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Hey welcome to Drago Café!!!~ Here are the some the enjoyable features we provide: - We have multiple bots you can play around with and enjoy - Multiple active chats you should find pleasing - Multiple self assignable roles - Multiple coffee themed levels and roles - Partnership roles and server (dm one of our admins or mods to set up and partnership) - Multiple events including movie night, karaoke, drawing contest, etc - Friendly mods and admins that can help you - Friendly members ... and so much more :) We hope you enjoy your stay get to know us
We created this server because we believe it's important to express compassion and positivity to people, and we wanted to build a safe, friendly, non-toxic community <3
This server is for talking about games and stuff. You can also come here to talk with people or talk with people while playings games. There is also a furry channel for all the furry people just keep it SFW. There is a music channel for all the people who wants to listen to music and more. This server currently does not have a lot of people in it. If you want to get your friends to join too. Hope you have a great time. Just make sure you read the rules when you join.
Pawbeanz is a brand new friendly server Welcomed are: -Furries -Scalies -Lgbt+ -Non-Furs -Weebs What we can offer: -Fun bots -User Suggestions -Friendly Staff -Memes -VC and a music bot -Art sharing -NSFW channels(only if you ask to get access ^^) We hope you will enjoy your stay. Your staff team at Pawbeanz
A discord server meant to connect different artists around the globe to exchange knowledge & have fun!
Welcome to the The Paw Café! Our server has many fun things to do, and a chat that is active on a daily basis! In our server we have; Awesome Bots! (Tatsumaki and Sherri) Friendly Staff, our staff are incredibly caring and supportive of all members, new and old. Hobby Rooms, for all of your hobby needs! New rooms can be added to help you share your hobbies and creations! Gaming Rooms, for all of your gaming needs, from voice chats to text rooms, we have it all! Awesome Range of Emotes, we have no free slots for our stationary emotes, and only a couple left for our gif emotes! Reaction Roles, we have a large range of species roles, hobby roles, likes and dislikes. It's easy to get them, just tap on an emote that suits you! New roles added regularly to help the server grow! We can't wait to have you be apart of our ever growing family, so what are you waiting for? Get into the The Paw Café today and start chatting! Much love, The Wolf Mother, Wolfie.
Welcome to [FURRY]! We are one of the largest and most active Furry communities on Discord and Steam. We have a friendly, active staff and community, and we're always welcoming new members!
The Cuddle Cafe is a furry roleplay and hangout server that accepts all species, genders, and sexualities. Feel free to sit down and chat to fellow customers, get a drink or perhaps some food, and so much more!
===================================================== Welcome to Evermore City! Basic Information: A amazing City for furs and non furs alike! Evermore City includes: -Excellent staff! 👑 -Bots 🤖 -Many assortments of channels (as mentioned above) including: A general area , Music channels, Voice channels, Roleplaying and NSFW channels, and more! -A variety of rules and roles to help you feel safe and welcome! -And more! Come meet some new friends and lets chat
Howdy partner! Welcome to Apollo’s Bird Nest! This server is constantly growing with new members and server updates! 🔞 NSFW Channels 🔞 🔈 Voice Chats 🔈 🎶 Music Channels 🎶 🎭 Roleplay Channels 🎭 🖌 Art Channels 🖌 🎮 Gaming/Tech Channels 🎮 🕺 Self Assignable Roles 🕺 😁 Fandom Friendly 😁 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Friendly 🏳️‍🌈 📛 Raid Protection 📛 We hope to see you there soon! Come meet new people and make lots of new friends!
Hello, stranger! If you are a furry/scalie, and enjoy roleplaying, Anthroleplay is for you! A friendly, small community awaits you. Anthroleplay has a professional, and unique interface which will ensure roleplay immersion. Designed with roleplay in mind, created with fun at heart. We have a unique reaction role system which will mute the ability for metagaming. The server is raid resistant, which means you won't be bothered by those pesky raiders. The roleplay system has pictures to illustrate the channels. No age restriction! No verification!
A growing furry community with our own dedicated game servers.
A niche, comfortable server with a neat community. A place where you can know people by more than just their names. Includes: - Channels to showcase and sell art - Gaming Channel - Serious and casual roleplay channels - Several categorized channels for NSFW content (18+ only)
I have put zero effort into this but... This is for those furries who live in Alabama! We need more to make an army! I'll put more stuff in here if it gets popular enough! Hope y'all enjoy!
We're a small community of bronies, furries and gamers, just hanging out and having a good time. Hop in and join the fun!
Een actieve Nederlandse Furry community op Discord met bijna 400 leden. Je kan er makkelijk mensen bij jou in de buurt vinden, evenementen organiseren, kunst delen of met elkaar gamen.
Welcome to Furry Haven!!! Here in Furry Haven we value every individual, furry or not we accept you. Our staff will help you if you have a problem, whether it be a bully from the server in DMs, or if something is happening in a certain channel. They are sure to take care of it! We have designated channels for certain things, NSFW channels for Adult content (Must be 18 or older to acquire the rank), gaming chats for gaming, and etc. We hope that here in Furry Haven You feel welcomed and accepted!!! OwO UwU
The Snep Hallway is a community server! We're made up of both furries and non-furries, so don't feel like you need to be a furry to join. We have some high quality bots as well as some made in-house. We have specific categories for Roleplay, Art, and NSFW to name a few. We would really appreciate it if you would join, as we are trying to grow the server! We also have a commission area, if you want to advertise your art.
