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There was a server - to bring together a group of amazing people, to see if we could become something more, so we could be there for those who need it the most.
A semi-private no-bullshit 18+ only furry community without drama, kids, or gimmicks. We've been around for a decade. Join us and see why.
18+ ONLY. A fun community server for users who just wants to chill. We have catfishing proof for selfies, music bots, casino, level ups, and more.
18+ mentally | Small tight-knit community | Custom roles and channels | Weekly server events | Regular VC
Friendly community ✅ Very active ✅
GAEA is a Greek-themed gaming community based from South East Asia. We offer a variety of text channels according to your interests, self-assignable roles and giveaways rewarded to users who chat actively.
The NSFW Paradise is a NSFW based discord we are here to let people pleasure them themselves or just talk in the chat channel. We are still growing currently we have 1000+ members. Hopefully we will hit our goal to get 2.000 Members Nudes , gifs , straight , bisexual , gay , fetish , hentai , rule34 , food porn ,
new server join us and help use grow ! <3
18+ ONLY! A server for people who can take banters, jokes, and doesn't get triggered. I don't wanna bore you but we pretty much have everything other server offer like "casino, color roles, music bots" blah blah blah, you get the point. See you there : )
We have a very good understanding on reality and how the universe works. We're open to sharing our knowledge with others, as long as they're respectful and don't cause any issues. We have knowledge on the spirits, paranormal events, magick, energy, psychic phenomenon, and more. If this is interesting to you, feel free to join.
Welcome to Mental Sanctuary This server is for people that need a place to feel safe and have some guidance on what they are going through, we are also about not judging people. We are not trained professionals but will try to help the best we can. - safe place to talk - support - make friends - relaxation We will listen and try to help :)
Lewd + Explicit 18+ my little pony / brony Server. We also have rooms for both Furry / Yiff NSFW and Anime / Hentai NSFW and also rooms for both safe and explicit roleplay
༺═──────────────═༻ Pixie Haven is a 15+ Cg/l & Agere server. It is 100% Sfw. Pixie Haven has: ۵ 30+ Fun and cute text channels, including general chats , headspace, locked, and school. ۵ 5+ Vc Chats for Conversations, music, Sleeping, 1on1s, Afks, events, gaming, streaming, and small groups of 5 or 3 ۵ 15+ Fun Bots like idleRPG, Senpai, Mudae, Bongo, kawaiibot, Koya, Neko, Owo and more! ۵ 100+ Self assignable roles, we have roles that you can bye with the money bot too :3 ۵ Surprisingly Active vc chats (: for all you vc lovers. ۵ Non-Toxic environment Everyone is extremely nice. ღLinkღ ♡We Do Partnerships With Anyone♡ ༺═──────────────═༻
A conglomerate of chill men and women. The rules are pretty loose and there's a lot of banter. Not recommended for easily offended individuals.
هذا السيرفر للمصريين فقط **This Server is for Egyptians ONLY ** تم عمل السيرفر للحصول علي افضل امكانيات الديسكورد و في نفس الوقت لم يتم تواجد سيرفر مصري مساوي لكفائه السيرفرات الأجنبيه لذلك تم عمل هذا السيرفر للمصريين ~~**no foreigners are allowed**~~ we not being racist we simply speak Arabic most of the times, if you can speak Arabic then you are more than welcome :)
One Of The Fastest Growing Communities Out There. ★ 27k+ Members ★ Active Chat And VC ★ TONS OF NITRO GIVEAWAYS ★ Fun Events For Prizes ★ Welcoming Community
18+ The biggest and first Cannabis/Weed server on Discord! Canadian MoM Discord + home of the Chronic CAST Livestream!
Welcome to our [DoD] Gaming Community Discord server! We are a Certifed Military Gaming Community that allows civilians in by our Reg,Background and Application Process.We Support the USO & VA. We Orginated from PC Delta Force Series in 1998. We are cross platform PC,XBox,PS. COME JOIN A COMMUNITY WITH A PURPOSE!
A gamers discord from a twitch channel
Don't join if you subbed to t-series. We're a meme server looking for new members, we have channels for wholesome edgy, and Just normal ones. We have a lobby where you can Just talk and only the best emojis. Come Join! You won't regret it
We fight against them, we will win. Every one of them reported and defeated counts. And who is them? The Predators, online Predators. Join us, you can either help us or either report that you are a target. Stay safe, crew.
A personal stash of 100 bizarre and unsettling emotes that I maintain. Links to my pepe, thinking and anime emote servers. Keywords: emotes, emojis, emote, emoticons, terrible, creepy, disturbing, awful, meme, cancer, bad, cancer
bon serv cool a joué
We are a small server on discord and soon a group on roblox, we need pople to join and we also have emergency services for the server such as FBI, SWAT, NYPD, NYH and NYFB to apply for any of those you will need to message the owner.
