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Join here, we don't want to add this stinking bot: Server about all things metal, with listening rooms for listening in groups.
Logan’s radio is a small radio server that is based in illinois and play mostly hiphop,rock and house music
Small Hangout for the chillest or the wildest people out there
Music all day and all night boiii
Language: greek Theme: gaming, music
This is a server created for music lovers and producers.
The unofficial Blood Orange server! Open discussion, feel free to join and hang out!
Hey baby, welcome to Kyles' Jazz Club, we like to have a groovy time with good music and good people. Come on down and give the Club a visit.
This server is released, but we still think of many ideas to add! Here is a little story: I started a server in 2018 but it got infected, i started another new server in 2018 too but my account got hacked and i lost everything. Now this is the 3rd server i made, so please join we are a small discord server that tries to grow big, so be sure to check it out! ^^ If you need some info, here you go: 1. This server has a very good moderation! 2. We have 29 bots but we will still add more! 3. Great staff and balanced rules! 4. We have channels like: faq, server-roles, server-changes, etc! 5. Amazing roles with fun features! 6. Clean chats and no bad language! This is not all, i just wanted to review some things before joining, have fun! We are planning to do giveaways at 50 or 100 members, so join the fun right now! :D
Do you Play Roblox And You Want A New Friend Or Group? This Server is Perfect For You There's a plenty of Categories: Chat, Music, Games And More! Join now!
A music server to meet fellow producers, collaborate, network, share music, give feedback and promote yourself.
meet many girlfriend boyfriend new | female friendly | 1:1 ratio | looking for cute leftist gf | cool chilled and fun(ny) community | good music discussion please join if u like good music | trans rights
A server made for Brazilian ReVeLuv's! For them to communicate and make new friendships.
Um servidor Brasileiro para as Stays de comunicarem!
A safespace lgbt music server. Welcoming all
A kpop server for fans 18 and older to meet other adult fans and chat about our favorite groups
A rapidly growing Vaporwave themed chill community. 300+ members. Join and discuss anything in our wide variety of discussion channels.
Soundcloud and gaming server mainly, come say hi.
Eurovision fan chat 18+ server created by Adam, if you want to talk about the Eurovision song contest or if you want to talk on a friendly basis don't hesitate join us. It's a new server, be patient, I hope you enjoy your stay
A italian gaming and music community 😃
Twitch_DeliOyuncu :D
Scrumptious Server is a server based off music and similar intrests! We mostly talk about the Emo Quartet and alternative-ish things. We offer allowance of slight nsfw, depending on the degree, as well as many events planned and occasionaly active members. We're all very welcoming, and enjoy meeting new frens! We also accept and have many LGBTQ+ members!
The best place on Discord for you to play your MUSIC ❤️❤️❤️
Welcoming community to all osu! players of every gamemode. - Access to the report cheaters channel where you can post cheaters. - The ability to change the color of your name in the color change channel.
Sith Empire server i suggest you read rules before you break them, we play all starwars games most people here play starwars battlefront II (new)
A fun Minecraft community server with our own Minecraft server of course and the owner + many more are YouTubers and we have much more enjoy your stay
Olá, Se estiveres a procura de descontrair e conhecer gente nova, entra neste servidor. Somos bastante ativos, e obvio que ansiosos para te conhecer. Acredita vais te divertir e fazer novas amizades! By:The Lost Girl...
Careful's Official Server!
Hey welcome! You should join. A new discord server. Lovley ranks. Nice people. And We also allow people to express themself in anyway. Thank you! Please join.
Alles um das Thema Deutschrap! ------------⤬⤬⤬⤬⤬⤬⤬⤬⤬⤬------------ -Ihr werdet über die Deutschrap-Scene benachrichtigt. -Ihr könnt euch gegeneinander in einem Freestyle-Battle battlen. -Es gibt auch normale Talks wo ihr über alles mögliche reden könnt. -Der Server ist sozial, das heisst, der Server richtet sich nach euch! Teilt uns eure Ideen gerne einfach mit :) ------------⤬⤬⤬⤬⤬⤬⤬⤬⤬⤬------------ Es gibt noch Updates, aber ihr werdet über alles Bescheid wissen, weil wir euch benachrichtigen! ^^ Wir freuen uns auf dich :) Das Server Team.
