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Join the Xbox Social Club ⭐ Meet new players, promote your stream, read the latest gaming news & more! Over 1.3k members and growing 🎮
Welcome to the Zerene Gaming Network! We are an active community with a shared love of gaming. Our community aim is to create a nice peaceful environment where we can talk and socialize with anyone at any time. The Zerene Network is a global community with members from all across the world including the UK, Denmark, USA, Japan, and South Africa. Our community started small, with Minecraft as the main gaming attraction. Since then, the community has grown and includes several servers across multiple games including Minecraft, ARK, Factorio, Space Engineers, Satisfactory and many more. We are always looking for new games to add to the community. We have officially merged with Darkened Souls, a popular modded Minecraft Modpack, in addition, we host many of the games we have stated above on our private dedicated servers, and we looking to host even more. We are an open community and do our best to listen to all of our members to create a positive experience for all members.
A general hangout place for fans of Nintendo and other third-party franchises like Persona, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic the Hedgehog and Touhou! We have active Smash Bros. Ultimate events and are a friendly anime and gaming community!
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Waifu Village
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We're the newly founded, bi-lingual (English and German), anime-and-gaming-themed server: Waifu Village! We may still be small but we have a friendly server team and some nice emotes, and as we grow over the time, we will also do some events (anime music quiz, anime and gaming evenings and maybe some giveaways) and add more self-roles for games etc. Some more features: - self-roles - level up reward roles - music bots - nsfw channels I hope this little description made you curious and that we'll see you on our server!
A community focused multi-game discord based in Oceania. Must have a good attitude. Must play a variety of games. Must be LGBT friendly. Don't be a dick. We play on Oceanic servers where possible. What games do we play? Most of the games we play together are free to play or low cost games. Our main focus is on blizzard-games (Excluding WoW), mmorpgs like Black Desert Online and low cost/Free Games. We try to stay away from subscription based games. There's always room for other-games. We expect people to interact with each other outside of game specific stuff (aka get to know each other).
Welcome to SnazzyTime! An extremely nice server with really cute emotes! Make new friends, listen to music, show people your talents, talk about anime/games/art whatever you want!
ROE English is dedicated to the players who are looking for players in Ring of Elysium. We are the most active server when looking for a group. We have tournaments and events weekly! With over 8000 members, come and join us and let's get some wins!
Brand New Server -Gaming -Girls And Boys And Trans -Dating (If You want Idrc) -LGTBQ SAFE (And Other) -Would Like to Make this a relatively big server and will expand with updates and stuff if it succeeds -Talk To Random People -Idk, Join If You Feel Like It or Leave but I'm a hella nice person and would like to meet new people -Share Your Artistic Abilities
A server based around The Sims and The Sims Wiki! Anyone is welcome to join, and any appropriate discussion topic is welcome!
Welcome To The HeatSync Discord! HeatSync is A Gaming/eSports Organization.
Hello guys! Are you looking for a group to recommend games to you or have your views shared? This is our steam curator discord. We are trying to get more people to join our server so we can get you guys solid games and you guys can get us more titles to review. Thank you for considering to join, and please hit that join button if you want to hear some great reviews. Features: ☝️Active level up system with pokecord unlocked at Follower rank, and rythm at VIP Followers 👨‍✈️Active admins to help the server be toxin free 🤜 A Helpful Community 🎮 Gaming Reviews 😏 No boundary advertising Thanks
Whether a publisher or player, we are all in this for a shared love of the game. A shared joy. That is our foundation. That is the core of the hobby. So, whether you discuss the nuances of gaming, publish a supplement based on that awesome campaign you ran 30 years ago in junior high, or whether you're taking your first steps into this community playing 5e, the freedom to be a joyful participant in whatever way you see fit is there waiting for you. As it is for all of us.
Kleiner Server zum chatten, reden, zocken und mehr!
Sonic United is a server decided to Sonic the Hedgehog and SEGA. We are primarily focused on Sonic fan games.
DMC (Devil May Cry) server, fairly active motivated community, crazy dmc-themed emotes and more! Come join us!
