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yeet yo ass here
This server is centered around memes and my Youtube Channel. (Listed down below, if you're interested. I'm not gonna force ya to subscribe if you don't want to.) So if you are a Memester, an Anti-Furry or, sadly, a Furry... Welcome. But if you are a Furry, I can't exactly tell you of your chances on the server, just saying. Youtube Channel:
A meme server with a lot of special people! Everyone is welcome! We also have 5 global emotes you can use anywhere on Discord!
Welcome to Forever Together! We welcome you with open arms! We have many things you can do, such as; -Self roles -Post memes -Post selfies -Being lewd ;)))) -Making new friends -Dating We do NOT tolerate racial slurs, or homophobia! Come join us and make new friends, and maybe even more! We can guarantee our owners are friendly, and responsible! Thank you! We hope to see you soon!
Memes we all like them right? In this server you can! Loads of memes Active mostly! Come and join to make it more active with tons of fun!
Epic server for epic people i honestly dont know what to put for here so just join lol -----what we have----- *a very toxic community *epic gaming oopa gangnam style moments *a minecraft server (really awesome :cool emoji:) *yeah
Welcome to Pewdie & Cutie’s Discord server, where all fans come together as a community! Our discord server consists of many diverse people from all over the world and in all ages. So, if you are a fan, open-minded and willing to follow the rules and guidelines of the server, join us today!
Test server for generaleoley's bots!
Đây là nơi để anh em giao lưu
anime server for tai wan and hong kong ... etc
Mnoho her na jednom místě? To je právě na tomhle serveru! Dota 2 Drakensang Fortnite Hearthstone League of Legends Overwatch PUBG Tabletop Simulator Team Fortress 2 Terraria StarCraft Warcraft WoW Apex Legends
Welcome to the Red n' Blue Squad! Here we talk about memes and general stuff, even do comedy! YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, roblox links are ok. But other links will get you BANNED. So do not do that. I also have a alt account. FoxGamez. Alright were done talking for now. But I gotta say more rules. Only swear on the "Swearing allowed general" tab and voice chat, And do not swear on the "general" tab and voice chat. Thank you.
FarssiRust on #farssi organisaation Rust palvelin. Tervetuloa! FarssiRust is #farssi organization's Rust server. Wecome!
Server BR de jogos, memes e etc. temos vários chats de jogo e de conversa para cada tipo de interesse temos VIP que pode ser adquirido gratuitamente participando do servidor, leia as regras antes de fazer bosta.
Welcome to papper's hangout! We don't care who you are, we just want to bring happiness to the world! Well, we do fail terribly sometimes, but whatever! If something bothers you, be sure to tell the owner papperboy3498#4598!
Rant, talking about shit, political shit, just please don’t get offended. Willing to meet new people.
A fun and chill place for friends. Selfies, memes and mbti assignable roles
Lounge, a dating/social Discord with active chats, discussions and NSFW channels. Giveaway at 100 members and more to come.
All about Fortnite! We're recruiting guards and admins for my server. Many channels included.
this name is ironic just join if u like shitposting or sumn
The name is arbitrary. In this server, you can hang out, talk about whatever you want (as long as it’s SFW), usually cartoons or video games, or post memes. Have a nice day!
A very fun server where you can meet new people, have fun with bots, and even make new friends owo! We have an extraordinary amount of emotes! Join 2,500+ Members today!
Every MBTI server has a meme section, WE ARE THE MEME SECTION. btw this is a work in progress, so If you want to be part of a new group and the making of the great MBTI meme empire on Discord, Get In boio.
join 4 a goth gf or hacker bf heheh
um...............join if you wanna play and listen music ok
pepe emotes for nitro
Fun server for game enthusiasts, tech wizards, and meme lord's.
Comunidad argentina de gaming y de memes.
pretty much in the title
We do raids in Eletric state dark rp
We're lonely and need friends to play minecraft with Plz help us
We're lonely and need friends to play minecraft with Plz help us
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Bine ai venit! Atat ce vrei sa-ti mai zic?
This server is a countryball roleplay server. - You can choose you nation and argue with other nations. - Mapgames every month!
This is a server for shits and giggles. Ran by Not Actually Canadian.
Don't join if you subbed to t-series. We're a meme server looking for new members, we have channels for wholesome edgy, and Just normal ones. We have a lobby where you can Just talk and only the best emojis. Come Join! You won't regret it
I just made this but I’m hooding things will grow
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