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Join our fun small community server for users who are 18+ years old only!
Join our fun small community server for users who are 18+ years old only!
An 18+ community/gaming server where we do not spam the @everyone and @here. No clutter channels. A friendly and welcoming community just waiting for you!
Join our fun small community server for users who are 18+ years old only!
Pokemon, Furry, Avian Roleplay ✤ Art Gallery ✤ Character Bios ✤ Philosophy ✤ Have Fun!
🎀 Join our Cute Cult! 🎀 A brand new and growing 18+ social server for those who love everything cute, encouraging self-love, positivity, friendships, and connections, while also being kink-friendly and sex positive! Taking a minimalistic approach, we have channels for chatting, gaming, aesthetics, and more! Nothing but a radiant light of positivity, sweet people, and cute vibes! 🎀Minecraft Server 🎀Level by Chatting, Color Roles 🎀Fun and Active chats/VC 🎀Amazing Emotes and Bots 🎀Friendly Members and Community 🎀Birthday Role/Channel 🎀Events 🎀Special Rewards and Giveaways!
18+ mentally | Small tight-knit community | Custom roles and channels | Weekly server events | Regular VC
Single's Café is oriented towards everyone. It is PG-13 (user discretion is advised) except in the 18+ Verified category, it's features anime sections, artwork sections, nude sections, and is a platform for chatting, dating, and gaming.
Luscious Sweeties is a civil, happy, friendly & perverted community where you can meet new friends, share porn and enjoy your time! We have lots of channels you can browse through, there's something for almost everyone.
Welcome to Antidote 18+ A fast growing gaming community based around making lasting friends and playing (competitive) games together! As well as other fun activities We are welcoming and always looking for more friends, nothing wrong with having a variety of people. ↡We also offer some other cool stuff!↡ ➵ INVITE SYSTEM (EARN NITRO) ➵ Self Promotion ➵ Economy based shop ➵ Custom made bot! ➵ Educated Debates ➵ Trivia ➵ Pokécord ➵ Events & Raffles ➵ NSFW for you freaky ones ⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆✦⋆
🔥 سيرفر في مصر #1 - 1200+ مستخدم 🥰 🔞 سيرفر مصري - معدل الأعمار ازيد من 20 سنه احنا هنا كلنا صحاب في بعض فا ياريت تبقي انت كمان صاحبنا 🤗 JOIN NOW 🥺
An 18+ community/gaming server where we do not spam the @everyone and @here. No clutter channels. A friendly and welcoming community just waiting for you!
An 18+ community/gaming server where we do not spam the @everyone and @here. No clutter channels. A friendly and welcoming community just waiting for you!
The NSFW Paradise is a NSFW based discord we are here to let people pleasure them themselves or just talk in the chat channel. We are still growing currently we have 1000+ members. Hopefully we will hit our goal to get 2.000 Members Nudes , gifs , straight , bisexual , gay , fetish , hentai , rule34 , food porn ,
♡ memes - toxic friendly ♡ egirls - eboys ♡ 1800 members !! ♡ active community - fast growing
Dracula the bloodthirsty vampire is presumed dead but tensions between the monster and humans are rising and are on the brink of another war. Will you side with the religious humans to fight the creatures of the night or will you become a monster and put fear into the heart of man throughout the world. This server is a Dark fantasy world set with unique lore, filled with humans in fear of monsters and beasts, while monsters and beasts are trying their best to survive. In this server we offer: -many races to choose from for example: Vampire's, werewolves, Witches and more. -Dedicated staff members who are willing to help in anyway possible -Many roleplay channels to roleplay at your hearts content. -we have different groups in store! You could be in a pack or a lone wolf, Be a vampire and you can be in a group with them or a rogue one at that -We accept all kinds of people from experienced role players to beginners We are a small but growing server and we can
come and have some fun, we accept bronies, pegasisters, and furries <3 we do have a couple channels for nsfw content there is some swearing in the sfw but not a whole lot
18+ The biggest and first Cannabis/Weed server on Discord! Canadian MoM Discord + home of the Chronic CAST Livestream!
Close knit weeb community. 20+ - Not a baby sitting zone.
Welcome to our [DoD] Gaming Community Discord server! We are a Certifed Military/Civilian Gaming Community.We Support the USO & VA. We Orginated from PC Delta Force Series in 1998. We are cross platform PC,XBox,PS. COME JOIN A COMMUNITY WITH A PURPOSE!
**‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙✢ Welcome to Blackthorn Inn ✢˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙‧̍̊** Here, you can access a community of witches on Discord that get together to share their knowledge, experiences, and make connections. We are a laid-back and accepting group of individuals that have passion for the occult. If you are new to witchcraft, are not a witch but interested in the occult, or a practicing witch looking for like-minded people then this server was made for you!
Lunarium is a brand new Discord server dedicated to non-snowflakes and mostly mature conversation. We have simple rules, General Chat, Music, NSFW, Memes, Gaming, Shit Talking channels, and 1 on 1 voice/party chats for you and your egirls/eboys. (If you're easily offended, this isn't the server for you)
Welcome to Blood Rising. A literate, dark fantasy roleplay server set in Victorian London. We are an open community that not only focuses on the writing, but the server community. We have staff working to make sure everyone feels welcomed and able to meet new people!
