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If you’re looking for (a): - calm and chill server - way to get your music out - people to talk about gaming with - a place to post memes - roles - giveaways (yes free cash) - anime come be cozy.
If you’re looking for (a): - calm and chill server - way to get your music out - people to talk about gaming with - a place to post memes - roles - giveaways (yes free cash) - anime come be cozy.
Minecraft server with loads of unique mods not featured in any other minecraft modpacks
This is an investment server where you invest with paypal or amazon gift card and you get return 2x the amount you invest. You don't have to stress yourself,we are going to do all the work for you.
$1DSP is a server with over 1300 members trading together and winning together every single day. Day Trades. Swings. Options. Overnight. All levels of traders. NOOBS are welcome here. 1 on 1 coaching available. Take control of your future.
Best and most profitable Bitcoin mining network
Discuss and get advice from other others about crypto, stocks, options, and futures! Show off some of your charts! Pretty much do anything trading related, as well as brag about your calls!
A fortnite marketplace comunity RO/EN
Forntite Account community! trusted owner and well known seller :)
Free Fortnite Skins and Money is amazing! All we ask for you to do is invite your friends.
Welcome! this server is currently being unexpected made, but i made it for a reason! HERE we ALL need to follow the rules once they join!
What is OpenNDA OpenNDA is an non-profit organization to bring people together and collaborate on ideas, and inventions for the better of mankind. Allowing a place with free of mind knowing no one will take your ideas for themselves. Here Entrepreneurs & Inventors as well as Investors come seeking a better way to enhance our lives while you get to make your own terms, and keep sole ownership, unless you decide to sell. What do we offer A one stop shop for your ideas to begin into an actual prototype. We offer you the peace of mind knowing everyone who uses are services are bound by a NDA both parties already accepted. We offer the tools, and services to CAD Design all the way up to Prototype, or just let your ideas become one of many collaborations and have a team!
bitcoin to the moon!
Cryptocurrency/Trading fan? Or perhaps a miner who is looking for fellow miners? Then this server is made for you! We are a growing team of professional traders with a high accuracy rate when it comes to predicting Bit/Altcoins future value, we even have bots to make it easier for you to find actual news/prices/reddit threads. Join us! You'll definitely learn a thing or two whilst being able to earn with us. We even have a telegram and a site, and it's free! So why miss out?
The best discord for all your trading needs. We provide a free and secure middleman system, a solid reputation system as well as a fully fledged scammer list of traders to avoid.
Hello, we are Forged a service-team which aspires and innovates creativity, we do the hard-work and leave the rest on you!
Large Mall, Many Activities, Your Voice
- Des hébergement web à vie - Un support sympa et a l'écoute. - Des giveaway - Des aide pour configurer les serveur de jeux - Service de bot Discord création et hébergement - Et bien plus encore ... Partenariat : [ON] Staff : [OFF] Website : N'attend plus et rejoins nous ==>
We are a brand new gambling site in the Roblox Community. We currently offer the game mode "Jackpot" for gambling. Come join us! You must be at least 18+ to gamble here.
Hello! I am selling super cheap recoveries, that are nowhere else. I am online most of the time. I do not scam and just so you can trust me, i can screenshare the process on discord. If you get banned, i WILL give you a new account.
Instagram System: 1 invite = 10 followers 5 invites = 50 followers (within 5min) (+50 extra followers special deal ending June 16) 10 invites = 100 followers (within 30 min) 50 invites = 250 followers (within 12 hours) 100+ invites = 1000 followers (Within 3 days)
Up Digital Currency (UPDC) is designed to increase in value over time. It features a built in mechanism of burning tokens at the point of transaction. The more transactions that take place around the world the faster circulation of UPDC tokens will decrease over time.
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