Buscamos sujetos con ética torcida, pero que no discriminen a nadie, nunca... Que no discriminen jamás, ni a hombres, ni a mujeres, ni ancianos... Notificarme ahora, antes que aparezca la guardia costera!! Este mensaje tal vez se destruirá luego. Hola! Somos "Corsarios Sin Sueldo", usamos lenguaje técnico, estamos en continua mejora. Si no te molesta exigirte a ti mismo ¡entonces puede que hayas encontrado tu clan de Sea of Thieves! Requisitos: -Adulto. -Hablar español. -Deseo de ver el mundo arder! Les esperamos!
Welcome to the description of JW, it's a small friendly community, you can have some nice time here with us, have still a nice day, you can invite your friends if you want and condos that we deserve, we really enjoy :)
We are a close gaming community that loves playing Rainbow Six Siege. We have dedicated channels for memes, screenshots and more! What are you waiting for? Come join us!
GameHub- Find a Squad! ● Request your favourite games and we will support it ● Recruiting Staff ● Role selection for games and platforms ● We support Apex Legends, Fortnite, Rocket League, GTA V and many more! ●Levelling system ● Features of chillout servers ● And much more
Do you want to discuss the latest gaming/tech/anime news? Drop in! Stay for Anime Night!
Some place to chill and play games, talk about music and anime and whatever else. Favors the EST time zone. Looking for Smash Ultimate Players.
The Basement
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A chill hangout for discussing video games, anime, manga, and whatever else you want. Come check it out!
Bonjour ! Je viens poster une invitation pour un serveur rp (Roleplay, en gros vous pouvez jouer un personnage) sur le thème sci-fi et encore en développement ! Il est donc en alpha et on aimerait bien avoir des critiques constructives. Laissez moi vous dire en quelques phrases ce qu'il y a: ▶ 2 bots personnalisables créés par nous ! ▶ Un rp sci-fi, futuriste et corrompu (aussi sanglant si votre façon de play l'est) ▶ 16 métiers qui peut être faits légalement et 15 illégalement (et plus si il y a assez de joueurs et des revendications) ▶ Recrutement ON ! (Oui on a besoin de plus que 2 joueurs ahah) ▶ On est totalement ouvert à tous genre d'humour et on a un système pour vous ban avec :P ▶ Des clans, un système de level, enfin... Tout ce qui est utile pour un rp. Good game à tous! Ps: Si vous ne faites jamais de rp venez quand même, on peut toujours s'amuser :D
A nice place to hang out and find out information for various gaming systems in tabletop while catching up with friends and making new ones.
The Dream! DARK HUMOR, ART, AND GOOD FUN! :) A creative place where all sorts of people come to meet new friends! Lenient mods!
Heyy wir sind ein Deutscher Discord Server der gerne eine nette Community aufbauen möchte wir freuen uns um jeden neuen Freund habt alle viel spaß. Hier gibt es Mini Games und Rollen zu selbst einteilen und Kino Abenden und lustige Bots und man kann Leveln. ^^ Alle sind Willkommen von Otakus und Gamer bis hin zu Furrys und Leute die nur Talken wollen
Welcome to the Lucky☆Star Lounge! We're a community for all ages that emphasises having a fun and relaxed experience here on this server. There's always something for everyone here, but we're mainly a gaming and anime society that needs YOU to visit today~ What we offer: ☆ 50+ Assignable Roles to personalise yourself~ ☆ Personalise the server to what you want to see. ☆ A family-like community. Visit, or be part of us! ☆ A levelling system with merits upon reaching certain levels. ☆ Weekly giveaways~ ☆ Events! ☆ Create your own club on the server! ☆ Shape the server! We're always looking for suggestions and feedback. ☆ A bunch of bots for entertainment, music & more! Remember to read the rules very closely to open the doors to our server! We're just starting out, but why don't you visit us? We hope to see you soon~
Liberty Of Gaming Un serveur créer par des passionné pour les passionnés . Rencontré des personnes qui ont la même passion que vous ? c'est facile ! avec LOG Prêt à rentrer dans cet univers ? : Serveur Minecraft :
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Our server is small but looking to grow into something amazing! We emphasis inclusion, celebrating each others achievements and sharing our knowledge. You wont find any drama or toxic nonsense here! We aim to share our knowledge and bring back some of the social aspects of gaming. As the server grows in activity we can start adding things like events, voice chat parties and so much more! We have: All kinds of channels. Server currency. Fair staff. Exp levels with roles and perks. and an amazing community! Come check out the server and see if its a good fit for you!
