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A cozy server for (relatively) mature people to hang out and build friendships.
A friendly, open furry community that's all about providing quality and quantity. We're the largest Furry Server on Discord with over 19k users!
Welcome to a Day in the life! A newly created Anime community where you can discuss topics and make new friends!
A super friendly, slime-themed social discord server with interests in Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and other games of all sorts. We're always excited to meet new people and talk D&D with everyone! The staff has a combined 30+ years of tabletop experience and the community is super helpful, no matter where you are in your tabletop journey. Hope to see you soon!
We're a new ganja/grow community where you can come kick it and chop it up, or share knowledge/info about plant-based, or non-plant-based drugs and substances whether it be medicinal or recreational in nature, or just the strawberries in your moms backyard. Come through and learn or assist, give or receive help on gardening/growing, and post anything else related to marihuana/cannabis. We're a chill spot and want to focus on being a place where mfs can come and not get tripped on by hoe ass mods and staff. We have channels for: weed growing/gardening cigars/tobacco other drugs glassware/tobbaciana liquid beverages munchies advertising & more 16+ BC Canada 🍁 Join our other (hiphop) server 👇
A new server featuring panda emojis! 21+ Adults, looking for chill social interactions and no drama. Help us grow a new place to hang out and talk about a variety of topics, in a welcoming environment!
A place to share drawings and converse with other artists.
A small community for makers/fans of crafts including sculpting, felting, sewing, fursuits, animatronics, etc
ANIME ⭐GAMING ⭐ART ⭐COMMUNITY ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ 💠A small, welcoming, and rapidly growing Discord community. The goal of our community, Midnight Cafe, is to become known as one of the most non-toxic, positive, friendly & chill communities on Discord. ■━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ What we currently offer: ▸ Small, yet tight-knit and rapidly growing community. ▸ Active Discord Voice & Channels ▸ Wholesome & Friendly Community/Staff ▸ Variety of Discord Channels to fit anyone's interest. ▸ Engaging Events like Karaoke, Movie/Anime Nights, and more! ▸ Regular free and paid giveaways! ▸ Fully configured music & game Discord bots. ▸ Unique experience and leveling system ■━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ ✨We would love to get to know you. Join us today!✨
Our server is small but looking to grow into something amazing! We emphasis inclusion, celebrating each others achievements and sharing our knowledge. You wont find any drama or toxic nonsense here! We aim to share our knowledge and bring back some of the social aspects of gaming. As the server grows in activity we can start adding things like events, voice chat parties and so much more! We have: All kinds of channels. Server currency. Fair staff. Exp levels with roles and perks. and an amazing community! Come check out the server and see if its a good fit for you!
Hello and welcome! We are a small server with chill rules and laid back community. If you're looking to make new friends and want to get away from the chaos of other Discord servers, then you've come to the best place. We have emojis, a ton of bots, and welcoming members. Come and say hello!
Hello everyone! We are a friendly, growing community for adventure, high fantasy topics and gaming. We like to text-chat and voice-talk about things related to fantasy books, movies and games. May the power of the Maiar be with you!
A chill, active group with regular voice chats, movie nights, and game nights. Come, enter the void. // ❝ I need not to be afraid of the void. The void is part of my person. I need to enter consciously into it. To try to escape from it is to try to live a lie. ❞
loved ones. is an active community server for everyone! Established in October of 2017, we have amassed many kind members through spreading positivity and sound server engagement. We have many awesome features and are always taking suggestions to better the content we provide! This is a place to be yourself without fear of judgment. We are an extremely kind, welcoming server, and we love to meet new people! There's lots of activities for everyone here, including those who love anime, k-pop, gaming, bots, and more! Server Link:
A server for all fans of Power Rangers, including Japanese Sentai too! Come talk shows, Zords, and anything else!
Here is the description: Server where all slavs can join and meet other slavs, have fun, enjoy their stay. We have: 1️⃣ Bots : moderation, fun, music, nsfw, etc... 2️⃣ Roles : many roles. 3️⃣ Members who are true slavs. 4️⃣ Zones : BOTS, DISCUSSION, CHAT, RAID, VC. 5️⃣ Rules and Info.
