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Buscamos sujetos con ética torcida, pero que no discriminen a nadie, nunca... Que no discriminen jamás, ni a hombres, ni a mujeres, ni ancianos... Notificarme ahora, antes que aparezca la guardia costera!! Este mensaje tal vez se destruirá luego. Hola! Somos "Corsarios Sin Sueldo", usamos lenguaje técnico, estamos en continua mejora. Si no te molesta exigirte a ti mismo ¡entonces puede que hayas encontrado tu clan de Sea of Thieves! Requisitos: -Adulto. -Hablar español. -Deseo de ver el mundo arder! Les esperamos!
This Server is for YouTube-OhItsZay You can play games like csgo Rust Apex and more! This discord will hold giveaways for my channel!
Looking to play competitive eSports? Participate in tournaments? Join Team Spark! Here at Team Spark, we organize tournaments for many different games such as.. CS:GO, Rainbow 6, Smash Ultimate, and many more. Join us for more information.
[FR] Vitch Gaming
New Fortnite TeamFinder Looking For player. We are a Server with 139+ players all looking to play. Staff Applications are open.. !!!Join Today!!!
An 18+ gaming community that plays Squad, Tarkov, Mordhau, War Thunder, and Post Scriptum. Focus is on activity so you will find lots of members here!
Hi Gamers, I'm Jack! Here you will see me playing PC games and Mobile Games having some fun. I am an Bangladeshi and I enjoy playing video games and commentating while playing. I love to share my gaming endeavours with the Bangladeshi Gaming Community.
The Kingdom is an ESports Community for everyone. We offer music, mini games, nsfw, memes along with friendly people and self assignable roles for game channels.
—(•·÷[ Welcome to NeS eSports ]÷·•)— Du suchst einen Rainbow Six Siege Clan ? Dann bist du bei uns (Never ending Story) genau richtig! Wir sind ein sehr neuer Clan, der viel auf Loyalität, Freundlichkeit und Aktivität setzt. Da wir erst seid kurzem exestieren, sind wir auf der suche nach neuen Membern die folgendes erfüllen: * Jedes Alter, sofern die geistige Reife vorhanden ist * Freundliches und respektvolles Auftreten * Kein toxisches verhalten * Zuverlässigkeit * Aktivität * Mindestens Bronze (Ausnahmen sind bei Skill möglich) * Calls beherrschen (geben und verwenden) * Kritikfähigkeit * Lernbereitschaft Doch warum solltet ihr eigentlich zu uns? Wir bieten euch: * ein aktives Team * ein strukturierten Discord mit Mühe * eine familiäre Gesellschaft * kompetente Spieler * verständnisvolles Adminteam und einiges mehr MFG euer NeS Clan
Official Anadolu Parsi Discord Server
A gaming community dedicated towards Battlefield 4 shanghai only map, we host two servers in Europe!
Erased eSports (ERS) Clan is looking for new members to play along with. We host custom matches regularly and enjoy meeting new people. Just join our Discord server and ask for a membership! You must join the Discord and ask for a tryout!
Join the Brawl Stars and Clash Royale group too, alright?
Un espace de détente où règne une atmosphère gaming. Retrouvez ici la liste des meilleurs serveurs de jeux vidéo Français. Venez demander votre rôle avec un salon privé vous permettant de représenter votre team et avoir un accès personnalisé pour discuter et jouer avec vos amis en toute tranquillité.
ESPS. Españoles en Squad, un clan competitivo de Squad para gente de habla hispana.
Underground Romania
Welcome to "League Of Legends" Our Unity ! You can a lot of activity on this server; - Find a lot of premade(s) - Listen Music with Developed Bots - Chat with everybody - Join FREE RAFFLE - Play server specific games - Join Tournaments - Invite 25 PERMANENT USER and get Famous Role - If you are really be active on this server and if our eyes keep you, you can get Test Moderation authority. After you can get Full Moderation. Show yourself about that. And a lot of property waiting you ! [TR] League of Legends birliğimiz hoş geldin ! Bu sunucuda birçok aktivite yapabilirsin; - Birçok premade bul - Gelişmiş botlarla müzik dinle - Herkesle konuş - Turnuvalara katıl - ÜCRETSİZ ÇEKİLİŞ'lere katıl - 25 Kalıcı üye getir ve "Ünlü" rolünü kap - Eğer gerçekten sunucuda aktifsen ve gözümüz seni tutarsa, Deneme Moderatör olacaksın. Daha sonra Tam Moderatör edinebilirsin. Birçok özellik seni bekliyor olacak !
