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Do you know what it really takes to become a successful trader? Aspire for financial freedom? Learn from dozens of experienced active traders, know the ins and outs of the market. The market is no joke and it's a special niche that only the best can achieve consistent success.. is that you? Are you competitive, Gamer, Entrepreneur? Test your skills and dedication here! We are a small community focused on self improvement and working towards financial freedom!
Casino Bahama Mamas | GoldenGaming
Ceci est un serveur faisant parti de la communauté de Trust Gaming, pour que cette communauté possède plus d’expérience nous lui apportons de nouvelles choses chaque jour, comme par exemple se discord.
Cookin' it up is a sneaker discord focused on helping you cop all the hot sneaker and streetwear releases. We offer groupbuys, early links, price lists, drop lists, giveaways, competent staff and a ticket system. Soon there will also be sneaker restocks!
Discord Gambling server with a chill community, weekly giveaways and many fun games.
$1DSP is a server with over 1300 members trading together and winning together every single day. Day Trades. Swings. Options. Overnight. All levels of traders. NOOBS are welcome here. 1 on 1 coaching available. Take control of your future.
This is a server where you can sell, buy and trade anything! Hope you have a fun time (I just started the server so this server is new)
Compre seus produtos agora mesmo na Hunter Store! Melhores preços do Brasil.
LEARN TO INVEST AND TRADE THE STOCK MARKET WITH LOW RISK STRATEGIES! We are determined to help every trader learn and improve daily, become self-sufficient and consistently profitable each and every day, but more importantly year after year. We achieve this by teaching and mentoring members with proven strategies and technical analysis for daytrading, swingtrading, and investing in the stock market. Join our friendly community, where you learn to profit consistently with our trading methods! No matter your experience, we would love to have you on our trading team!!! Come see if we are right for you! 3 Day Trial Available! —————————————
Welcome to Sellcord. Open your little Sellcord Shop and sell your products and services to other members in the community easily. Sellcord is striving to become the highest ranked Discord Marketplace for products and services, and is safe and secure for everyone. Sellcord gives you the opportunity to become your own salesman and earn some cash within the community in no time. Join Sellcord today, and start selling and earning back!
We provide discounts for doordash orders! We are 100% legit and guarantee you and smooth and safe order. Order from us and get discounts on your orders for up to 70% off! We host giveaways for credits and cash. Just DM one of our online providers and your order will come to your door just like regular doordash, but for a cheaper price.
Hacking & Cracking. Free Stuff Market Selling accounts, checkers, hacking services. Fortnite accounts! 100+ USD Giveaways! Steam & Free Games HACKING! *Also Carding
Entrepreneurs Support and test Server for Zumza the Bot. MMORPG / Chat based Game, still in development! Definition Entrepreneurs are people of all ages, who create their own businesses. Our Vision The aim of this server is to help teach people on how to become successful entrepreneurs in a fun and entertaining way using discord bots! We will be attempting to simulate the real world and make the users be able to make a profit or a loss based on player decisions. There will be a market where players can trade eachother and sell stocks to eachother, Sorta like a chat MMO/RPG game!
this is an netflix server, here you can get netflixn gift-cards when you invite people here, or you can buy an year or premium on netflix contactin the owner of this server!
Room for traders to learn and get alerts.
Want to learn how to invest or share your investing knowledge then come join us! All things that have to do with investing happen here. Stocks, Options, Business Startups, and crypto!
Authentic trading community for both seasoned vets and students of the Market. Be yourself and have a good time in... The Pit
LTS Sales is a trusted service that you can rely on. It has cheap and reasonable prices that you can afford. Too scared of getting scammed? We have a vouch channel to prove our trust, so we can give you the best service. - Fast and reliable service - Trusted sellers - Giveaways - Friendly staffs - Verified roles to keep spammers away - Security - & More What are you waiting for? Come and join now!
Looking for a growing, but active CSGO trading discord? Look no further! WE offer experienced staff, a welcoming community, and a custom coded bot to allow users to take screenshots of their skins, get inventory value, and get price checks instantly! Veterans and noobies welcomed :)
Welcome! this server is currently being unexpected made, but i made it for a reason! HERE we ALL need to follow the rules once they join!
A new store trying to sell stuff at an affordable price. This store Is focused on selling the cheapest and best things Weather it comes to games/keys/accounts etc My store will be updated Daily/weekly If you are selling stuff yourself feel free to contact me and show proof of you being a legit and honorable seller If you see a product/key/game or account I sell is too expensive compared to the price you found yourself contact me and we can negotiate a better and fairer price For further information contact me
Hello! This server is a support server for a bot called BloxManager Ranking Service We sell Ranking Services to Roblox It’s very cheap Join the server now!
Dedicated to resources for anyone who needs extra money, often in unusual ways. It's hard to make money - Especially if you're underage, abused, disabled, etc. Find free/discounted/cheap items, especially those you can make money from, along with plenty of tutorials for living cheaply and managing adulthood.
Stock Picks gives advantage for all types of traders, whether long or short, from day traders to option traders
Welcome to Aiko Service, a professional, cheap and fast way to get your desired rank.
Buy, sell or trade roblox accounts for cheap.
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