Looking to improve productivity in your life, get competitive, cooperative, and/or educated. Join Productivity Public Community Discord. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, you'll start off in the relax section with sections including Development, Art & Design, Professionalism, Education, and Ideas & Collaboration.
A safe place for all little's, caregivers, pets! We are very friendly and welcome any community and age as long as you are over 13 All genders, ages, sexuality, backgrounds welcome of coursies! Come and join our big family!
We are a simple and streamlined server for chatting about anime, manga, light novels, and anything related. A small and slow paced community made to be a nice break from larger busier servers.
Active and friendly server for arcade machine collectors and enthusiasts, we'd love to have you! Pull up a stool at a cocktail or candy cab and grab a beer, we're the arcade friends you've been looking for.
This is a home for any kind of nerd. Art nerds, music nerd, book nerds, anime nerds, computer nerds, and more! We are a pretty chill community that only asks that you follow the rules and be respectful. So come down and join your fellow nerds in some fun!
It’s Post Meridiem Somewhere... ☕?? P.M. Writing Cafe is an all-hours offbeat server geared toward fiction writers—all writers welcome (18+). We got wordsprints, classes, general chat, and even a few procrastination channels. Grab your caffeine and join us.
Owner: What we're about: - Nitro Giveaways - Free Fortnite skins and fun challenges - Mobile, PC and console gaming - Memes, art and lowkey NSFW sharing - Chill members and staff
We now allow any and all partnerships! A development and socialising discord! Join in for weird conversations, fun conversations, events, coding, modelling, and so much more!
The official JeFawk Games discord server. Games, development and related bullshit but don't be a prick about it.
The world of Atheos is a written roleplay server heavily based on dungeons and dragons. This server however doesn't use stats or roles to determines certain outcomes and is purely RP based. All combat is written in story format and judged by the admin/mod team to keep things fair to all players. The religious aspect of this server is based upon the Greek pantheon of gods. The world itself is of my own creation, every country and the history of the world is unique and any similarity to other sources is purely coincidental. Races and classes are of course taken from D&D but adapted to suit the server. Includes bots for self assigned roles and adding some fun elements to the server, including, levelling, combat and memes.
Ce serveur est basé sur le thème Harry Potter. Vous serez rangé dans une des 4 maisons à votre arrivée après avoir fait le test officiel. Chaque mois je lance une coupe des 4 maisons: le but est de faire gagner un max de points à votre maison en étant actif sur le serveur, en participant aux évents, et autres quizz. A la fin du mois, la maison avec le plus de points gagne. Pour ceux qui connaissent pas trop Harry Potter mais qui aiment les évents et s'amuser pas de panique, les gros évents (une fois par semaine) ne sont absolument pas Harry Potter (ce sera des blind test, quizz, et autres jeux divers). On est tous gentils alors venez !
A casual hangout server for geeks of all kinds to chat. Fans of things like cartoons, video games, anime; and creators of those things; artists, animators, game designers, storytellers, whatnot. If you'd like to chat or show of your creations, then hop in the server. We also do community stuff like gaming and art contests. P.S. We love Nintendo, if you have a switch, prepare to have lots of friends to play with.
Olá jovem baiano, você está procurando um server daora, onde você poderá conversar com pessoas legais? Então você encontrou o lugar certo, até melhor!
Welcome to Discord's Diner! 🍨 Join to share recipes, exchange tips, and socialize.
Snowflakes is an alternative server where you can come in, relax, chill and have fun with other members! If you are tired of all the toxicity, drama and other negative vibes, come on in and give us a try! We offer a selection of cool bots to interact with and channels to show yourself or your work off!
We like to have fun
Join All Elite Wrestling fans for pay per views, TV shows and awesome AEW music. This is the place to meet other AEW fans and cheer on your favorite wrestlers. This server is owned and run by Legends of PC, a community for PC players.
