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Official Discord Partner! A fast growing and diverse community! ✦Gaming✦Movies✦Music ✦Anime✦Events✦ The best place to meet and make new friends! Ages 14+
♡ ( ๑╹ω╹๑ ) A soft, cute, adorable server! We are 100% loving! Our goal is to create a comfy family for all of our members, we have lots of cute roles, emojis, and more~ (´・ω・`) ♡ ♡♡ ୨୧ {Over 30!} Cutesy self roles ୨୧ ୨୧ A lot of adorable color roles ୨୧ ୨୧ LOADS of CUTENESS ୨୧ ♡♡
We're a laid back growing server, diversity at its finest. Here's a baguette! >:D
We're an avid social and gaming community with tons of benefits: • is our social platform for discussions <3 • Many interesting and fun bots to play around with! • Climb the leaderboards by leveling up! • Bunch of wild personalities to find and befriend! • Excellent moderators, security, and order.
Самое крупное сообщество SCUM в России! 🌟Самый первый сервер SCUM в России. 🙏Сотрудничество с разработчиками, получение самой последней информации о развитии игры. 🎮Сервер SCUM - IP (PvPvE) 💻Активная администрация, отсутствие читеров и багоюзеров. 👾Нет игроков с правами администратора, администраторы - строго администраторы. 📑Нет админских отрядов, нет админских баз, нет админских злоупотреблений 🔨Собственные разработки ✯ Уникальный контент Eng: No use cheats, No use bugs = BAN No players with admin rights, administrators - strictly administrators. No admin groups, no admin bases, no admin abuses SAFE ZONE A1-A2 (no kills)
TGL is a friendly gaming discord community that is relatively small at the moment. Don't worry you don't need to be a gamer to join! We have: 🚓 Active Friendly Staff 🚓 🎮 Gaming Channels 🎮 🎵 Music Bot 🎵 😂 Meme Channels 😂 📷 Media Channels 📷 🤔 Weekly Riddles 🤔 🤔 Daily Questions 🤔 😀 Events (WIP) 😀 So join and maybe stay for a while!
The community of the upcoming indiegame RobotDuels, where you can chat, play PvP duels and buy perks for the game on full release (naming NPC, discounts, gift codes). we will be giving acces to the close beta in may 18 to all the server members.
Cute and comfy place, join if you like anime, gaming and random convos :3 (also im really bad at making these ads im sorry)
This a Community of talking,Games,Bots,And much more, This Server is now a main one of mine :D Channels included: lolchat (the main chat) Bot commands Level up (it's for leveling up users so keep that in mind) Youtube (Thats where youtube videos can be posted) Other-Language (which you speak different languages if isn't your main language) Art Universe (This where you post Wonderful arts) Memz (Made by Dynamite role: Admin) Random stuff (Also made by Dynmaite) Roles (shows all of the roles in the server) application (this is where you apply for mod or admin by readin the message made by my friend) (NEW) countryball-art-universe (this where you post some nice art of countryballs) (NEW) custom-stories (Creating very nice stories about anything you want) Need help? Ask me or Soviet Russia (aka grim which he is my friend) Our tags: Winter Lithuaniaball#2952 (NEW) google-translate Soviet Russia#2025 We're doing a contest now so join us today for more information
Lots of anime fans to talk, skilled gamers to carry, stunning selfies to flirt! ❤ Matchmaking Now ❤
This server is for players who own dragon ball fusions on their 3DS. Our goal for this server is to keep the dragon ball fusions community alive while having fun at the same time.
Polyrhythm, the heaven of rhythm games, is open to welcome its members into a new world of rhythm games. We support 6 game channels: bandori, ensemble stars, shining live, love live, idolish-7 and b-project. come and join this beautiful heaven where we discuss about game events, interact with each other from different channels, and enter new dimensions in the future! The Ruler invites you into this beautiful heaven....:)
Hi there! Wanna join a server that chats mainly about games and advertises their own servers? Well, this is the server for you! Welcome to Tails' Everything Discord! This server normally chats about different types of games everyone plays. But that's not that, we also talk about other stuff like memes, news and lots of other stuff! All of us in this server predominantly uses English, as it will be better for us to understand each other without the confusion of languages. Well, what we have on this server: 🎉 Giveaways 📆 Events 🤖 Cool bots like Tatsumaki, Dyno etc. 🎮 Different variety of games you play given on the #self-roles channel! 🤝 Partnerships with other servers! 💰 Paid Ads, please check #information under the Paid Ads section for info. 🤔 Daily memes! Posted depending on good memes that we found. 📢 Different ad categories! ...and much more things to come! Well, what are you waiting for? Join the server today!
