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Ein meist dramafreier Ort für Furries jeder Art! Wir bieten eine große Auswahl an Emotes, Speziesrollen, themenbasierten Chats sowie eine Roleplay-Kategorie (welche im Bot-Channel über den Command !rp freigeschaltet werden kann)!
A furry server dedicated to the beefy, brawny side of the furry fandom! Come play, relax, vent, and much more with our supportive, loving community~ Not a fan of furry daddies? That’s fine! We accept all kinds of furries! ♡ Friendly server owner and mods! ♡ Roleplay channels for new and experienced roleplayers! ♡ General discussion and hangout channels! ♡ Serverwide events (COMING SOON!) ♡ Advertise your art or writing! ♡ Community and owner curated yiff channels! ♡ A dedicated NSFW role to access lewd content! (For those of age)
As the name says, this is a Discord chat for furries, whether they enjoy gaming, roleplaying, chatting, or anything in between!
a chill dating server to hang out with your friends, meet new people and, play your favorite games.
A friendly ABDL furry server. We are a young and growing server. :3
BLEAT! Bleat Squad is a lovely guild themed & centered around—but not exclusively—deer! Join our cozy home full of wonderful, wholesome friends and share your love for deer with everyone. This server is welcoming to everyone; whether you are a furry, a nature-lover, or just someone in need of some great friends, Bleat Squad is a splendid place to start. It also acts as a Safe Space for any folk that need it (as long as it abides by ToS)! Come in and have some fun! 🦌💖
Server de doente.
A furry community focused on the region of New England, USA.
Hello there! We are The Furry Island. A furry haven designed with you in mind - within our server you will find like minded people who you can befriend, chat and hang out with! We are a fairly new server in the Furry community, so we are always looking to grow our member count! We aim to maintain a mature, friendly, active server with various channels for things such as SFW, NSFW, artwork, games and more! Come on in and say hi!
One of the oldest and largest furry communities on Discord. Featuring over 3000 members from all walks of life. Welcoming community brimming with life and awaiting your contribution to our ever-growing family. We have channels for art, games, roleplay, chatting, various interests, and more risque channels for your NSFW lewdies out there. Come say hey!
DedicatedPassion is furry server focused on being a carefree, tolerant, and thoughtful community. We have lots of channels for various discussions, and NSFW sections for chat and art. We welcome people from all walks of life and strive to be a community of inclusion. * RP channels * Active writing community * Active Therian, feral, and pagan community * Long-running, low-drama server * Online and active for over 1 year Small server with a family vibe. Join the conversation!
This is a friendly community that accepts LGBT, Furries, ect. We have full support in your beliefs and what you love. We can't wait to see you there ❤
This is a Furry community, we're LGBT supported and love to make new friends, we have neat bots and sweet people to talk to. We cant wait to see you there!
How long can you hold your breath under the sea with a shark right next to you? Don't worry about it! He won't bite you. We're a brand new server, looking foward to see it grow! We're mainly addressed to the furry community but we accept any kind of user coming by! Just be sure to wear your diving gear. All sea creatures are more than welcome here! We hope you enjoy your stay.
Come join us in the Furry Mansion! We’re a furry server with many different channels including gaming, anime, art (SFW & NSFW), and more! If you’re looking to hangout, chat, or make new friends within the community, then come on in! We're always open for suggestions, so if you wanna suggest any ways in which we can improve just let us know <3 (we of course take more in consideration suggestions from active members than inactive ones). •You must provide ID and be 18+ to access any NSFW sections•
🔺 SEEKING PARTNERS! 🔺 Let's face it: furry mods are notorious for their bias, corruption, drama, and tossing out bans like candy; and if the moderators aren't the problem, there's the whiny users that report everything, minimod, and spam user DMs asking for roleplays. Well, you won't find any of that here (but if you do, let us know). The Rabid Kingdom is a growing furry server aimed at creating an environment where server staff and user respect one another, free speech is encouraged, and a sense of closeness is brought back to the furry fandom. We Have: 🔼 Down to earth and expressive staff 🔼NSFW chats 🔼FREE art you can get with digital server currency 🔼Optional offensive chat 🔼Creator spotlight 🔼Regular requests for user input and feedback 🔼Games like Snail Racing, Deathbattle, and more! We look forward to seeing you here! If you came in though Discord.Me, say “stinky dog breath” in the welcome channel!