Our community and clan is welcoming and accepting of everyone, and to make sure we maintain that environment in our discord, we expect these rules to be followed at all times. 1) There will be no disrespect of any members of this community in any way, shape, or form. Treat others as you would like to be treated. 2) Make sure your nickname and avatar is not offensive. 3) Use the appropriate voice/text channel. Server's language is English. 4) No disruptive behavior. Spamming the chat will have consequences 5) Listen to and respect JAG Clan members, leadership or not 6) Promotion of other communities is forbidden on this server. 7) Self-promotion is ok,we got a twitch channel where you can drop your link, however u need at least a guest rank and need to be a verified streamer in the discord #twitchers 8) No discussion of exploits or hacks, do not post explaining an exploit or hack method! 9) Do not abuse or misuse the Moderator or Admin tags.
:tickets:️ Je vais vous présenter la serveur Top Shop :tickets:️ :one: -> Le serveur change de Logo en fonction des propositions des membres du Discord il suffit de proposer un Logo en Rapport avec le précédent et il sera accepté ! :two: -> Le serveur a un système de giveway, tous les mercredis, vendredi et dimanche soir a 18h vous aurez un giveway ! Les giveaway dur 6 heures ! :three: -> Il y a aussi un système pour les invitations reward! Vous pouvez gagner des nitro, compte Netflix, Spotify, Uplay, Fornite ect... :four: -> Le serveur propose aussi des évènements régulier (évent). Nous recherchons des animateurs avec des idées pour faire des évènements ! Donc poser vos candidature en privé ! :five: -> Il y a aussi des shop sur le serveur le premier shop et gratuit donc dépêcher de demander votre shop au Fondateur. :balloon:Merci D'avoir Lus Bonne Continuation Cordialement L'Équipe D'Administration:balloon:
SO the 32nd Attack Battalion Used to be an roleplay server but adopted more rules to be fun and normal Has: Voice Chats for music and talk Events with prizes here and there. One nsfw chat. and a chill community. (Offline mainly)
Reward Central is a legit reward server!
Clan of like minded gamers, largely EVE vets, that play other stuff now. Older crowd, 21+, relaxed atmosphere.
Youtube Discord
Become a part of MBT esports organisation, play with us, and prepare to curse some bulgarian gypsies :)
Serveur FiveM Communautaire mature francophone !
Roleplay server
It all started from 3 friends moving from steam chat to something more accessible and easy to use for group coordination. Now it serves as a small gaming hub for anyone who wants to use it. Trying to de-deadify the server.
My very own fan server of Doki Doki Literature Club! Discuss about the game and find new people to hang out with! Also this server has both an English and a French section so don't hesitate to join if you wish to learn either language!
Bonjour! Ce serveur à pour but de rassembler les fans de filles qui portent des lunettes (ou meganekko en japonais). On est aussi sur le thème du manga en général avec des salons de posts d'images et de discussions.
Hello, My name is BabyStopmer, And i hope you have a really fun time here in my lovely server, the Hentai earth! Some of the cool things we have here in my server are: Friendly members and staff NSFW chat NSFW Image channels! Open for partnerships! Fun Bots! Leveling System! Premium section~ I hope you have a fun stay~
TBOF was created to give adult clashers a place to clash, socialize, learn, and grow together. We have built this community to have a nurturing environment where everyone is encouraged to work together and do their best. We have clans for farmers, warriors, veterans, and newbies. Everyone is accepted and respected. TBOF is a place to go to escape the stresses of everyday life. Come hang out with us, have a laugh, chill, and clash on.
A test ig
╔═══ ღ ══╗ Welcome to 🌜Duskia🌛 ✧・゚: ✧・゚:・゚✧:・゚✧✧・゚: ✧ «─── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ───» 🌜 Duskia 🌛 is a place where people who have different hobbies come together to share knowledge on what people can make. People are polite and we care about everyone. »»————- ★ ————-«« We have many interests like Business, Design, Photography, Animation, Art, Drawing, Music. »»————- ♡ ————-«« 💎 Everyone is welcome! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🍻 Active • Friendly • Non-toxic community • Auto Art • 24/7 🎚 Level Rebirth System • Level Ranking System • Self assignable roles 🤖 Fun, useful Bots • Music Bots 💬 Media • Movies & Series • Technology • And more 🎉 Regular events• Regular polls 🛒 Advertising Channels ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Give it a try and join us, you may even like it there! 😉
Serveur Discord pour joueur de LOL SOLO/DUO FLEX
Communauté du serveur MORDHAU Ol'Dirty Bards
Welcome to Twilight, a general korean/kpop related server. Offering: - Giveaways - A nice and active community - Karaoke - Movie nights - Useful and experienced staff
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