Create your own Smash Ultimate rank profile // Exclusive leveling system & bots // Free entry weekly tournaments. // Art, photography & trivia events. // Leaderboards for ranked players & friendlies. // Content creator channel for youtubers & streamers.
Server focused on people making new friends, chatting about anime, manga, games, and whatever else. Come make friends, chill, listen to music and enjoy yourself in the end. Mee6/Tatsumaki leveling/ranking and game bots. Pokecord pokemon bot for the poke fanatics. Mudae bot for Waifu Roulette.
Come join ♛Sʜɪᴏʀɪ Pʀᴏᴊᴇᴄᴛ♕! We're a gaming/anime community for everyone who enjoys these sorts of things and want to find mates that have similar interests to you. We are a kind and friendly server, so don't be shy!
This server has taggable roles for all smash ultimate matchmaking. We also have a crew, ranked system, and tournaments. In addition, we have a place to share any creative things you might have created, and of course, a meme channel. We welcome players of all skill levels. Keep it safe, keep it fun, and have a good time! Don't forget to flair yourselves with roles when you get there...
Veteran Neptunia theme server with a member base 900+ strong where everyone, Neptunia fan or no, is welcome. We offer Neptunia theme channels and roles for all Neptunia fans to enjoy. The server also features weekly events such as live streams and cringey fanfic readings, as well as general areas for everyone to hang out.
Willkommen auf Flowers of Youth. - Stetig wachsender Server - Hohe Aktivität in Chat/VC - Schöne Gestaltung - Immer neue Features - (WiP) Englisch Chat - und vieles mehr... Wir sind noch in der Aufbauephase und versuchen unsere richtige Richtung zu finden, wenn du jedoch mitmachen willst, bei etwas großem dabei zu sein, laden wir dich gerne ein!
this Clubhouse is Community while also being a server based on finding and getting partners/partner managers we host a nitro giveaway at every 100 members until 700! so come join now!
This is a brand-new server for viewers of the Alex J Brimmer YouTube channel, gamers in general, and collaborators. Talk about whatever you want or share your content! There will be a giveaway for viewers at 500 subscribers, so make sure you're keeping up with my content!
Unofficial discord community server for discussion about the MMORPG Dragon Nest, welcoming players from all regions!
A lit gaming server with nsfw channels and giveaways.
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Welcome to cRaZy! PUBG/FORTNITE/RUST/CSGO/APEX, Regular Gaming Sessions, Self assignable roles, Find teammates, Free advertising, Simple rules, Voice Chat, Music Invite:
LGBT+ Family & Games (LFG) is a very friendly LGBT+ community welcoming all types of members (gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, asexual, straight, furry, etc). The community has: 👦Self-assignable roles. 🎮 Gaming Channels 🎲 Giveaways & Events 📹 Video Chat Rooms 🌈 Custom LGBT+ Social Network Site and Apps 🌵 Private Minecraft Server 🔒 Teen only channels for members 13-17 🍆 NSFW for 18+ Members Come join the fam!
- All round type of discord. - Server where you can make friends. - Great times, chill out, relax. - Monitored but no excess of rules. - Rules are simple, don't be stupid.