- .... .- - ... - .... . -- -.-- ... - . .-. -.--
🌟 Welcome to The Cat Tree! 🌟We are a growing community that accepts many unique people from different fandoms! You can find fandoms like Pokémon, Furry, and even Scalies! We have: 📌 Events!📌 Fun bots!📌 Art Channels!📌 Memes!📌 And more! We hope you choose to join us and bring a great experience along with you! ❤️
Es ist ein (meist) gemütlicher Server auf dem man sich unterhalten und kennenlernen kann, es gibt unter anderem einen RP und Gaming Channel. (Vor der Freischaltung habt ihr nur Zugriff auf den Hauptchat.) Es gibt auch spezielle Rollen für Bronies und Otakus, für die es auch zusätzliche Channel gibt.
In this server you will never be judged on who you are or whatever you like. We are very nice and active people and we accept everyone. We will help you with any problems and we can fix any problems you spot or need help with.
Your one-stop shop for 100 Furry Emotes, connects to the larger 100 Emote network! Keywords: furry, furries, memes, emoticons, emotes, emojis, emote, thicc, lewd, meme, dank, undertale, renamon, fox, falco, pokemon, nick wilde, robin hood, furtopia, disney, starfox, digimon, lola, simba, lion king
Hi! We are a new community server that is hoping to grow! Everyone is welcome to stay! I hope to see this server grow with you all and I hope you stay! We are also LGBTQ+ friendly! Don't worry, There is a role locked furry corner! Thank You for considering TASK Defenders as your next server to join! Features: -A lot of bots -Cryptocurrency features, especially Electracoin -Nitro raffles if we got a certain user count -LGBTQ+ Friendly -Furries have their own corner -Staff applications are open -Trying to grow into a big community -Gaming -Elite Dangerous In game Faction -Trained staff -Warframe -Elite Dangerous
If you love dogs then this server is for you.
Gaming Community of Azur the Dragon Communauté Gaming d'Azur le Dragon
uwu;; gaming and fun
🐾🍻 𝓠𝓾𝓲𝓬𝓴 𝓟𝓪𝔀𝓼 🍻🐾 Cheers! Welcome to Quick Paws! We're a bar-themed furry server. We have: 🔘 Semi-active community! 🎀 50+ self assignable roles! 🔘 Modmail and Rythm bot! 🎀 Open partnerships + staff positions! 🔘 Art, roleplay, fursuiting, and gaming channels! 🎀 Voice chats! 🔘 Tight security! 🎀 Custom emotes! We're quick on our paws to serve you!
Сообщество FURRY / ФУРРИ в России (Russian FURRY community). Интересные обсуждения, ролевые игры, ивенты, стримы, библиотека, архив изображений. Сервер живёт бурной жизнью. У нас можно обсудить новости из мира науки, ИТ, индустрии игр, фильмов, книг и многое другое... На нашем сервере постоянно проводятся различные мероприятия: радио-эфиры, интересные передачи, совместные просмотры мультфильмов и фильмов. На нашем сервере имеется большая галерея изображений, которая постоянно пополняется новыми элементами. Присутствуют закрытые специализированные каналы с NU- и YIFF-содержанием, и отдельная галерея для них. Сервер постоянно обновляется и внедряет новые возможности. Мы первыми реализовали категории для каналов и первыми интегрировали потоки радио-вещания с серверов Discord на внешние источники.