Small server for niche subcultures. Little censorship. Adult demographic. Share your own arts and media.
Welcome, enjoy your stay
We are aiming to provide a safe haven for 25+ age group of Discord where you can discuss whatever comes to your mind and partake in conversations with people closer to your age.
hello and welcome to solstice! we are a social community server focused on users that are 18+. our goal is to create a friendly and comfortable space for adult discord users. we have many perks, such as: bots, self-assignable roles, rank-up roles, hard-working staff, and friendly users! we hope to see you here in solstice very soon!
This is a roleplay server that takes place in the depths of hell. You remember who you were when you were alive, and you know why you died. There's no fire or torture, its just people partying and having a blast at bars and clubs. There's even a spa and a pool. Its lively, generally happy, and a place to forget about your sins. But the Devil is still there, watching over you, and god forbid you do something to upset him. Make friends, grab a drink or two, kiss a few people, rule the night, but be careful. You never know what the Devil has in store.
Whether you're a Single Pringle, Taken or just looking to make some friends, we welcome all at 18+ Single and Friends! Join us in this (Dating/Relationship Oriented) Server where you can participate in the interest rooms (anime, game, music, etc.), talk in general or show off your photography skills!~ There are rooms for every continent and a variety of interests. Roles make it possible to instantly see a member's: Gender, Age Range, Orientation, Continent, and Interests (if they have given themselves said roles) The server is for those 18+ and features a high-tier verification system to keep the bots and catfish at bay. Please join us sometime~
Welcome Adventurer to the World of Áedán; the world is in turmoil and the nations are rumbling with anticipation for the new war. Great evils are beginning to sprout around the world; the undead marching from the north-west. We need you to protect the people and save the world.... or doom it. -Levels that go up as you roleplay and be active; giving you more freedom to roleplay. -D&D Character in-discord or Roll20, with option to just be a roleplay character with no D&D stats or character sheet. -Parties for those who wish to do normal D&D. -Player Controlled Factions that create events and war with each other over supremacy of their land. -Public Voting and Suggestions for input of the mass. -Custom Lore and World to play in. In addition the server is brand new, and waiting for those who think they can survive the deadly lands of the Danthic Jungle or the northern continent of Canar. As a note; we claim no ownership over the banner, the ownership is Wizards of the Coasts.
This is a lighthearted, but heavy at times chat discord for people with Bipolar Disorder and BPD.
A gamers discord from a twitch channel
Don't join if you subbed to t-series. We're a meme server looking for new members, we have channels for wholesome edgy, and Just normal ones. We have a lobby where you can Just talk and only the best emojis. Come Join! You won't regret it
We fight against them, we will win. Every one of them reported and defeated counts. And who is them? The Predators, online Predators. Join us, you can either help us or either report that you are a target. Stay safe, crew.
A personal stash of 100 bizarre and unsettling emotes that I maintain. Links to my pepe, thinking and anime emote servers. Keywords: emotes, emojis, emote, emoticons, terrible, creepy, disturbing, awful, meme, cancer, bad, cancer
bon serv cool a joué
We are a small server on discord and soon a group on roblox, we need pople to join and we also have emergency services for the server such as FBI, SWAT, NYPD, NYH and NYFB to apply for any of those you will need to message the owner.
Our community and clan is welcoming and accepting of everyone, and to make sure we maintain that environment in our discord, we expect these rules to be followed at all times. 1) There will be no disrespect of any members of this community in any way, shape, or form. Treat others as you would like to be treated. 2) Make sure your nickname and avatar is not offensive. 3) Use the appropriate voice/text channel. Server's language is English. 4) No disruptive behavior. Spamming the chat will have consequences 5) Listen to and respect JAG Clan members, leadership or not 6) Promotion of other communities is forbidden on this server. 7) Self-promotion is ok,we got a twitch channel where you can drop your link, however u need at least a guest rank and need to be a verified streamer in the discord #twitchers 8) No discussion of exploits or hacks, do not post explaining an exploit or hack method! 9) Do not abuse or misuse the Moderator or Admin tags.
:tickets:️ Je vais vous présenter la serveur Top Shop :tickets:️ :one: -> Le serveur change de Logo en fonction des propositions des membres du Discord il suffit de proposer un Logo en Rapport avec le précédent et il sera accepté ! :two: -> Le serveur a un système de giveway, tous les mercredis, vendredi et dimanche soir a 18h vous aurez un giveway ! Les giveaway dur 6 heures ! :three: -> Il y a aussi un système pour les invitations reward! Vous pouvez gagner des nitro, compte Netflix, Spotify, Uplay, Fornite ect... :four: -> Le serveur propose aussi des évènements régulier (évent). Nous recherchons des animateurs avec des idées pour faire des évènements ! Donc poser vos candidature en privé ! :five: -> Il y a aussi des shop sur le serveur le premier shop et gratuit donc dépêcher de demander votre shop au Fondateur. :balloon:Merci D'avoir Lus Bonne Continuation Cordialement L'Équipe D'Administration:balloon:
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