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NoLimit ProGaming academy of eSports aimed to help all people to reach their best in Gaming and eSports. Currently: on Apex Legends, Fortnite, LoL, CS:GO, PUBG and PUBG Mobile
NoLimit ProGaming academy of eSports aimed to help all people to reach their best in Gaming and eSports. Currently: on Apex Legends, Fortnite, LoL, CS:GO, PUBG and PUBG Mobile
Testing/making Mystic eSport's official bot
Szukałeś najlepszego gamingowego serwera w Polsce? Idelanie trafiłeś! Społeczność serwera skupiona początkowo wokół GTA SA Multiplayer, ale teraz gramy również z CS, WOTa, 7D2D i wiele innych! Zapewniamy długie godziny świetnej zabawy w luźniej atmosferze. Zapraszamy;)
This is a ROBLOX based server owned by: INfoUpgraders#2151. We have a custom bot also made by him. Our main focus is ROBLOX games such as: Jailbreak, Lumber Tycoon 2, etc. We also have game suggestions! But we also offer developers and such to join and showcase their game! So why not join today?
Bonjour à toi si tu viens d'arrivée sur le serveur Je vais te présenter le serveur. Alors tout d'abord c'est un Discord d'une team prénommé Hypery, c'est une team Esport sur le jeu Rainbow Six Siège (R6). Nous sommes principalement une team PC
Welcome to! This is a gaming community of a different sort! About We are a community, based on gaming. Here you can find information on past games, current games, and future games, so you can always be informed. Asides from that there is a good chance that you will find someone to play those games with! What goes better with gaming then Content Creators?! Here you will also be able to find enough Creators to fill your day ignoring work and watching streams! (we know, we all do it). Are you a Content Creator yourself? Well we are also a community that supports content creators on all platforms. Here as a content creator you will be able to find resources to better your stream, other streamers to collaborate with, and other useful resources to help better your content. Partnerships with other companies will also help you in the long run(these are pending). Welcome to, we hope you enjoy being apart of the community!
Focado em jogos de FPS
The Discord for fans of the Real-Time Strategy video games genre. Share the games you love, invite us to play with you! Devs and streamers welcome!
New and upcoming Esports Org! We are currently recruiting for streamers, content creators, staff and members! Gamer, streamers, comp players alike are welcome
We selling best FiveM cheats in the world : Join now. We accept refund for any reason !
European Esports organisation Est. 2017, competing in CS:GO and Fortnite. Join our wonderful community today! 👇🏻
Thank you for joining the Clan
Looking for a way to meet people to play with? You've come to the right place. This server is a gaming community. We play all sorts of games ranging from siege to minecraft to smash bros. All sorts of games. Just a great way overall to meet people and make new friends. We also play vr.
We are a Gaming Discord Server, you can chill, chat to other gamers or ask people to play with you.
Special MEE6 level roles going up to a Moderator! Like: Dart Monkey|Level 1, Super Monkey|Level 5 and of course many more! Special roles for matchmaking! Like: Late game, BTD6 Co-op, Modder, Club Member and many more! Active staff whenever you need help! We currently have 2 Owners, 2 Admins, and 2 Moderators Channel #advertising! Where you can advertise your own discord servers, youtube channels and anything else you like. Special BTD 6 roles! Like Race Top 10%, Expert CHIMPS beaten and many more! Special BTD Battles badge roles! Like Prestige Gold, World Gold, Regional Gold and many more! Strategy pro! It will be applied to players who can make working strategies themselves and can help others with strategies. A lot of awesome and useful bots! Like MEE6, Dyno, Dank memer and many more! Partnership! You can apply a partnership with our server! (We may even ping everyone) Custom BTD related emojis! Channel #feedback! You can suggest any changes or improvements we can make.
Reverse is a Fortnite Clan that is growing.
servidor novo focando em counter strike seja do 1.6 ao csgo so entra fiotee e vamos nos divertir juntos nesse server maravilhoso de discord para viver as nostalgias de 1.6 ate o cs go
Fortnite Battle Royale Gaming Community - like-minded players helping each other to improve :)
Turn based strategy game with beasts! Free, open source and browser based!