════ ೋღ 🆃🅷🅴 :o2:🅽🅴 🆂🆈🅽🅳🅸🅲:a:🆃🅴 ღೋ ════ Was oder wer ist The One Syndicate? “Syndicate”(eng.) bedeutet übersetzt soviel wie Interessenverband /-gemeinschaft. Wir sind deutschsprachige Xbox One Spieler aller Altersgruppen und kommen aus ganz Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Wir finden über die Homepage und per Xbox Party-Chat Bekanntschaften und Freunde mit denen wir unter dem Clantag “TOS” zusammen unsere Freizeit beim spielen unserer Lieblingsgames verbringen. Bei uns besteht nicht der zwang “gut” zu sein oder täglich online sein zu müssen. Wir wollen nur Gamer zusammenbringen und dafür sorgen, das wir in unserer Freizeit Spaß am spielen haben und das auch noch mit freundlichen Leuten.join us! @everyone ══◈ 🆆:a:🆂 🅼ü🆂🆂🆃 🅸🅷🆁 🅼🅸🆃:b:🆁🅸🅽🅶🅴🅽 ◈ ══ -Ein Headset -Nettes Verhalten gegenüber euren Kollegen -ein wenig Forum Aktivität wäre schön( -Sinn für Humor und Sarkasmus
Serveur français pour les amateurs de dramas asiatiques (séries coréennes, chinoises, japonaises,...) Venez avec votre plaid et votre thé pour en discuter ou tout simplement pour découvrir cet univers !
Official Public Discord server for INTJ's. Freedom of speech along with discussion/debate is encouraged. We have a ton of members and channels are very active. Freedom of speech is fostered, and discussion/debate is encouraged.
Discord's #1 Hip-Hop Server | Pusha T is in here! | 30,000+ | Created by Kim#9999
BITCH YOU GUESS IT , ITS THE ANTI CREATIVE MINDS. Join you bitch Have a good time.
We are a community of fish loving people, whether you are a beginner or an expert we have a place for you here!
Come and join the Creative Corner server! We are an art server that is growing to fit people's needs. There are many places to share your work, have conversations about creative mediums, and promote your social media with others! You can even host your own events if you so, please. Just ask me if you want to set up one! -=+Features+=- High Moderation and Strong Antiraid Bot Events/Contests Based on Your Opinions Memes Galore Including a me_irl Bot Self Promotion Section for Your Social Media Art Livestreams From Me and Members Suggestion Channel to Suggest Any Changes to The Server Writing Corner for Any Writers Out There Art Sharing and Critique Sections to Talk About and Share Art Partnerships Minecraft Server -=+=-
Aquarium Community is an international server open to all. We welcome anyone who has a passion for fish keeping & aquariums. This is a server for all things related to fish and even semi-aquatic creature keeping. All water parameters are allowed freshwater, saltwater and brackish (Terrariums, paludariums, and vivariums welcome as well). Just no snakes or dry land reptiles please. We are the largest discord server in the hobby with over 1000 members and counting. This is a friendly and judgement free area which we have an admin/mod team which makes sure it stays this way, please feel welcome to join us!
Super Chill Relax Advertising server with only 4 rules! Your more then welcome to join our Gaming/Youtuber/Streamer/ Discord server!!! Including CSGO Stats bot and Fortnite Stats/Shop Bot Open Partnerships! Gaming Stats! Looking For Active Staff Laid back community! Self promotion channel! Fun bots! Server Link:
Features: - Plant channels (for all of you plant parents) - Creative Freedom - Art sharing channels - "Expert" roles, for those who are knowledgable about certain topics - Friendly members We hope we'll get to meet you soon!
Discord's First Food Porn server, here we mainly talk/post about different dishes and cuisine from around the world, chat with chefs and their exquisite dishes, and overall have a grand time with other people. Memes included, so if you like that, you can join too! Everything in this server will be safe for work, anything that is NSFW will be banned.
All things related to Bushcraft - tools, techniques, videos, etc.
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