o(^▽^)o New Active KH Server!! Here at Paopu Kingdom we treat everyone with respect, we are here to make long lasting friendships and have a positive impact on those around us. We strive to create a community where everyone is accepted for who they are. A Safe Place for everyone. We spread kindness, not hate. We are a loving, positive community. In this house we support the LGBT community
[Deutscher Discord Server | German Discord Server] Der deutsche Discord für den wahren Gamer! Brandaktuelle Gaming News, free Games und Gewinnspiele lassen jedes Gamerherz höher schlagen! Abgerundet wird dies durch eine übersichtliche Serverstruktur und unserem einzigartigen Serverbot. Überzeug dich selbst und finde bei derzeit über 3.000 Mitgliedern deinen Zockerbuddy fürs Leben ♥
We are a Gaming Community geared towards the life style of Active Duty, Reserve Components, and Veterans of all branches. Military Service members from the United States. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Civilians and those interested in military service and the life style are encouraged to join. We are a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with members, and make new friends. This is mainly a server to hang out with like minded people, talk to new people every day, and play games. Everyone is welcome to join our fast-growing community. Community Meetings and Giveaways every month including beta keys, games, cash prizes and more. Staff(Officers) will try their best to keep everything under control, solve problems and make sure you, as a member, are comfortable. Hope you enjoy being a part of our community!
【 Retro Central is an Anime/Gaming server. this server with a retro aesthetic theme and it also has: 】 ➦300+ members and growing! ➦our own Minecraft server ➦fair staff / looking for more staff! ➦we have our own Minecraft server! ➦Movie Nights ➦Self roles ➦Roleplay channel ➦friendly community! ➦NSFW 18+ Channel! ➦Anime Discussions / debate ➦Voice/Music Channels This server is for Otakus and Gamers. Other+ and much more! This server is for everyone! we welcome all and we strive to be better! :)
Welcome to the No U Gaming Club. We're a highschool gaming club and discord server. We play games such as ⚽Rocket League⚽ ?Apex? ⚔️For Honor⚔️ ☠️Dead By Daylight ☠️ ?Rainbow Six Siege? ?‍♂️League of legends ?‍♀️ 🥊Smash Bros🥊 We would like other gamers to join us for fun gaming sessions.Once our discord becomes bigger, we plan on doing major tournaments/events with prizes to win. When were bored, we like to use the mini game bots we added, as well as send memes to each other. We mostly play on PS4/Xbox, but PC players are also allowed to join.Must be between13-20 to join.We also have twitch support.
a froggy filled gaming/chill server filled with retarded teens and abusive admins. join at your own risk.
A server for all video games fans. A small hub to exchange opinions, interact with others, create groups for games and hopefully make some friends along the way!
This is an automotive car discord server! I do hope we can build a strong community here, and have lots of fun at the same time! Here we talk about cars in game, or in real life. I did however manage to type up a little sorta map so to say. I hope it is useful! You know, so we don’t get lost, or anything like that. c:
Neo Gamers is a community-powered server to provide a home for any gamer. The console and computer system doesn't matter. Even if you make games this is a good place to come and show off your work.
Welcome to League Scrims! This is a server dedicated to League of Legends! Here you can find teams of all ranks to practice against your team or find a team to join! We also have custom tournaments that your team can join! Come and experience the professional league of legends gameplay!
Welcome. ( Anime | Gaming | Community )
Sacrifice of the Sincere is an open and welcoming gaming community, with many game servers, in game Guilds, and friendly members. We appreciate teamwork, good communication, and the ability to have fun.
• We are a new & growing aesthetically pleasing server with an amazing moderation team and super friendly members. We also Have: • Custom Bot • Special Roles • Leveling System • Patreon Rewards • Premium Dyno • Giveaways • Nitro Emotes & so much more. • We aim to create a safe and fun environment for our members! come check us out!!
JFF is a predominantly furry run community that welcomes anyone and everyone from all over. Join us, make friends, play games, and have fun. Share art, and life with the rest of the fantastic people in Just Fur Fun.
Just a chill, toxic, anime, gaming, and meme server i guess. 2k+ (NOT A HELP SERVER)
Hey @everyone! This server is fanmade and all about the mobile game/ app Hotel Hideaway! We offer tons of features like a fast and easy way to shout out rifts, promotion for your social media channel, help with sticker & secret rooms, a healthy community, advanced bots for moderation & fun and a lot more, all in a handsome and intuitive design!
Alle sind herzlich eingeladen unsrem deutschsprachigen Discordserver rund um Xbox beizutreten. Wir haben einiges zu bieten, wie automatisch Updates und News vom offiziellen Xbox DACH Account auf Facebook und Youtube, Clansuche, Channel für Freebies, einen Marktplatz und vieles vieles mehr! Alles verpackt in einem einfachen und intuitiven Design! Bis Bald!
