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One of the largest furry Discord communities with over 3,000 members! Join us for roleplaying, weekly events, nsfw content, and a super friendly community waiting to meet new friends. There is always something to do in Furry Paradise.
Looking for fellow fish film enthusiasts! Here we will discuss and watch fish films, such as Help I'm A Fish, Nemo, Shark Tale and The Shape Of Water, among others. Those with Will Smith in them are more favourable.
DarkRaven is a friendly community with mature staff! We Very New. But! This Server About Furry, Soical, giveaways, and events!
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A Mass Effect server
Scalie Connection is a server focused on scalies and reptile/amphibian furries! Be you a lizard, a snake, a dragon, or maybe a frog, all are welcome. We have channels for general conversation, memes, art, cons/meet-ups, music, and more! Users of all ages are allowed, but a user must be 18+ to access the NSFW channel. We can't wait to have you!
This is a server dedicated to help people meet new friends and have fun. This is my first server so please give me some nice criticism. Come join and chat. :)
A safe and friendly environment for furries to hang out and chat. All are welcome! :3 We have rooms for roleplaying and sharing art. Rated-PG (18+ opt-in)
For bronies and furries who like music, tech vintage technology, computers.
Welcome to Paws and Claws, a Furry Discord Server with the community in mind. We have tons of stuff, like: - Discord Partner - Levels and Economy - Friendly Community - Fun Bots like Pokècord - A custom, powerful bot made by @Rek#0001
🐾 Paws 🐾 A furry server built by furries for furries. We are a brand new server that is slowly growing. We have a few things but we will change over time. Join today and become a member. Sincerely, Paws Staff Team
WELCOME TO THE BEST FURRY SERVER. No rules, just a bunch of shitposters. Shitposting furries who hate furries, perfect server. Be as cringy as you want, be as offensive as you want (within tos) NO STAFF BIAS because we know furries love their power ;3
Somewhere to let your imagination let loose. If you want it ill make it. Lets make this server grow and prosper!
What was once a popular server has been made once again! **Furs Gone Wild**! Come and see the new and highly improved Furs Gone Wild, where staff will be there to help to your every need. Events to keep you entertained, and a great environment where you can just relax and chat with other furs. What are you waiting for? come and join today! Some of our perks include: A happy staff team Active staff A calm safe place to chat Multiple bots in their own chats Multiple Bots like Sheri and Aave for roleplaying And much, MUCH more!
A primarily furry server that aims to be a simple, open community. Furries and non-furries alike will enjoy a small, welcoming group of friends! Come stop by!
We are A Bunch of Furries (ABoF for short), a community with, well, A Bunch of Furries! This is a great place for you to commission an artist, meet new people, and go wild! We also feature a completely custom-coded bot!
A place for ponies(bronies) and furries who identify as Christian to hang out and relax and make new friends! You do not need to be a Christian to frequent this server, but we do ask that everyone behave courteously towards each other. This is a 'safe for work' environment where furry/brony Christians can enjoy the company of other Christians and share art and be social together. SFW server. New! (3/17/19)
Un serveur général Furry pour parler de tout et de rien.
A decent furry server focused on bringing furs closer together, for those escaping inter-server conflict and wanting to resolve drama in a drama free environment.
Server for furrs! Smol place to chill and meet other furries! rule? Just be kind, really. MOSTLY sfw! dont worry you have to have a nsfw role to see it. Feel free to join! {plz no raids}
Welcome to FVN! A growing visual novel community. Have you ever played a visual novel and thought ''I wish I knew other people who like this stuff too'' well, you're in luck, this is the place for you. We also have general channels for your amusement like chats, memes, art and all the basic stuff. Server staff is constantly active and our activity is booming.
Pony Nexus is a Garry's Mod server which mainly focuses on roleplay, and "DarkRP" relating to the theme of My Little Pony. Please read the Discord server rules, and the Discord's public ToS before joining. Thank you. ~ Onyx
welcome to tyaci! the reboot of the famous tyne that lived in different generations now we are having the big reboot of tyne! this reboot will be the best darn reboot ever! more fun roleplays more fun games to play with others and more! we will have fun bots and we will have movie time thanks to the best darn video sharing site on the internet we can watch anything ranging from horror to anime action to romance then we will have gamer tourneys and lots more! join now
A server for all furries! Come and hangout and make new friends! we have a wonderful staff team who will help you with whatever you need! We hope to see you soon! WARNING: We do have anti-raid so do not spam or you will be banned automatically!
Der Ort zum relaxen und Genießen. Willkommen bei Wild Paws! Hier findest du einen Ort um dich zu Entspannen und die Seele baumeln zu lassen. Unser Hauseigener BunnyBot geleitet dich durch den Server und schützt vor ungemeinen kreaturen der Nacht. Reinschauen und Abheben.
This is a small sonic fandom server that is just starting out. We enjoy the fandom from the games, art to even the comics! Join to share your art or just make friends! You could help this server grow!
