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A place to share drawings and converse with other artists.
A place to share drawings and converse with other artists.
Bonjour nous vous invitons à visiter notre nouveau serveur. Nous sommes 2 fondatrices qui ont à cœur de créer une communauté féminine pour le moment. Nous seront disponibles à temps plein au commencement afin d'améliorer et d'accroître notre communauté ! Dans notre serveur vous pourrez rencontrer de nouvelles personnes partageant les mêmes centres d'intérêts que vous (art, gaming ...) La limite d'âge est de 14 ans, toutes les personnes plus jeunes ne seront pas acceptées. Toutes les personnes non binaires ou transgenres seront aussi acceptées. Une courte vérification se fera à chaque arrivée . A tout de suite !
Avid gardener? Have a couple of house plants? Wish you had plants but keep killing everything you touch? Join Mad Castle Garden to talk to fellow plant connoisseurs to get advice, show off, or spread your knowledge. Come in and hang out with people who share you interest in caring for plant life!
We like to hang out a butt clench. Not many rules, just chill.
Le café à la crème is kind of like a club. It is for people who like to chill and chat, read, and practice language skills in French or Arabic. You can share your opinions and have a pleasurable time here. I have a website that has more features if you would like to see, go to In the website, I will review a book that I am currently reading, and talk about science and art. The environment That I want on both the website and the discord server is relaxed and laid-back. I if you have any ideas to improve the server (or website) please leave it in the #improvements section. Thank you, and enjoy!
Hey ! Schau doch gerne auf dem BreakTime - Discord vorbei! Da kannst du dich mit anderen unterhalten und Freunde kennenlernen. und vieles mehr.. Server: Deutsch Jeder ist herzlich willkommen bei uns & wir wünschen dir viel Spaß. :heart: Wir bitten dich auf unseren Server-Regeln acht zu geben!
Bird server with 250+ members also with off-topic chats and chats for other animals. We have a lot of knowledgeable admins and people in the server as well as self assignable roles for bird owners, bird watches or just general bird fans. Feel free to join and see for yourself!
Welcome to My Aquarium. An international server for open to all interested in fish and fish keeping. Aquascaping or underwater plant life. Whatever floats your boat we're here to provide you with a friendly and open community to dive right into.
We're a small group looking to expand! We play all sorts of video games and feature a karaoke night every Friday. The people in this server are down to Earth and are excited about meeting and talking to new people. We would love to have you.
A cozy server for (relatively) mature people to hang out and build friendships.
A cozy server for (relatively) mature people to hang out and build friendships.
A Light Place is a social server where you can meet a bunch of new friends!! Join today!!!
JOIN the server must be active have fun be nice if u play fortnite there is a reward waiting to be claimed by u just join and u have it
Return to the early 2000's culture and mindset with our server!
/r/Manchester's official Discord - Manchester's biggest dedicated social community server, featuring a live feed for the /r/Manchester subreddit, subreddit mods and an active gaming group. We do regular #meetups in town and generally chat shite :)
『Innovative Leadership』 »»————- ✼ ————-«« Innovative Leadership is a place where people who have different hobbies come together to share knowledge on what people can make. People are polite and we care about everyone. No racist memes and jokes, you get to vote on things in #mod-chat. »»————- ★ ————-«« We have many interests like Python, Business, Design, Photography, Language, Animation, Coding, Art, Drawing, Music, Personal Development, Software, IT, Marketing and Engineering. »»————- ♡ ————-«« :gem:You get higher roles from being active in chat! :gem:Display your Creation and get featured! :gem:A non mod that reaches a new role first chooses the next one! :gem:Give yourself roles! :gem: @everyone is welcome!
Chill, focused on gaming talk. Fin / Eng
Tu es à la recherche d'une communauté LEGO FR ? N'hésite pas à nous rejoindre pour discuter des dernières sorties, nous présenter tes créations ou tes achats récents !
+ Channels for art, music, world-building, and much more! + Warm, welcoming, friendly, and tight-knit (+pro LGBT)! + Focus on constructive critique! + No writing snobs, toxicity, drama, or hate! + Fair and unbiased moderation! + Writing competitions! + Custom roleplay section! This is a place for writers to chill out and chat about all things writing (and stuff) and to make friends. We are largely focused around helping people improve their writing through constructive criticism. We are professional when we need to be, but normally lax! Everything you need to know about the server can be found within #start-here & #rules. If you've read this far, I hope to see you around!
Dungeons and Dragons, Hangouts, Social Events, and More!
A builders playground to share your latest projects, discuss techniques with others and support beginners on their first project.
A builders playground to share your latest projects, discuss techniques with others and support beginners on their first project.
INK-ubator aspires to be a safe and inclusive home for writers of all skill levels and backgrounds. As a community, we celebrate our diversity and work to help each other improve our skills as both writers and editors and to encourage each other in our efforts to improve our craft and work towards publication. We have an active writing review channel and a lovely community. Our members have seen success in publishing prose and poetry. If you take your writing seriously and want to see real growth, plus hang out with some friendly writers, this is the server for you.