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Welcome to the Nintencord Discord. We're a community of passionate Nintendo players. If you're interested in meeting some interesting people, or if you're looking for people to play games with, this is the place to be! We have roles for various popular Nintendo franchises, so you'll know what kind of games people play by clicking on their names.
ΛΡΟCRΥΡΗΛ ☾, a dark basement for the common weeb, gamer, artist or occultist. Active VC, Anti-Toxicity, Staff Applications Open. Events ⌯ Giveaways ⌯ Roles ⌯ Leveling ⌯ Long Talks
Server dedicat pentru comunitatea română de LOL.
TOP 3 CHAT XP GAINERS FOR APRIL WIN NITRO!!! The Largest Oldschool Runescape Discord With A Highly Active Voice Chat.
Spiral101 is a server where you can request help or help others in either Wizard101 or Pirate101! We will be having lots of giveaways in the coming weeks but we need Giveaway Hosts! Feel like giving to a community? then come and join us! We'd love to have you!
Furry Royale is a kingdom full of around 10,000 friendly furs that love to chat, game, and play! Join any time to meet the dorks that fill this kingdom, and take part in its secrets... ~ One of the most unique but entertaining active furry discord servers around.
Gaming/Anime/Manga with a bit of Neko touch group named Neko Land are recruiting active Anime people to their ranks! If you are active, love to talk, game or simply discuss anime, then do join, you will be welcomed. And Little info about our group We have our ranks, leveling ones and honorable ones. Weekly events. Self-assigned roles. Monthly giveaways, weekly if the prize isn't too expensive. Well searched group emotes. Roleplay segments Ofc Anime channels. Possibility to win custom server tags. You can remove your mention role, if you dont need it. NSFW content, thats only self assigned! A Selfie corner. Staff members that are trying to improve the server. Always open for suggestions. Simply a chill place to hang out in. And other community like stuff! Searching for ways to spice things up. So give it a thought and join up everyone ! Maybe this will be the place where you feel comfortable enough to call The home for cats ^_^
A chill server for anyone who just wants to hang out, make new friends or play games. We have an active voice chat with people from all over Europe. 16+
If you're a gamer, but like also a slut, boy do we have the server for you!
Dragons Dogma Online (DDON) is a Japanese MORPG. Region-locked, but can be countered with easy workaround method, which we provide in the server. Inheriting the amazing action packed, non-tab targeting combat system from Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisens. Currently, we have 11 vocations (classes) to choose from, each with their own mechanics and plenty of skills and passives to build your own skillset. Combo counter attacks as Fighter, punch enemies and protect teammates with explosions as Alchemist, heal and kill with magickal arrows as Elemental Archer... and more. We provide assistance such as game files download, quick and simple VPN and workaround setup directions, and game advices. But usually, we are just here to chill and chat, meme and trashtalk.
Welcome to our friendly anime discord server. We're here to be your friend. We joke around from time to time and we hope that you enjoy your stay here.
Essence RS is a social discord dedicated to building a Runescape community. !! We're now 60+ with 20+ Always Online !! We're subject to change as we grow, and we may even become more than just a hub for Runescape players to socialize! With a growing community we will be holding events, giveaways, and friendly competition. We'll most definitely be encouraging our members to group up in other games too. See you there! AND PROPERLY APPLY ONCE YOU'RE IN! !! At 100 Applied Members I'll be doing a game key giveaway !!
GAEA is a Greek-themed, South East Asian gaming community. Our goal is to create a fun, friendly and dynamic society of gamers that are from the same region.
A server made for the League of Legends EUNE region.
hey you, Yeah you! Are you looking for a server that is full of games, enjoyment and cool members, then join us! We have got some great bots and people to make friends with here. Our server features: Friendly Members :busts_in_silhouette: Self Roles :cricket: General gaming chat :video_game: Off topic channel 🧩 Self advertisement :mailbox_with_mail: Bot spam channel :robot: And Private Rooms. TOPICS: Fortnite CSGO PUBG OVERWATCH BF5 BO4 And more....! :tada: JOIN THE SERVER TODAY! TEAM PULSE ---------------------------------------
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