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do you like musicals? do you like roleplaying musical characters in highschool? if so, this is the server for you! in here, we accept all musical characters! there are plenty of channels to roleplay in, and even a group chat for the characters!! now, onto some special features!!! - helpful moderators - a friendly community - role and color requests - clubs for your characters to join (plus the option to make your own) - two characters per person - much more!
Requests and such like that, basically for fun. There is nsfw channels! Use channels for respected topic, thank you!
🔥🌈JOIN MY FICTKINNIE DISCORD SERVER!🌈🔥 I made a discord / kincord server centering around kinning! Although, it doubles as a chill chat to talk and make friends! Fiction kin from ANY media are allowed-- especially Danganronpa, Sonic the Hedgehog, Love Live!, Bandori, Pokemon, Persona, Hatoful Boyfriend ! It’s a 13+ server, and double friendly! Most of us don't take kinning extremely seriously meaning theres no "kin memories" chats or anything of the sort.
Hi! We are a brand new community hoping to meet new people. Feel free to come join us and help our community grow. We have the one and only Mudae waifu bot. ;) Anyways, we are also here if you need to vent or anything else!
Catgirl Emporium started out as a safe space for trans people after a server many of us were in became increasingly hostile towards trans people. Now it is a busy server for all kinds of LGBTQ+ people and allies to make friends and discuss whatever topics they like! The server is 18+ simply to keep the diussion between adults, and the server is not orientated towards NSFW in 90% of the channels. We can't wait to see you there!
This is just a place to chill and talk about RWBY (currently looking for admins atm)
the jerl discord server is a space for jerl and friends to hang out and chill :)
dick ass penis lol XD
Hello ! je t'invite a rejoindre notre discord pour les femmes faisant partie de la communauté LGBT+ - Un serveur réunissant uniquement les femmes (lesbienne / bi / pansexuelle / asexuelle / transexuelle etc... ) qui souhaite faire des rencontre que ce soit amitié ou + ^^ - Avec de nombreux salons vocaux et textuels ! - Pour tout les âges ! si jamais l'envie te viens, tu es la bienvenue ! ;)
THIS SERVER IS CURRENTLY WIP!! IF YOU WANT TO GIVE ME MOTIVATION INTO THIS PROJECT CONSIDER JOINING! Feature (and upcoming) - Memes - Fun stuff - Nsfw stuff - Self-assignable roles - Leveling roles - Art channels - Gaming channels (coming soon) - Proper voice chat stuff (coming soon) - Polls (coming soon) - Animal roles (wip)
A work in progress server
Hi welcome to helpless souls. Where depression meets fun. This is a friendly server for anyone. So come and join the fun will you.
Ughmmm... LGBT+ Server for everyone to join. Server is NOT sex focused, so thereforce isn't 18+. Server is 15+, but NSFW channels are there, too. We have Pokémon so join ^^'
There aren't any xenogender focused Discord servers that I've seen, so welcome to the first! Trolls, don't even try, you'll be blocked immediately. This was originally supposed to be a duel Pixar fanclub-Xenogender club, but I could find anyone who cares enough about the first part so whatever.
This is a LGBTQ+ gamer discord! We're a safe space for people to make friends and meet new people to game with! Our discord has things like self-assignable roles, fun bots, server-wide bimonthly events, and other channels to talk about tv, movies, and comic books too!
Codykins214 Twitch
Loving community of LGBTQIA+ folk who enjoy all things nerdy.
Боль, страдания, ЛГБТ и игра в "Голодные игры".
o antro com o maior número de desgracados, possuindo os mais perigosos.
13+ Server for the cool kids, meet new people, have fun, date and talk, Chill with people, do what ever you want!
Join a league of legends support discord channel Make new friends and be yourself LGTBQ+ Friendly :)
A chill place where LGBTQ+ (and allies) people can hangout and talk. There are chats like anime, art, support, or you can just rant. It's called Safe Haven because you should feel safe. Anyone who spams or is rude in any way will be either kicked or muted depending on how serious the offense is.
Join our SCP server for EPIC GAMER TIME!
Lgbt birey ve destekçilerinin birlikte oyunlar oynayıp,sohbetler etmesi için kurulmuştur.
lulus can come
A server for all Starbomb fans. Keep in mind this is not an official server but we welcome everyone. This server is a safe place for people from all different cultures and backgrounds. Join and have fun!
Cool place to just chill and talk
An inclusive and intentional league of legends community.
Just a random new server where you can -Mess with OwO Bot -Spam -Number Count -Memes AND MORE! (Lowkey just join I'm lonely and bored)
Just a random new server where you can -Mess with OwO Bot -Spam -Number Count -Memes AND MORE! (Lowkey just join I'm lonely and bored)
Welcome to LGBTChat, a server for everyone to come chat and make friends! Use this link to invite friends: Bots: We run 3 main bots on this server: @MEE6 @Rythm and @Rythm 2 Mee6: We use this bot for levelling and moderation type !help Rythm: We use this bot music type >help Rythm2: We use this bot music type >>help exact same as above, this allows for two music channels Role Progression: Member: Level 5 Regular: Level 15 Veteran: Level 25 Elder: Level 40 Custom Colours: To set your colour type colour = <name> e.g. colour = blue A list of colours can be found by typing colour list Minecraft: We now have a Minecraft server. You can join with the IP: The server is purely survival at the moment however, we may add games soon!
A friendly and welcoming server for nonbinary and transgender people!
Official Discord for Seattle Gaymers!
Server Brasileiro Galaxy World!
السيرفر العربي الاول للمثلين و المثلليات و العابرين دردشة , ثقافة , اخبار, ازياء الحب هو الحب ♥
We're an LGBT gaming server that actually focuses on gaming. And dicks. Lots and lots of dicks.
A scanlation group doing all sorts of manga!
Set in the 1700s where the map is being filled in and piracy is at its peak, underwater beasts have started to surface and make their way into the history books...
Een gezellige server waar nederlandse homo jongens samen kunnen kletsen, chillen en gamen. (14+)
This is a wonderful server made of differnt and you also get to buy a script/gui called mally's hub.
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