This is a server where you can chat to people in the furry community! There are self assignable roles, voice chats, memes, NSFW (ask a admin or me to assign you that role), and more! Hope to see you there! 😋💙 Sluskii~
Smitty's land is a public discord chat room with over 50 members, we allow different types of fandoms into one server, our server is SFW and allows all ages.
🐦we are a new kin/furry server hoping to gain some new friends! 🐦we are open to suggestions 🐦 we are building a safe community for everyone! 🐦we offer nsfw to ages 18+~ 🐦 founded by a furry herself, @Muzzy wants to crush stereotypes! 🐦 come join us for some daily chatter!!
Hello! We're a very small server with a community of both furry and non-furry folk who are into soft vore. The server is mostly folk hanging out but there are rooms for casual RP and posting of pictures and chatting!
Band of Vagabonds ~~We're a friendly server that welcomes all types of people.~~ Our Server Features: Movie Nights Art Contests Roleplay Channels Art Channels An in-server economy where you can earn money by talking to buy art, a custom role, and chickens. Lots o' Bots, Including Pokécord Clear rules and a solid moderation system, so no confusion and a community that is kept friendly and drama-free. Good security, so no worrying about those pesky raids. We are always taking suggestions on how to improve the server.
A actively improving a expanding furry discord server! In this discord we allow pretty much anyone to come here and chat with people/post images/art work, Or just share stuff with people that has the same interest as you! In this server we have our own custom made bot that is being worked on everyday and being developed by DJ Kitty! We also have moderation pretty much all the time and this discord will be actively monitored and making sure we ban any raiders before they cause too much damage to the server! Thank you for reading this and we hope you enjoy this server! - DJ Kitty
For friends and fans of the Dirty Diamondz Crew on Twitch.
To join - A furry server for furries
Hello all! We are a Pokemon roleplay server in the style of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, where you can rank up by going on explorations or just hang out inside the guild to connect to other Pokemon and help the guild out! There are many different locations inside and outside of the guild to do many different things! Verify that you're of age to access even more fun roleplay channels as well! We are also currently working on a bot to make explorations easier to do, so you don't have to worry! We're always looking for friendly faces around here, so please enjoy our server! And, if you're looking to create some private stories as well, we also have a link to the main server that started it all! Just a few simple questions and you're free to make your own story RPs as well! Come on in and enjoy a friendly and fun time!
this is a server for dating and friendships were a really nice community and welcoming
The Roleplay Pad is roleplay server of great proportions! This server was made as a replacement to my old server which was shut down due to the death of it. In this server there is! -Fantastic Mods -Leveling -Kind Community -Interesting Events! -MOSTLY FOOLPROOF RULES! AND MANY MORE!
Welcome to The Furry Mothership! A community for People to get together and socialize. This is a fandom safe zone. (Anime, FNAF, MLP, Furries ect.) we have: Art Memes Gaming voice chat Venting And much more!
Herzlich Willkommen auf mein Discord Server liebe Fussels ^^ Hier könnt ihr mit einander Labern und Schreiben :3 Role Play's kann man machen und so. So in fern das ihr freigeschaltet seid ^^ Von denn sinne, viel Spaß auf mein Server und fühlt euch wie Zuhause :3 MFG Herzog Wolf | Volpe
This server is fun! Twitch-7EZGameGG YT-7EZGameGG This server for games!
The official community for Fiore Gaming Community Servers. We have a channel with #Affiliate-Servers for all our partner servers as well as related servers!
Hi! This server is an friendly place and only wants the nice side :) all furries are welcome
🌺 Welcome to the Fur Lounge server! We are a close knit furry and anime server, full of great admins and bots. Also a chill member set. 🌺 MUST BE 16 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER TO JOIN OUR SERVER. Here's some of our features! - Simple Verification system 👍 - Multiple Fun and Moderation bots 🤖 - Active community 📝 - Anti-raid Protection 🚨 - SFW SERVER! ✅
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