks to practice against your team or find a team to join! Come and experience the professional league of legends gameplay!
Désireux de partager de bons moments et de jouer entre amis, nous n’attendons plus que vous ! Polyvalent, ce serveur comptant plus de 900 membres vous donne l’opportunité de participer à de nombreux chans assez diversifiés, que ce soit pour les débats visant à pousser une réflexion intéressante sur des sujets variés, ainsi que des mini-jeux et des événements réguliers pour s'éclater ensemble. Associé à ça, vous pourrez partager des créations ou des clips que vous avez fait vous-même, ou que vous appréciez. N’oublions pas la possibilité de demander le ou les vêtements qui vous font rêver dans l’espoir de trouver quelqu’un qui pourrait vous les offrir, et un tas d’autres choses que vous découvrirez chez nous ! Tout ceci dans une bonne ambiance générale et sans prise de tête, avec comme vocation de devenir un pilier communautaire Splatoon, venez nous apporter votre aide !
Looking for people to play PS4 games with? Well then this is the right server for you. This server is for people who want to make friends and play games. The server has a channel for games (#overwatch for example) so you can chat with people who play the same games as you. This also means you won’t get ‘spammed’ about games you don’t play/have. Also no annoying mass mention about streams. This server is active; every month the people who haven’t been seen will be kicked. Besides gaming and talking about life we also have some fun bots like Pokécord and what’s a server without memes? The meme bot will give us some dank memes :D
eGGz E-Sports Gaming :star: Friendly Community :star: Friendly Staff :star: Find people to play with across multiple games! :star: Hidden channels/Compact Discord, Only see what you want to see. :star: Starting organization hoping to grow, come support our community by checking us out and interacting with us! eGGz official eSports community has been created! eGGz or Greater Good Gaming eSports is a community to bring the utmost best competitive and casual experience for our gamers.
Elite Dangerous CQC
Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls, Dark Souls III, Dark Souls II, Souls Like
Global Gaming Community focusing on esports and roleplay games. Join the community discord now!
Wir bieten: ➔ eine aktive Community ➔ aktives und kompetentes Team ➔ einen gut strukturierten Discord ➔ freundliche & respektvolle Community ➔ Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten ➔ 550+ Mitglieder Wir suchen: ➔ Loyalität & Zusammenhalt ➔ Respektvoller Umgang ➔ Sinn für Humor ➔ eine gewisse Reife vorzugsweise 16+ ➔ Spaß am Spielen
Hey salutations a toi, tu cherches un discord tranquille et animé avec des événements, pour jouer ou tout simplement parler c'est ici. N'hésite pas à nous rejoindre pour un max de fun et de délire da poutou l'équipe NVOB
A cool place to play Nintendo games with lenient admins!
A cool place to play Smash Bros
A server all about Mario Kart 8/Wii
Splitgate : Arena Warfare Discord Communautaire Jeu Fps
What is Zero Gravity? We are an amateur League of Legends tournament organization, founded in February of 2018. We host leagues for ranks iron IV – diamond IV, in 3 separate divisions. For more information, visit us on discord, link below! More information on our website ( and discord.
Servidor de DayZ Brasileiro
A cool server without those annoying rules(noob friendly)most of the times. "I may not agree with what you say, but I shall defend to my death your right to say it"-Evelyn Beatrice Hall
Canal voltado para jogos principalmente free fire
W.I.P Based on the Team Redemption Clan. Find Friends, Form Duos and Squads, Form Creative Lobbies, Talk to people, use meme bots, and have fun!
Apex Legends türk oyuncuların olduğu yeni takım arkadaşları bulabileceğiniz discord sunucusu. Apex legends squad takım arkadaşı arayanları bekliyoruz.
LPerFr3aks Discordserver!
OverDrive eSports EU/Asia Team We are a new competitive clan in eSports Playing in games such as: Call of Duty CSGO PUBG Critical Ops Requirements: Must be older than 13 Must follow the rules and orders Join us!
Oyuncular için güzel bir ortam oluşturmak için burdayız.
A community for mature gamers to experience eSports both in competitive and casual settings through tournaments and contests! All are welcome, come check us out!
Hey! Our server mainly focuses on Mordhau, but others are welcome too. We wish to find you friends to play with and have memories with. We also have a market on our server, which you can purchase roles in.
Looking for Games Content Share Discussions Ranked Group Up Training
A friendly gaming community
boob backwards is boob
Siz Rahat Olun Biz Hallederiz, Rahat Olamıyorsanız Hazır Olun Biz Yine Hallederiz...
Just a social discord for MrMagooXP himself
Public discord for Fatal Ambition eSports organization
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