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Welcome to The Anthro Plaza! A place where you not only can participate in a very kind and welcoming community but you also get a unique experience for a server. We are sort of small community server dedicated to the furry fandom. We have a very welcoming staff team! Below are some things that you will find here at The Anthro Plaza! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - A lot of text channels to choose from. (I guess you really can be in two places at once) - Interactive voice channels ranging from Music, gaming, to regular chat. - Art based categories for our special artists. - We just added a bunch of colors for roles. If you can think of a color we have it :3 - An awesome welcoming and loving community! - Furryness is everywhere! - And much more. (You'd have to join to experience all the features)
Im allgemeinen ein noch ruhiger Server aber ganz entspannt.
HEY!! WAIT!! Stop scrolling for a sec!! Now, I know what you’re thinking. I totally thought mayonnaise was an instrument too- No? You’re looking for a rad place to hang out? Well You’re in luck! I found this cool town somewhere off the reef, that apparently has a bunch of cool stuff for Furries of every sort and humans! It’s got stuff like ⇨ Roleplay rooms galore ⇨ Chat games ⇨ Custom roles ⇨ A way to customize your own experience ⇨ An actual store ⇨ Dr. Phil ⇨ Currency you can work for or earn through chatting ⇨ NSFW ⇨ A club to listen to Your music ⇨ Bots everywhere ⇨ Only one Mayor who overlooks the town he founded himself The list goes on! But it’s only a rumor. You should go check it out and see if it’s true!!
A weird server that literally has no purpose
This is the official Discord for Awoo! Furry-friendly, (Not exclusive), PG-13.
Furylevel discord
A growing server with only a few members now, but we hope to have more members in the future! Join us for tea and cakes as we roleplay, have fun, and make friends!
🤑Skull🤑 😀Invite Rewards😀 We Pay you to Invite people! 😂RATES😂 5 Invites: $5 10 Invites: $10 25 Invites: $30 so on and so on! 🤠JOBS🤠 We are hiring Staff. We pay $12 a day! you don't even have to be that active! Invite Link:
Join a vibrant, properly seasoned, low-moisture furry community full of: - Being bad at videogames - Whining about being bad at videogames - Various levels of bullshittery - Tabletop stuff and regular events - Art! Art! Art! - Opt-in 18+ NSFW channels full of smut and sin - Spicy memes and salty dreams
Welcome to [FURRY]! We are one of the largest and most active Furry communities on Discord and Steam. We have a friendly, active staff and community, and we're always welcoming new members!
Gaming, MLP, and Furries for the whole family!
come hang out with some e p i c gaymur furries
Es ist ein noch neuer server wo weitere furry's gerne gesehen sind ^^
Welcome to Furry Haven! Our server is a safe haven for furries, where you can make and talk to new friends, role-play or play with some of our fun bots! we don't allow hate speech as it can hurt other people but if you need to take out your frustrations we have a vent chatroom where you can let it all out and our members will be here to help you through it! whether you're a furry, weeb, geek, gamer, artist or part of LGBTQ+ it doesn't matter! we hope you decide to join us in our safe haven! see you soon! ^^ -furry haven staff xx
Ughmmm... LGBT+ Server for everyone to join. Server is NOT sex focused, so thereforce isn't 18+. Server is 15+, but NSFW channels are there, too. We have Pokémon so join ^^'
RealmOfXelm's Discord group for Twitch:
Официальный Discord сервер чата Pony Chat
Just a general chat for furries its newer so it's nothing fancy(yet) feel free to discuss whatever is needed or wanted As long as you aren't toxic we wont have any problems
We are a dating discord server and a game cheating server and a socialising server.
Welcome to AnthroZone! Our community is dedicated to providing a safe social environment for all furries to thrive in. Our discord server is only a small part in a larger project to bring you the social platform you deserve as a member of the fandom. Meet developers and track our progress as we countiue on our journey to provide the furry fandom with an unparalleled social experience.
A friendly fursuit maker chat for buyers, sellers, makers, and non-makers!
new server still working and uptading every tme if you want info chat with me name: something#4454
Montana Manwich Conan Exiles PS4 Server
A community server for 18+ & Safe Server rooms with Patreon Tier support and rooms!
Welcome, We are members of the Furry community so please come and socialize with fellow members of the community. So if your Tall Short Furry or Scaley You can have fun as long as you obey the rules
We are United Nation Of Fur! · · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · · Who are we? We are a furendly community of understanding and accepting furs all awaiting your arrival! What do we have to offer? °We have a variety of different channels that suit all of your furry needs! ×Have a chat with your fellow furs! ×Share and discuss art! ×In server currency and items! ×Self assaignable roles! ×Open to suggestion on ways to improve our server! We value each and every one of your suggestions, and often carry them out! Well how about you come and experience it for yourself!? Join today!
Сервер для Фералов, под руководством Лиса - для Русско-говорящих , и тех кому нравятся фералы, и кто чувствует себя им. (У нас тихо и спокойно). Сервер как Лес тёмный и потому странный и непонятный , зверям нечего бояться другим лучше не идти.
Thhis is a new server not made long ago. Pretty much just a place to talk and do other random sh!t
for gays omly
This is Polish Server,I created something like army but there are wolfs not soldiers, join if you want and have fun 🐺 :3
FREE STAY AT THE FLOOF HOTEL! What do we offer? - Free accommodation - A night club for the adults (18+) - Custom bots - A welcoming community, for everyone! Come join us now, and get a free cookie when you check in!
Cameron's Treehouse is a medium-sized furry server with a YouTube channel integration. It is the official Discord server of the treehousejackal network. We have channels for various hobbies as well as memes and a venting chat. We take pride in listening to our members and will cater to most of your server needs, such as adding channels for specific topics you're interested in.
We're a friendly SFW furry server for furs of all ages. If your into art, science, or just chatting we got it all. Non-furries are welcome too!
Hier ein Deutscher ,,Furry Community'' Server für alle die Interesse haben. Was wir haben? +Rollen (für jeden etwas dabei) +Bots (die den Server angenehmer machen) +Eigene Server Währung +Casino Spiele +Nsfw Bereich kann freigeschaltet werden nach eigenem ermessen
Quioni discord
A growing server with only a few members now, but we hope that it grow as time passes on! Join us for tea and cakes as we roleplay, have fun and make friends!
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