Furry Friends is a friendly little community server for furries and supporters of them.
Welcome to ThePride Discord server! Here we invite users to express themselves to the online community and are great at helping and supporting users through situations. Need to tell your parents something? Don't know how to do it? Join here and we will help you! Problems at school? Need to vent? We have a venting channel for all your troubles! Join Today - This Discord server is owned and managed by Steven J. Davis @ CEO - GamercraftStudios
We have games, roleplay, art, custom bots, and much more!
The Husky Network is an all-new Minecraft network which hosts a wide variety of game modes like survival, factions, skyblock and many more.
Furry Trash is an 18+ server that doesn't allow role-play. We have events like movie night where you can meet other furries; game tags to meet other gamers; and nsfw channels for your adult interests
Serveur Discord pour le plaisir et le plaisir! Premier serveur en désaccord commu fr fun! Nous avons des cadeaux, des événements! amusez-vous et rejoignez-nous maintenant! Discord-server voor plezier en plezier! Eerste server onenigheid commu fr leuk! We hebben weggeefacties, evenementen! veel plezier en doe nu mee! Discord Server for fun and pleasure! First server disagree commu fr fun! We have gifts, events! have fun and join us now!
A server for furs alike! It is still currently in a WIP but it includes Roleplay,Memes,Art,Some Voice chat and many others like art tips! Feel free to join at any time! We try to support and show love to everyone!
ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: Josh A ~ Wavy ─────────────⚪────────────────────────────── ◄◄⠀▐▐ ⠀►►⠀⠀ ⠀ 1:14 / 3:08 ⠀ ───○ 🔊⠀ ᴴᴰ ⚙ ❐ ⊏⊐ . Welcome to The Ice Box, we're a nice chill community that accepts everyone for who they are. What's this server for? We're here to bring people together and chill in a friendly non toxic environment. We're LGBTQA+ friendly! We have many channels for art, music, memes and more! Join us today!
Life Filled Wonderland is a server in which plenty of people can join to hang out! The server is mainly Furries and Pokemon, though others with reasonable profile pictures are allowed in. We're a hang out spot in which has plenty of activities, bots and people to talk to! We have several things for everyone! -Art channels to show off your art!~ -Nsfw channels (Which are given to those who are of age and responsible) -Gaming channels for all your gaming pleasures! -Voice channels to talk with friends and listen to music in!~ -Tons of amazing people to talk to!~ -Specific colour roles of your choice! -Rp Channels! -And much more!~ We hope you consider joining! We'd love to have and meet more wonderful people who may come by!!!~~~
Furry Transformation on Discord is the sister server to the Furry Transformation Steam group and Furry Transformation Telegram group. The purpose of this server is to connect furries that have a mutual interest in Transformation content such as art, stories, and roleplay as well as have opportunities to socialize via gaming.
This is a discord server dedicated to art! We made this discord to give artists a place to communicate and share their art regardless of social status or their amount of followers. Once we get a decent amount of members in the server, we plan on doing an art of the week event where we feature some art made by members! We also may do raffles in the future! You dont have to be an artist to join, you can join just to see some cool art, make friends, or whatever you'd like!
A friendly furry server, welcoming of all nice individuals who would like to help build a wonderful community!
Bate Papo e Diversões
furries, memes, twitch, video games, role-play
A server for furs and scalies of all types, whether it's gaming, roleplay, or a bit of art! \^w^/ If you're having trouble with the server link, reach us at and we'll get it sorted out!
This server is for people who are sick of very strict rules and just want to have fun.
✧ Made For You. Made, With Love. ✨ You come first, here. ✨ Your opinions and concerns matter. ✨ Leaders that listen and aim for the best. ✨ Friends to find. Family to hold; A place, to belong.
Greetings lads, please join our brony server! It's epic here! And if you join now, I'll be your best mate.
Fluff Central is a very sfw furry server where all furs can join and talk with out being shamed for anything!
A community of mostly furry folks centered around chatting, art sharing and gaming that's looking to grow a little! We have designated categories and channels for art and gaming, regular movie nights streamed through, music channels, easy reaction roles, a timed member role (30 minutes!) and more. We currently play host to Dyno, Pokecord, Groovy and Tatsumaki for all your bot needs
Ein meist dramafreier Ort für Furries jeder Art! Wir bieten eine große Auswahl an Emotes, Speziesrollen, themenbasierten Chats sowie eine Roleplay-Kategorie (welche im Bot-Channel über den Command !rp freigeschaltet werden kann)!
A primarily furry server that aims to be a simple, open community. Furries and non-furries alike will enjoy a small, welcoming group of friends! Come stop by!
In need of boosters! Welcome to fen's den OwO! Read the rules after joining We have: *multiple channels for different discussions *many bots! *one big voice chat and a few voice chats that are, more private.
Fun place for furs and non furs alike
Paws Palace is a furry server made for furries all around! Just join and chill with us!
Welcome to the Fur Hangout! We have many kinds of social and fun activities for you to try and friendly members to hang out with!
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