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join the fox camp!, here you can chat and have fun, with a nice owners and admins! join now!
Music Production Server by Nico Lud.
Apparently, TEN is a music group found by ×TenTimesDarkness×#0101 and |-|{🦊}Fangus{🦊}|-|#9750 . It isn't an actual music group yet. The TEN members are teens that are interested in having a colorful future, focusing on music. TEN was mostly inspired by K-Pop groups and such, though TEN isn't a K-Pop group. TEN will include different genres of music. Rap, pop, rock and much more. Hopefully if us members be successful as trainees and get the enough faith and motivation, we'll try to make TEN an actual music band. Surely this sounds hilarious that we thought of this without even actually making sure it can be true. But we won't give up. Thanks to anyone who supports us about this crazy dream <3
Letave сообщество дружных людей по интересам + Sigame + PUBG + Deceit и просто общение. Заходите.
Welcome to Melokei Official's Discord server! This is a Discord server specifically for fans of Visual Kei music and style. Our group mostly consists of users interested in the early 90's/2000's VK, but have interests in all era's and styles of music. Besides users having interests in more known bands such as MALICE MIZER, Dir en grey, SHAZNA, the GazettE, LUNA SEA etc., we also have fans of very obscure/indie/unknown bands
An special discord server for many games, focused on sa-mp and rust.
A community of underground musical artists! Join and promote your music or come to simply listen to music being made. There is a bot also live 24/7 that will play your Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or Spotify track when queued. Great for group evaluations! When you join, you will be given a role that pertains to your unique set of talents. This is done so that others who are seeking help with their music can easily find you if your role matches up to what they're looking for. Have the guitarist role? Be ready for people messaging and asking for a collaboration with you. Are you a vocalist? You'll probably be the most wanted asset in the community, as everyone wants a great vocalist to bring a track to life. Overall, this is a community to help artists grow and expand their audience. Come to enhance your sound. Come to promote your music. Or, if you're that wallflower that enjoys watching others create, come listen to the future of the underground scene.
Ujico*/Snail's House Official server
A public Discord server used for youtube or random
Hi, Everyone My name is The Santoro I am a upcoming rapper who loves to rap if you down to come thru feel free. if you down to chat please do. if you wanna freestyle go head if you wanna promote your music if its on YouTube or SoundCloud or any streaming services feel free if you wanna rap battle hop in I just want people to feel appreciated my goal is to spread music help others like X did and Nipsey man just hop in no haters allowed if u hating you will be kicked
BEATBOX ADDICTION Hello this is zoonattack, the owner of beatbox addiction This server is made especially for people who like to beatbox or who would love to learn so My goal is to make this server big and add all the pros here :) if u like to beatbox or want to learn join and u may find people to help u or jam with u and u benifit each other :) Our links : Youtube : BEATBOX ADDICTION
Official Family Nation Discord Server.
A new fresh out of the oven server. Looking for friendly people. And also looking for some staff members. I would love to see you there! ♡
esse server é dedicado a o grupo feminino sul coreano twice. Apesar do servidor girar em torno das 9 garotas, este também é um lugar para os onces conversar sobre outros assuntos.
———————————— Fmusic ———————————— Goedendag! —————————————— _+_INFORMATIE_+_ —————————————— Dit is een Nederlands radiostation genaamd: Fmusic! —————————————— _+_GEZOCHT_+_ —————————————— Wat zoeken we? DJ’s voor Ochtenden DJ’s voor Middagen DJ’s voor Avonden DJ’s voor Nachten DJ’s voor ‘Foute’ —————————————— _+_FMUSIC BEHEERDERS_+_ —————————————— DJ Host: Zaos001#1960 DJ Co-Host: Lars#6600 Fmusic Eigenaar: Mitchel#4643
Jsme skupina lidí, která se zaměřuje na kouzelný svět ve hrách jako je třeba World of Warcraft, Albion online, a další podobné hry... Mezi naše aktivity patří propagování nás samotných, utváření skupiny/společenství a samozřejmě hraní her které jsou spojeny s fanatsy.
Server dedicated to giving producers of all genres feedback on their music! We host weekly sessions of feedback so you can expect lots of support and feedback on your music!
This is the official Discord home of UkbeatzLive. Come and join us! Please remember anything you share in this discord is completely visible to Everyone In This Group
╭══• ೋ•✧๑♡๑✧•ೋ •══╮ ღ WELCOME TO THE ZONE ღ ╰══• ೋ•✧๑♡๑✧•ೋ •══╯ 。☆✼★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✼☆。 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ _ We are a new server in need of members. Please join and help us grow into a community. What we have to offer : ⌲ Welcoming Members ⌲ Friendly Staff ⌲ Fun Roles ⌲ Bots to accommodate your needs ⌲ Karoke Nights ⌲ Voice & Music Channels ⌲ And more to come!
Music server that had a weekly album rotation where many users actively participate in every week.
underground true elite. musicians, demo tapes, rares. no compromises
A place where you can date 13+ or just chill and just meet new people. The server is still being made so bear with me is a community of CyberSpace Hackers engaged in counter-measures to thwart the operations of GovCorp's RIDE technology. We convene on the Twitch channel TheCyberPulse --
Deutscher Gaiming Server auf dem ihr jeder Zeit mit euren Freunden Sprechen könnt.
LogoTalk ➖ deutscher mc server
Miss playing old flash games on websites such as,,, etc.? well this is the place for you we are a discord server that talks just about flash games.
One Love. One Language. Beatbox International.
BTS music, chat, memes and more and talk about other kpop groups u like to listen to
Communauté Multi-Gaming Française, délire et bonne humeur, le smile vous l'aurez toujours ici !
★ Do you love the KPOP sensation, BTS? This might be the server for you. This server is dedicated to the record breaking boy band, bangtan sonyeondan. We are a small, kind, diverse, and humble community looking for more members to help expand. We are LGBT, race, and religion friendly. So you can be yourself as long as you respect each other! If you aren't fully convinced well do not worry we have..★ A plethora of self assignable roles, many cute emotes, friendly, active, and kind staff. (Applications open). Many bots to mess around with. Voice channels as well as music channels to talk and jam out in, many interests/hobby channels. An NSFW channel (18+ only). A venting channel if you've had a rough day ★Not to mention we have channels to talk about other KPOP groups! Multifandoms are accepted and welcomed. We hope to see you! ★ Owner: xjjin#6969 Co owner: static milk#5881
Hello we are a great Roblox server with Youtubers were you could find People to collab and giveaways and etc
Server français dédié à la fandom de BABYMETAL et Sakura Gakuin
Serve especial só para Gamers de verdade.👾 🌌Gamers De Narnia🌌
Servidor de Jogos
Hey @everyone, ehabest is now live on ! Go check it out! pubg mobile
Hoşgeldiniz :)
Acesta este un server pentru toti gamerii romani. Hai cu distractia!!!
người việt nam vào đây để chơi game nhé. tất cả các anh em cộng đồng pubg, csgo, lol,... vào đây giao lưu nhé. Mong anh em ủng hộ rủ thêm bạn vào cho vui !!!
Hello! This discord server was made with a sense of community in mind and has everything you need to keep you up to date in the world of Love Live and Bandori! It also has scouting simulators for both!
Hey, we are a new server created by two Iranians living in Germany (one Youtube Music Channel and two Instagram Meme pages).
Das ist der Discord von dem Teamspeak & Web Radio SloneFM. Was spielen wir? EDM TRAP CHARTS RAP REMIX
a server for jumex stans and those interested in discussing the existence of the deep state also no edating i hate you
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