Welcome to Girl Gamer Garrison! :heart_exclamation: ˚༄✧ ͙༣ Girl Gamer Garrison is a cute, magical-girl themed server. We strive to be an active & non toxic community filled with friendly banter, wholesome staff and welcoming members! Come join us to form new friendships, create memories and have an awesome time! ― we offer ༄ :balloon: ⊱ A friendly, active & non-toxic community :art: ⊱ Over 700 members and counting! :blossom: ⊱ Open to partnerships and legal member exchange! :sushi: ⊱ Adult Film/Game nights :white_sun_rain_cloud: ⊱ Bots to tame fictional females with! :love_letter: ⊱ 4-1 female to male ratio :ocean: ⊱ Great, respectful, and non-racist staff ══════ ∘◦everyone◦∘ ══════ :heart: ༄
༺▃▃▃▃▃▃aesthetics▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃༻ Do you like vaporwave, aesthetics or lofi beats!? Come chat with us! ❐ One of the largest servers dedicated to aesthetics on discord! ❐ Relaxing atmosphere and friendly members! ❐ See our original art or share your own! ❐ Helpful and friendly staff! ❐ Self assignable roles! ❐ 800+ members and growing fast! We have engaging staff and active chats, as well as other activities such as watch parties, large music VC's and streams! :wink: We can't wait to have you join us! Invite:
MixTrack is a social media platform allowing you to watch videos, movies, shows, and listen to music in real time with anyone from around the world.
Na Du, (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Wir sind ein neuer, lustiger Server (•ᴗ•)❤, indem viele Steam Keys verlost werden. Damit nicht immer die Gleichen gewinnen (xD), suchen wir neue Mitglieder (ღ˘ω˘ღ) Hier könnt ihr auch Musik hören, mit anderen Nutzern Schreiben & Sprechen (wer hätte es gedacht ⊙_⊙). Also: Komm zu uns! ƪ(˘ᴗ˘)┐
Delta FM merupakan sebuah station radio berjaringan di Indonesia untuk target market dewasa muda dengan format musik hot adult contemporary (Hot AC) yang memutarkan 100% lagu enak . Anda dapat mendengar radio ini dengan frekuensi : Jakarta 99.1FM | Bandung 94.4FM | Surabaya 100.5FM | Makassar 99.2FM | Manado 99.3FM | Medan 105.8FM | Semarang 96.1FM | Yogyakarta 103.7FM
DarkSynth Community for Dark Synthwave / Cyberpunk music sharing, discussion and production. We also have channels for self promo, other music genre sharing, design and collabs! Join the Dark Side!
Looking for some new music? Maybe just a hang out to get away and jam? Welp you're in luck, here's a **NEW MUSIC SERVER!** Welcomed by all ~ ★
Welcome to The Exchange - Discord's premier media exchange and recommendation server! So, what is The Exchange? Do you enjoy trading music, film, or book recommendations with friends? Do you enjoy discussing the latest album or film for hours on end? Then this is the right place for you! What we do here is a weekly album exchange, a bi-weekly film exchange, and provide a channel for users to coordinate their own exchanges! Sound exciting? Here's how it works: 1) A google form will go up for you to submit an album or film to be exchanged. 2) After submissions close, you will be paired up with another user and you will have a certain amount of time to listen/watch and then discuss your assigned media. You can love it, you can hate it, but discuss it! 3) After that, submissions will open again and we'll do it all again. Every once in awhile the exchanges might be themed, so stay tuned!
Here is the Riots Revenge Music server! It's generally based on creating an area for my YouTube channel but it can also be a place to meet new people and potentially make friends! <3 We offer roles directly relating to the channel but we might create more soon. We have chats for: Listening to Music, Memes, NSFW, Pokémon, Studio, and just general talking! We have a lot of bots that have a variety of uses and have fun unique commands! The server is relatively new so if you have suggestions to help the server expand more let me know!
-- Crispyy's Cafe -- Welcome to Crispyys Cafe! We Have - Private Voice Chats! - (Coming Soon) Open Mic Night! - Custom Roles! - Meet New People! - 24/7 Lofi Music Channels - 24/7 Music Channels! - Endless Fun!
An Hatari fan Server for people to talk about Hatari. Weekly news updates about Hatari.
╔══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╗ IZONE SERVER ╚══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╝ If you love kpop, Izone, and meeting new people and friends, then we are the right place for you! ┌─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───┐ What we have for you: ღWe Have MeMe Emotes. ღ A friendly, growing and mostly active community. ღ We have a lot of multi fandom stans, even though the main topic is Izone! If you don’t stan/like them yet, don’t worry!:sparkling_heart: ღ Multiple self-assignable roles. ღ Private non-translated and translated fanmails. ღ Updates on izone posts. ღ Iz*one and off-topic channels. └─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───┘ Link:
Deezloader is an open-source music downloading software for people to download their favourite songs, albums, playlists & artists! This server is used for downloads, information, chatting, help & issue resolving.
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