Small Community of people Slowly growing, just pretty chill. we mainly type but trying to get more people to chat in calls Owner is a streamer we Try and talk to eachother as much as we can -Memes -Selfies -Artworks - Alot of Bots for games and extra - Loyalty Rewards - Decent ranking system
Jeśli szukasz polskiej społeczności, gdzie możesz porozmawiać z ciekawymi osobami, pograć z fajnymi osobami i pośmiać się, to dobrze trafiłeś :-)
If you play any Forza game (more focused toward the Horizon games), this is the place for you! Share your creations in their own channels, meet other players, and play in member created races and events! All are welcome, even if you don't play the games. This is a new server and will be happy toward taking suggestions as long as they're serious.
Gumdrop Kingdom ☆ We're a small server so far but most of the active people are really nice and we have some simple rules imo. We try to keep it wholesome and kind so itd be appreciated if you didn't join just to troll pls. We have a currency of cows, you can use the !work, !slut and, !crime commands to earn cows in gambling channels. Just be careful cause you can easily go into debt ☆ Join if you enjoy gaming make friends, enjoy music, anime, or art. ^-^
An Unofficial War Thunder server for gamer's but mostly for people who play the game War Thunder. We are War Thunder Arcade we have fully working self assignable roles for what BR. / Rank. or Nation. you play! There is also channels for specific topics for example just Tanks or just Planes. That is just a little of what we have to offer, so come on and join us & bring your friends all are welcome so come join us!
Welcome to 🌟 The Waifu Bar 🌟 A place designed and focused on helping other people with their problems and troubles. Although we are mainly focused on Help and Advice we are also enthusiast of Anime and Games of many genres thus why we have alot of channels dedicated to finding people to play games with and chat with. We've alot of things on our server to improve your experience such as; - Tatsumaki Bot and Dedicated channels - Anime and Gaming channels as it wouldn't be the same without them - Dedicated Help and Advice channel to keep the upbeat nature of other channels - Images sharing channels to show your appreciation for Artwork and your own pieces - NSFW channels for people if that's your kind of thing - A laid back community that is very welcome to lurkers and anti-social people alike Should you have any other inquiries then please do feel free to ask me on Discord. - Xeldena
We are a Small Discord server. we mostly play FPS/Coop/flight sim Game. we play on PC and Xbox one.Top game that i love to play right now,Titanfall 2 for PC and xbox one,Deep rock galactic,destiny 2 and Rainbow 6 siege.Invite your friend to join
[PC][18+] Just some friends playing some games. We are a small community of (mostly) PC gamers who just like to hang out, try new games, post memes, and talk about cool tech stuff. Everyone 18+ is welcome! We have per-game self-assignable roles as well! And also we have a minecraft server!
Désireux de partager de bons moments et de jouer entre amis, nous n’attendons plus que vous ! Polyvalent, ce serveur comptant plus de 900 membres vous donne l’opportunité de participer à de nombreux chans assez diversifiés, que ce soit pour les débats visant à pousser une réflexion intéressante sur des sujets variés, ainsi que des mini-jeux et des événements réguliers pour s'éclater ensemble. Associé à ça, vous pourrez partager des créations ou des clips que vous avez fait vous-même, ou que vous appréciez. N’oublions pas la possibilité de demander le ou les vêtements qui vous font rêver dans l’espoir de trouver quelqu’un qui pourrait vous les offrir, et un tas d’autres choses que vous découvrirez chez nous ! Tout ceci dans une bonne ambiance générale et sans prise de tête, avec comme vocation de devenir un pilier communautaire Splatoon, venez nous apporter votre aide !
Welcome, Ikerev fans! Want a place to scream about your favorite ikerev husbandos? We have lots of fun stuff here! Not only can you freely declare your love to ikerev but you can also talk to other people who play the game WAAWWWWW!!! You are free to weeb out and talk about other stuff as well~ Join the unofficial ikemen Revolution server! be one of us
Active Asian Social Community Server. We strive to have a family-oriented based community while maintaining a relaxed and fun environment. If you're looking for a place that's kind of weird, but well regulated, then this is the server for you. Well organized with daily events and hosted bots. Members can pick their own roles to describe themselves. We have channels for mostly anything. Channels and roles are straight-forward. We try to have a fair and just moderation team. Join us and have a look! ⛩️ Kpop Anime Gaming Community Asian Movies Drama Events Giveaways ⛩️ Bots: Nadeko Mee6 PokeCord (Fast Spawns) Tatsumaki Miki Unbelievaboat MusicBots
We are a gaming Community dedicated to having a great time. Hope to see you there!