Hi there! Looking for a smash server designed for helping you improve your gameplay? Then Super Smash Showdown is for you! We are a Smash Server dedicated to helping players improve, with various server events, coaches to teach players, and various resources and options available! We also have small crew, which we are looking to expand our roster for, which is known as Smash Showdown Crew! (SSC) Despite being a small crew, we have high expectations. anyone can join, but for the crew, you gotta prove your metal! Things to expect/see in SSS/SSC: - biweekly tournaments - monthly server PRs - coaching - crew battles (vs other crews and as server events) - positive environment with members who support each other! Thank you for reading this and we hope to see you there!
Actieve Staff. Actieve Members. Partners. E-Sports. En de beste Streamers. Family Friendly.
Bonjour à vous je vais vous présenter la Team Orion e-sport Ma team est une team qui est très amusante et qui persiste pour devenir meilleur que hier ou qu'il y a une minute ! -Communauté active/a l'écoute d'autrui -Team e-Sport -echange/de pub Nous recrutons actuellement - 1 STAFF (qualifié) - Des partenariats - 2 Animateur Il faut avoir pour entrer dans la Team: -Avoir participer a des tournois -Avoir 13 ans minimum -Etre present quand il le faut (souvent les week-end) -Etre là pour les live des joueurs MP moi si tu est intéresser ;) Twitch : Youtube :
We are a family. we are la familia. back to fuck all people
Ardor est une structure esportive française. Notre rêve est de réussir à vivre de notre passion qu'est le gaming.
A world of warcraft clan, We play on any World of Warcraft expansion. We are the Templars, we fight to the very end... We are the kights of the Holy Empire, we show no fear! For The Alliance!
guilda de jogos online
Live news feeds for all major sports leagues. Live Streaming events. Created Mar. 2019
Serveur communautaire E-Sport. Orienté pour le moment League of Legends. Nous avons 7 teams à notre actif allant du gold au diamant.
🛸Join Zone Wars 💨Host & Find Players Fast ⚡Hosting Zone Wars, 🐢Turtle Wars, 🏝Custom Scrims, 🚧1v1's Over 🔥5000+ members
OverDrive eSports EU/Asia Team We are a new competitive clan in eSports Playing in games such as: Call of Duty CSGO PUBG Critical Ops Requirements: Must be older than 13 Must follow the rules and orders Join us!
Сервер SCP SL, С хорошей Администрацией
La Coalition des forces libres est une structure multigaming. Nous recrutons actuellement des joueurs sur League Of Legends, Overwatch et Star Citizen afin de former des lines up. Tu peu aussi rejoindre le serveur pour trouver des gens sympas avec qui jouer :)
Discord officiel du Clan Venus. Bonne continuation sur notre discord.
Ayyıldız Gaming Discord Türkiye Temsilcisi
La capsule is a server Tournament and a fun game community. But the primmary game in the discord is Fortnite and the discord create a lot of tournament with cash prize and more.. Join the server !
Pubg Türkiye Discord Sunucusu PUBG playerunknown's battlegrounds TR playerunknown's battlegrounds türkiye Turkish playerunknown's battlegrounds turkey PUBG TURKEY Mobile Pc Playstation XBoX Steam TRPUBG PUBGTR
We are a server that is be built up as we go. Later down the road we are going to be hosting a minecraft server and doing league of legends tournaments as well rocket league.
This Server Is A Fortnite Clan Called DeFy, Its For Players That Want to Compete In Fortnite.
Elite Squad Gaming [ESG] is a global Gaming Discord Channel. Anyone & Everyone is welcome to join us, we are gathered from around the world. EliteSquad was created by ThePilot and has not stopped growing since. Regularly playing different games, but mostly based on PUBG. We run a number of custom games nights through the week for pubg and get a large number of members joining most games. We encourage a fun, friendly and sociable environment for all ages and gender Please note.... we do like to have a laugh and a joke so please don't be scared to join in
**======My Official Pub ======** Hey hi, I’m going on a new project! If you want a free commercial for anything, you’re in the right place! Indeed I created a Discord server where you can get a commercial after a number of affiliations! Join it you will see for yourself (the server is in English for a wider audience but very easy to understand!) Thank you for reading me and I am aware that it is boring to receive ads but I really need them!
Suomalaisten Mordhau-pelaajien oma Discord-palvelin.
ein discord Für leute mit einem schwachen pc oder laptop wie ich zum zocken reden oder anfreunden (Gilde)
U7 e-Sports
JustTheGames is a Discord Server Related to Gaming. Here we talk about pretty much any and everything! Here is some of the great stuff we have: An Awesome Community! Cool Emojis! Giveaways Coming Soon! Child Friendly Server! :Fantastic Staff! If you're looking for a Great Gaming Community join JustTheGames
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