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A Modern Military Group of ROBLOX. Come have fun with everyone as a community with raids, training and game nights! The discord server is filled with fun bots, channels and entertaining events.
Hi, this is a right wing server, we accept all people from the right but except for alt right people, we also accept left wing people as well. If you want to come and talk politics you may do so. This is the last place if you want to experience true freedom, true rights, and a true america, and this is the place to come!
Salute comrades! Join the Battalion of National Socialists or Red and Anarchists as well as being Metalheads or Punkheads! We welcome others of different beliefs as well. We discuss about politics, music, histories and gaming. The armies are always open to recruit new soldiers!
Battle Field Veterans is an online community comprised of gamers, graphic designers, coders, and more! BFV is a place where you can call home. We are a mature community looking to provide the best online gaming experiences! We host Arma 3 Exile and play a plethora of games together as a community! Friendly Staff (Current and X-Military) Active Members Thousands of Hours in games Experienced Programmers Mature Community Family Friendly Help us grow our community so we can all have someone to play with and enjoy more friendships! Discord: ✌️
We are pretty laid back and chill, well except for all the battles, death, and blood... but other than that we're pretty chill. We welcome you to join... if you dare. You may make new friends, but be cautious in this server... you never know who's actually on your side.
Occupation : Resistance is a Roleplay where China invaded America in 2025 and took over- resulting in the creation of several resistance cells across the nation- the most prominent being in Buffalo, New York.
A discord community that aims to provide a positive, constructive, and welcoming discussion hub for firearms and firearms related subjects.
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Gaming
A Squad based community where we casually play that and other games, we also do weekly events and play in larger multi-clan events.
Prism Dawn is a sci-fi fantasy roleplay server where you can spar with friends, do quests, and hang out! You are an adult who was taken in because you were an identified "powered" child, you have a special ability that can be used in combat. How will you use your abilities? Will you rank up? Will you go rogue? It's up to you!
Civil Air Patrol Squadron 123 Group 6 PA wing. Any CAP members are welcome; this server may be used for group / wing or higher conversations
This For Roblox And the game is being made it will be a while but this RP is awesome if you wanna join a division fill out an aplli or try out.
Good server lmao
TBLS Nation Simulator is a server where you can wage war, make allies, trade, and all sorts!
Коммьюнити по SS13, ArmA 3 и SS13
Taga gelene gif veya pp yapıyoruz
This server is a growing army community family growing little by little recruiting and helping other servers with protection and no matter how many times we fail we will learn from them and use weaknesses as strength to win against raids and wars.
A server about (mainly rightist) but all kinds of politics, and a republic discord that allows multiple players to be elected and help with the community
HoolCraft | Suomalainen minecraft palvelin!
Hi! Welcome to Monarch! A server devoted to the discovery and defense of monsters in our time.
The madness army, our army is recruiting for people interested in guns, weapons, tanks, ships, among other things, come join our madness army today!
arma 3 milsim set in 2019 we also have a limted time hl2 rp
Friends who play together, stay together.
Hello,The Penguin Defense Force Is A Club Penguin Online Army,Join Our Discord Today And Lets Become The Best CP Army Ever
The only discord server that has free speech. Come by and Game, Chill, date, share music or talk shit. The only rule is to use common sense. We hope to see you here!
Hello new comers if your looking for something fun to do and you have a free roblox group slot available then try join us. |Hollow| units are basically the police mixed with the army and there job is to patrol the city and deal with unwanted actions |Hollow| issues lots of things for you to try when you join for example you can try to get into one of our divisions like Pulse, Sentinel, Royal Guard or even a subdivision like Helix Deathwatch and way more if you would like to join us hit the join button above and we welcome you soilder your one of us now
Here we are a Arma 3 server focused around Serious players and we use 2 modsets Vietnam and Zombies. We here like to enjoy ourselves and be serious. We are a fun and experienced but new community!
Here we are a Garry's Mod Jedi Versus Sith. Looking for Staff and Commanders for Jedi and Sith Come on down here!
Bored of playing alone? want to play with some people but are not sure about their rules? Well this is the group you're looking for! setting up game tables with friends or other paradox users made easy and quick. socialize about your favourite Paradox game and play with new and old players.
You somehow stumble across a seemingly deserted military base in the middle of the American Southwest, and it's so dusty your eyes sting. When you join, you will be able to choose your adventure from there, and you will meet countless new friends and explore new areas.
An internet space force for good.
Server Nationalist Romanesc.
Hello, Welcome to GamingOGs discord First off, if you made it to this post I would like to sincerely thank you for making the effort to check us out! Welcome to GamingOG’s gaming/streaming server Discord where we plan to establish a friendly community that brings together a diverse set of players from around the world who have one thing in common, a love and appreciation for enthusiastic and enjoyable gaming.
Prism Dawn is a sci-fi fantasy roleplay server where you can spar with friends, do quests, and hang out! You are an adult who was taken in because you were an identified "powered" child, you have a special ability that can be used in combat. How will you use your abilities? Will you rank up? Will you go rogue? It's up to you!
The Nnaniis is the Community Server with Military theme. Its a fun place to do some bot commands, gain money, buy guns, colour roles, .... We still a small community and i hope you guys enjoy this. Thank you so much <33.
This is a server to join if you want to raid your enemy's server and/or random servers you get a soldier role but you keep leveling up So join now at ⚔Server Raiders⚔
Nationalist server
 ‍⚔ Back to War ⚔ 👉This server is for lovers of RTS (Age of Empire, Cossacks, Warcraft, Battle for Middle-earth ..) games. 👉Back to War is a map under work for Warcraft III that is based on 18-19 centuries.   ‍     ‍     ‍     ‍    Free to Join😀
The Soviet Union (USSR), a Communist friendly server for the people. BLYAT.
Raid furries.
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