The Spookies Hallow is gaming discord environment for real vampires to game together and game with others as well. We promote a positive and constructive community for everyone to enjoy.
* Ein nettes und gemütliches Heim für alle Otakus, osu!-Spieler und Gamer allgemein! ^^ * Für langweilige Stunden bietet mein selbstprogrammierter Bot Lawliet ein paar Spiele wie Quiz, darunter auch Anime-Quiz, Black Jack, Slot Machine, Hangman, Mastermind. ^^ * Der Server ist noch relativ neu und am Wachsen, deshalb würde ich auch über jede kleine Unterstützung in Form von neuen Mitgliedern freuen! :3
Hello! We are a growing community of fun-loving individuals! Come join us for features like: - Bots! - Support Channels! - Awesome community! Hope to see you soon.
Najväčšia Česko-slovenská Dead by Daylight discord komunita!
♬ Welcome to the Music Lounge! A place to chill out, listen to music, and play around with our bots! If you love music, be sure to join the server!
A server about trolling and raiding on roblox. Also a chat community B) We do challenges for robux, game nights with vip servers and plan to do more in the future ; )
A server that we just started. An all around hangout focused on Games, Music, Youtube and Art! We need more members and more moderators so come join! We have custom emotes and VC every now and then. Suggestions are welcome!
Looking to meet awesome people? Come join our server,Here you can meet new friends, play games, share memes, and hang out! Features: - Dedicated staff members -Leveling system -Gaming text and voice channels -Self Assignable Roles - Great YouTube videos and Twitch streams - Fun community
Welcome, Goshujin-sama, care for some tea? It would be our pleasure to serve you in the Aromatic Café. We pride ourselves in providing a comfortable environment where many friends from all over the globe are waiting for you, ready 2 watch anime, play games & more importantly, provide service for your complete satisfaction! Our waiters & waitresses are ready for your arrival, come on in!
Small Community of people Slowly growing, just pretty chill. we mainly type but trying to get more people to chat in calls Owner is a streamer we Try and talk to eachother as much as we can -Memes -Selfies -Artworks - Alot of Bots for games and extra - Loyalty Rewards - Decent ranking system
A EGT é uma organização que promove campeonatos online de League of Legends e Critical Ops ,com o apoio da Riot Games e da Critical Force. O foco de nosso discord é o suporte para os campeonatos organizados pela Elite Gaming Team, venha participar!
GAME and MEET for people looking to game with others :) best active LFG gaming server, with PC gaming PS4 Xbox and if you are 18+ some special channels ;)
A dedicated server to the game, War Thunder. Looking for a War Thunder based community? Tired of playing alone, or looking to grind with a friend? Then join here!
New guild with no drama, dedicated to making a comfy space, to help you know that you'll always have friends when you need them most! Giveaways active. :) Pokecord, Pokeverse, lots of colour roles, bio roles, well moderated (if I may say so myself), kind people, small friend guild, rabbit with a group, whatever we want this to be, it can happen! STAFF & PM OPENINGS!
A quaint little server to chill and talk in; memes, gaming, music, and much more to loiter about and do in the Loiterzone!
A server for all gamers! No matter what system you play on, what games you play, or where you are from, ACN is the home of Gaming, memes and much more!
Satra de Pisici Noul server Satra de Pisici este, in general, jucatorilor de roblox dar acceptam si ceilalti gameri. Serverul nostru cuprinde: ❤Personal respectuos si politicos❤ 👋Persoane care cu siguranta iti vor placea👋 🔧Boti cu care te poti juca in timpul liber sau cand te plictisesti🔧 💎Jucatori de Roblox dar si alte jocuri💎 🔊Ascultatori de muzica de toate genurile🔊 Asa cum am m-ai spus, Satra de Pisici este un server care doreste sa se extinda. Daca doresti sa ne ajuti, sau sa iti faci prieteni noi, esti primit oricand! ❤❤
54 out of 6071
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