The Book Cryptids is basically a chill place to talk about books. The staff wanted a place where we could talk about books with our fellow book lovers. We are 18+ to prevent any issues and we are also LGBT+ friendly!
Powered by Yggdrasil for excellent commands and a large phone community!
The Grand Dukes Soireé! A new 18+ discord server centered around creating a small community of friends who wants to share their hobbies and passions. We do movie nights, play games, and have VCs! Share you creations or have debates about certain topics with us. Take a gamble and see if you fit in!
A chill, cozy server to just hang out and meet new people! We are currently VERY small. Consider this a social experiment of sorts. We're into all sorts of things! Try us out~ THIS IS NOT RELATED TO COFFEEHOUSE GAMING SORRY
created by kuart
An active and friendly community discord server. We host movie nights, game nights, and daily voice chats, and we keep our server home free of bs and spam. 18+. If you're looking for a new discord family, you've found it! Come say hi!
Um servidor de brasileiros para brasileiros. Socialize, jogue e faça amigos aqui! Entre para nossa comunidade, convide seus amigos!
Welcome to Day in the life! A newly created community where you can discuss topics and make new friends! We welcome everyone, please drop a visit, we don't bite.
A friendly, open furry community that's all about providing quality and quantity. We're the #1 Furry Server on Discord with over 22k users!
A friendly, open furry community that's all about providing quality and quantity. We're the #1 Furry Server on Discord with over 22k users!
Hiya there pardner are you ready for some rip rootin' political discourse and discussion? Then you've come to the right place! We're a brand new political server for discussion of news and ideas with rigorous moderation to make a compatible environment for such.
Do you like the feeling of hanging out with a group of close friends? Just chatting about whatever comes to mind, having a good laugh, or maybe even an in-depth discussion about whatever topic suits your fancy. Well you’ve come to the right place! Glow Gang is the ultimate space to just chill out and talk to friends. Our varied text channels cover all these bases, from wholesome to edgy, and anime to games, we hold everything the average discord user would want, but still while being able to keep the feeling of small, yet thriving, server.
This is the Wholesome Club! We're a friendly, social based server dedicated to creating a safe and happy place for all who join. :D It's strictly SFW and accepting of all people who want to discuss hobbies, their days, share pictures of their pets, and play games together.
An area for people of all kinds to gather around and play any game and still be welcome in.
Do you love reading but don’t have anyone to talk to about the fantastic book you just finished? Come join us in Between the Lines; we’re always looking for friendly, active members to share our love of books with! We have two books of the month every month (Young Adult, Adult) with the monthly books fitting Popsugars 2019 challenge. Books are always voted on by our members so that everyone gets a say in what we read. We also have several channels for the discussion of other topics, such as games and meme-ing, but mostly we’re all here for our love of books and we’d love to see you come join our discussions!
Wir sind ein deutscher Multigaming Clan, Die mit aktiven Membern und langjähriger Erfahrung in einer breiten Palette an Spielen vertreten ist. Wir suchen für unsere Abteilungen CS:GO,LoL,Escape from Tarkov,Squad und natürlich auch in andere Games ständig nach neuen Mitgliedern um unsere Squads weiter auszubauen. Besucher und Interessenten sind bei uns immer willkommen!
Our server is a media hub where we talk about all sorts of media and topics, it's a friendly place and it's really chill! Come join and talk about the things you love, freely express yourself without any toxic people around!
Are you looking for a chill server where you can discuss almost any topic? well you've reached it!
Welcome to The Anime Café! A server where people from all around the world come together to discuss anime. 300 emojis for you to use and enjoy. Three custom made bots for you to use. Come join our fast growing community!
This server is intended to be a mix of blogs, news articles, pictures, and discussions of action figures. We also welcome any toys related discussion!
-Daily Giveaways - Invite Rewards -Account Trading/Selling/Buying -Trusted Sellers and Trusted Middlemen -Scammer get banned
Are you a real music lover or do you create your own music? Join us now!
Netter deutscher Discordserver für Fortnite, GTA Online, Rainbow6Siege, Minecraft und vieles mehr. Wir sind momentan ein noch relativ kleiner Server, was dazu führt, dass jeder seine Ideen einbringen kann. Wir haben allerdings einige sehr aktive Mitglieder. Es gibt 2 Musikbots die jeder bedienen kann, wobei bei bedarf natürlich weitere hinzugefügt werden.
Handmade beaded items and more!
Тихий чатик для ценителей аниме, манги, ранобэ и вот этого всего. Не сервер для знакомств. Спасибо за внимание.
Interested in talking about Sci-fi movies, books, games, and/or comics? Sci-fi Redux is the place for you.
Join the Black Order and serve our almighty Thanos. No, but seriously if you’re looking for a server that’s cool, chill, and accepting then come join us. We have: -a venting channel to let all your feelings out -a hobbies category -a gaming channel -karaoke and many more!
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