Serveur pour train, vous allez pouvoir travailler vos fins de games grâce à ces entrainements appelées movings zones. Nouveauté: Une map FFA(mêlée général)a été créé sur le thème de la méta actuelle pour vous entrainez un maximum. Ces entrainements sont lancés quasiment tout les jours aux alentours de 18h-19h,
We’re a strucid clan growing really fast with every 2 days tryouts. #TIGERCLAN
Wraith Gaming We are a new, competitive clan that is going to take the eSports scene by storm! We're going to compete in various games such as Call of Duty and Critical Ops! Requirements: MUST BE ACTIVE (2 days of inactivity will result a kick) EU, Asian or NA player Must be over age of 13 Must follow Commanders orders What can you expect from us? Clan tag [WRG] Fun and friendly members Scrimmages Tournaments (Possible) giveaways Join us today and be a part of a future legend! Now you can invest in the team and receive the Donator role!
Faysier One Esports server
Somos um grupo de amigos espalhados pelo Brasil, que fazemos do DISCORD, TeamSpeak e nossos servidores a nossa casa. Apesar de nosso foco ser o Battlefield 4, atualmente temos participantes ativos no CS:GO, FIFA, DOTA, Arma 3, Rainbow Six Siege, entre outros. Apesar de nosso clima ser extremamente descontraído (principalmente no TeamSpeak), temos um diferencial que é sempre sermos justos e racionais com os problemas recorrentes.
Willkomen auf meinem Discord-Server. Hier könnt Ihr zusammen spielen, sowie mit mir quatschen.
Discord Server GTA 5 Anh Em Xương Máu Roleplay
⚡ZONE WARS⚡ 🏝Custom Scrims 💨Host & Find Players Fast Over 🔥14300+ Discord Members 🌍NAE, 🌍NAW, 🌍EU, 🌍OCE, 🌍ASIA
Live news feeds for all major sports leagues. Live Streaming events. Created Mar. 2019
Risk is a gaming hub based in the OCE region,(but we have teams from all around the world) competing in r6, rocket league and fortnite. Not only is risk a collection of teams, its a community that's looking to expand and overall make an enjoyable place to play games.
Apex Legends Romania Oficial! Facebook: Facebook group: Twitter: Instagram: Website: Va asteptam la joc !
Un espace de détente où règne une atmosphère gaming. Retrouvez ici la liste des meilleurs serveurs de jeux vidéo Français. Venez demander votre rôle avec un salon privé vous permettant de représenter votre team et avoir un accès personnalisé pour discuter et jouer avec vos amis en toute tranquillité.
About us Red Gaming was founded in August of 2016. An ambitious project to bring a social and competitive environment into one server. With ups and downs throughout the years, Red Gaming is still going strong. And we are aiming for the stars. Join us in our journey and take part in one of the most ambitious and dedicated community projects. The goal We want to bring the best of 2 main components, that makes up our server. The social and the competitive. If you want a good place to relax, you found the right place. Put your feet up and have fun. Create, or move your team to our server and participate in exclusive custom made tournaments. The Phoenix League The Phoenix league is our very own hand crafted tournament for teams interested in the ultimate challenge on the rift. Teams will compete over a month, playing against each other several times in a round robin style format, with semi, finals and relegations at the end of the month.
Join this link and get 7 invites for a wonder or honor guard code
Gaming Community, big focus on Sim Racing
Lumina-Gaming est une communautés multigaming française ouverte à tous !
Adım EmircanDurna Yaş 27 Hergün Kanalımda Yayındayım
Servidor para o bom divertimento da galerinha : )
H4cK3D BY TEAM Discord Kuralları -| Reklam yapmak, -| Kullanıcılar arasında tartışmak ya da küfürlü yazışmalar yapmak, -| Kullanıcıları rahatsız etmek, -| Küfür, Argo ve Siyaset içerikli konuşmak, -| Cinsel, Irkçı, Reklam ve Siyasi içerikli avatar kullanmak, -| Kullanıcı isimlerinde; Siyasi, Cinsel, Irkçı, Küfür ve Argo içerikli nickler kullanmak, -| Büyük harflerle mesaj yazmak, -| İtem alışverişi :exclamation:YASAKTIR!:exclamation: :white_check_mark: Buradaki kuralları herkes okumuş sayılır. Web Sitem: Facebook Sayfa: Facebook Profil: Youtube: Instagram: Discord: Steam Grubu: Steam Profili:
Hey! I appreciate your like I just wanted to stop by and say I run a group called infinite fear and we are a gaming group and community set to help streamers and players grow along with everybody making new friends! We also have some members that play competitive under the name [F3AR]. We are new and just starting so all help is appreciated. Discord link: If you'd like to join we will see you there :)
Discord da guilda LordsOfWar do BDO Online SA
Welcome to Find A League Team! This is a server dedicated to League of Legends! Here you can find a team to join or find players to join your team! Come and experience our professional league of legends setting!
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