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Welcome to Chill Paradise, a welcoming and friendly community centered around gaming. We have weekly giveaways, kahoot & movie nights and more! Just chill and listen to music, chat with other people, or do whatever. - We have roles if you want choose any roles - Friendly admins and mods - Loads of bots - Weekly giveaways - Kahoot & movie nights - Keep swearing minimum just don't use racist or discriminatory or anything else. - Posting gore or any type of extreme graphic content will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban. - If you having any problems please contact an admin/moderator.
Deep, deep down ask yourself, “Who do you want to be?” Not what, but who. I’m talking about figuring it out for yourselves, ‘What makes you happy?’ You have to think outside the box. That’s what I believe after all. What’s the point of being on this Earth if all you want to be is be liked and avoid trouble? We have so many rules in life about everything. I say break the rules, not the law, but break the rules. Don’t be afraid of making decisions; you can’t be paralysed with the fear of failure or you will never push yourself. You can push because you believe in yourself and your vision. You know it’s the right thing to do and success will come. Don’t be afraid to fail.
This server is dedicated to the body and physical development & training, through anything from martial arts, gymnastics, dance, parkour, weight lifting etc.
Games'n'Gains; This server works much like an e-mag, with rss feeds on a vast array of topics such as; Working Out, Gym, Calisthenics, Health,. Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Including Diet or Bulking Plans, Healthy Recipes and much more so also find the time to search for answers via the discords search bar. Also, a Now Live channel that promotes a wide variety of streamers and youtubers, and we also post when members go 'live'.
Geocaching in Maine USA!
The server is intended as a place of community for people who may be experiencing painful symptoms of arthritis and other related degenerative conditions that cause significant pain. We are here to support those undergoing these conditions and promote wellness through a positive, friendly environment of discussion and community support.
EgeHD GamingYT
Hier slopen we samen Pokemon, delen we quests en spawns, en praten we over alles dat ook maar een beetje Pokemon (GO) gerelateerd is.
The (unofficial) Freeze Tag inc. Discord Server!
Bem vindos ao meu Gym! Fiquem a vontade para interagir com os canais!
Walla walla!
Flagstack main server!
Join it you think you can rp better so join it
Unofficial r/bodybuilding server. All lifters welcome!
The Chads is a National Socialist community with a focus on political discussion as well as self improvement and daily polls. Casual banter and shitpost vault included
Global Geocaching Discord!
Come on in and join the community of men looking to step-up their wardrobe and to improve all aspects of their life!
Pro ana server. Do not join if you are recovering!
CBD discussion server!
Armorsmith's Followers is the largest faction on the Minecraft server dedicated to worship the great Armorsmith. You can join us by viewing the website
Une petite communauté soudée, composée de connaisseurs en sport et en santé, et surtout de gens qui veulent améliorer leur style de vie ! Petit staff actif, très ouvert aux propositions Challenges toutes les semaines, en sport ou en nutrition ! salons dédiés aux plannings sportifs, aux photos de progression physique, aux listes d'aliments conseillés et bien plus ! ;)
serv de mort qui me sert a test ce bot
This server hosts some random giveaways based on bloxburg, roblox and e.t.c, mostly bloxburg.
Server that flexes on the rest. Get healthy or get out. Also politics. Men only server.
If you want to become more stylish, this server is for you. We have a wide variety of members and we can help educate you on men's style. Already well versed? Let's just talk, then!
Super fun minecraft slimefun survival server! Awesome community with helpfull staff! 24/7 Fun!
The best place to talk fitness, gym and fkn aesthetics. U mirin?
A fitness social platform, dedicated in helping motivate members with their goals. Also, provides help, advice and insightful information about diet plans, gym schedule, workout routine and much more. Members and staff give great advice to everyone. You can ask questions and help others. They take time to help you. Sometimes events are organised to help you eat healthier for example.
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