Join FLUFF TOWN! we need more members so, I decided to share it on here. This is a Gaming/Art/Furryserver! it's basically everything, we also love thigh highs of course! We are all very friendly and love making new friends! so this is the place for you if you like to be active and make friends. We mostly use the server for memes, chatting, games and furry stuff. We accept everyone with a smile! so don't be afraid to start chatting the minute you join! Read the rules carefully and follow them as expected, we have a warn-kick-ban system. You get three warnings, after each warning you get a server cooldown. If you manage to get 3 warnings we will have to kick you, if you join back with a nicer attitude we will consider giving you another chance. other than that, I can't wait to see you! best regards, Puppy queen
Howdy! I'd like to introduce you to a little server that's just floating around digital space among many others. Now what's special about this server? You may be wondering. Well! This server is dedicated to the wonderful marsupials of North America. The Opossums! Talk about your love for them! Learn about them! This server is run by the admins of the Instagram @ijustreallylikepossums. We are a tightknit community of friendly people. We have fun events coming up such as movie nights, talent shows, and game nights. We will be developing our own little Minecraft server as well. Come and stop by and make some new friends! Share your art! Have some fun! Everybody is welcome!
Das ist der Deutsche Furryserver :) Ein entspannter Ort, mit freundlichen Admins und einer tollen Community. Vorallem konzentrieren wir uns sehr auf den künstlerischen Aspekt der community. Auch gaming, kochen, Fahrzeuge, tech und noch vieles weitere sind hier vertreten. Wir würden uns über einen Besuch freuen :) Viel Spaß ^^
anti furry main base. [ Anti~Furry spy base. ]
This is a group that is based around the furry community. We are open to anyone who is a furry, fur friendly or someone who just wants to find a server to call a home! We're a small family with big plans in the future, and we hope that our server can grow into a large community that everyone would be proud to call "Home". Come on in, you're always welcome.
A small furry server (looking for staff)
Hello there fellow paw lovers! We are a small but growing community at the moment! The staff and members are nice and respectful, and ready to show love to some paws! Or even ready to recieve love for their paws. We have some nsfw thats optional if you'd like. But otherwise, we are a sfw server that loves paws in all shapes, sizes and maybe smell....xD (Yes, we do roleplay here as well :P)
Life Filled Wonderland is a server in which plenty of people can join to hang out! The server is mainly Furries and Pokemon, though others with reasonable profile pictures are allowed in. We're a hang out spot in which has plenty of activities, bots and people to talk to! We have several things for everyone! -Art channels to show off your art!~ -Nsfw channels (Which are given to those who are of age and responsible) -Gaming channels for all your gaming pleasures! -Voice channels to talk with friends and listen to music in!~ -Tons of amazing people to talk to!~ -Specific colour roles of your choice! -Rp Channels! -And much more!~ We hope you consider joining! We'd love to have and meet more wonderful people who may come by!!!~~~
Are you looking for a smaller furry community with fewer members? Would you like to try something new out? Well then, you are on the right post! I am posting this to advertise a furry community that is small and well centralized. What this furry community has to offer is the following: 🐺Great and reasonable staff 🦊A self role system where people can react to a message and get the role they desire.
 🐶A level up system that provides new perks as you level up. 
🐲A currency system which provides “CordCash” with permits you to buy server items, such as a custom color or a private VC/Text Channel.
 🐯A fun and loving community which welcomes all and tries it’s best to be a family!
 So why not join us? You will enjoy this server greatly! Give it a try!
Welcome to the Furball Café! We have many things to offer, that include:  ☕️Wonderful and loving staff.  ☕️Small and café-like atmosphere!  ☕️Server currency which you can purchase custom colors and channels with!  ☕️A non-judgmenetal community in which you can enjoy yourselves in! (ノ ◑‿◑)ノ We would love to have you, come join today!
Tired of drama? Tired of lewd? Looking for some place to fit in with friendly furs? Then you've come to the right place (I know this is cliche but shhh...) With a no nsfw policy, this place is the safest fur zone in the southern hemisphere! My site: [click here!]( has more links in case this one doesn't work for whatever reason (and also other links to my stuff!)
Server Furry de Portugal
+FurFort is a furry discord server focused on a friendly growing community, making friends, anti raid system and more!+ ——————————————————— - Gaming chats and events! :video_game: - Roleplaying channels, and NSFW RP for 18+ only! :book: - Share your videos, clips, and streams! :movie_camera: - Share your art and writing, and see other’s artistic works! :paintbrush: - Birthday channel to share your birthdays! You **might** get free art ;3 :tada: - Help, Vent/Rant & drama channels as well as supportive staff to help! - NSFW channels for 18+ only! :underage: - Meet new furry friends! - Custom emotes! - And much more!!
A server for people who love transformation (TF), be it in games, animations, art, or anywhere else! Anyone is welcome, from casual fans of TF to life-long shapeshifters! Server includes optional NSFW channels, optional roleplay channels, Mee6 levels, and a handful of different name colors to choose from!
Hello! This is Rose's Café, a fully Furry Café themed server. Feel free to join, as we will welcome you in the warmest way possible.
A server for general chatting and whatever nonsense possible!
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