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Attention computer nerds XD. I am hosting a new server for those interested in computer engineering/programming. This server is designed to be a community for those with similar interests in technology. We will continue to improve the server based on member wishes. So come chat, hang, get help, give help, and make friends in this wonderful discord server
Fibre Net is a discord server based on programmers and coders socialising with each other and sharing code and helping eachother out
Golemland Private Server
This server is mainly about raids but we're not all about that we all have fun and talk to eachother.. We have other activities to enjoy when we arent raiding. We all hope to see you soon
Redmine ( is an open source flexible project management software, which was found by Jean Philippe-Lang in 2006, making it one of the oldest Ruby on Rails projects which is still in active development today. This tool is one of the most preferred among software developers, although could work for many other kinds of projects as well. Our community is purely based around it. We always welcome potentially new, or already experienced Redmine users who also happened to be on Discord and could join us. We are strictly mature, profanity free and polite. We have some Core Developers of Redmine who joined us to be a part of our Discord community. We have discussions about Redmine, we answer related questions/offer help.
Crystal Sharp is a discord server that welcomes all kinds of programmers.
≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈๑۩ __RESONANCE __۩๑≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈ Resonance est une communauté composée de plusieurs serveurs ayant chacun comme point d'intérêt une compétence/un savoir-faire. || SERVEURS || Pour le moment, nous avons ouvert 2 serveurs : développement et musique mais d'autres sont en préparation ! Vous pouvez y partager vos réalisations et avec les communautés ayant été rassemblés sur ces serveurs, des projets seront et sont déjà lancés sous le nom de Resonance, vous pouvez en rejoindre certains si vous le souhaitez et si vous en avez les capacités. Ces projets ont pour but d'être coopératif et peuvent rassembler des membres ayant des compétences différentes pour avoir un résultat réussi et complet. Merci de votre lecture ! Si vous rejoignez la communauté Resonance via le lien proposer, vous arriverez sur le HUB ^^ Sois le server regroupant tous les server !
Electronicity is a place to discuss about electronics in general, as well as 3D printing, coding and many other interesting topics and share knowledge and project ideas! It aims at gathering people interested in new technologies and do it yourself (diy) making: most of the members here are hobbyists or professionals, willing to help beginners and to share their projects.
Communauté française CHILL comme son nom l'indique, dans laquelle vous pourrez suivre les projets de développement [FiveM] tels que : "Survival Zombie", 🧟‍ ( "Mini Games" (inédit), 🎮 (Très bientôt) "Projet Secret". 🌠 (Bientôt) Vous pouvez aussi vous amuser avec le Draftbot développé par Draft ou bien le Zeno bot par nous même ! 🤖 N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre, même pour jeter un œil ! 👀 Vous êtes les bienvenus ! 🤗
That's a community for game Stairs of Danger. It is still in developing, and u can join to take a look. Ur feedback is important.
We are a small community full of cool, funny, accepting people
Tech Talk is a small, growing community dedicated to the discussion of all things tech. We have channels dedicated to various things surrounding hardware and software such as PC build guides, and software development channels and if there's anything you don't like about the server; we accept suggestions and assuming we don't absolutely hate your idea, it will possibly be added.
The Retrogaming Discord is a small group of people that love to talk old games, consoles or toys. We cover the A to Z of classic games, franchises, hardware and related pop culture. We have a game of the month event where the community votes for a game to play and review together. Share your recent pick-ups, favourite retro games or collections. Come show off your channels, homebrews or other works and check out what other people are making as well.
This is the official ruxm-Bot Support
Serveur suisse pour développeur de jeux vidéo seul ou en équipe. Destiné au gens du pays et au français
Buy, sell, and trade accounts/services. Learn how to crack and more! We also host giveaways and random drops!
Welkom bij de Discord van CodeSupportNL CodeSupportNL is een Nederlandse gemeenschap die advies geeft over coderen. Ongeacht uw niveau, bent u welkom in deze Gemeenschap. U kunt ook opdrachten/werk voor mensen doen en daar geld mee verdienen of u kunt mensen zoeken voor een opdracht/werk.
We aim to create a good experience for all of our clients by giving them exactly what they want. Whether it's a professional & custom Discord Server or Bot We can do both, with affordable paid extras as a thanks for using our services. We are also in need of Server Devs & Bot Devs, so you can apply!
Web Development and design support server for anyone having trouble with their website. We offer support for many languages, frameworks and environments.
English community server.
Welcome Everyone , free ranks , free roles , Support a friendly & nice community , Programming , Events , services 24/7 ; OWNER Floki#5061 .
We are a friendly and laid back community of people who love technology ranging from networking, programming, Linux, and more.
Join this server for Gaming Content and also learn technology and programming and many cool nitro giveaway happens so do miss this chance!!!
Official discord of Comane. Join if you want to hang out, ask questions about any of our games and or just to find people to play with.
O̥ (Formerly Mother 4). Title TBA. Stay tuned for re-brand details later this year.
The official Arduino discord server for discussing and talking about all things Arduino related. Need help debugging or finding solutions to your code or hardware? Looking for ideas on a new project? Want feedback on the new project you've worked on? It's all here!
Unofficial Unreal Engine discord server that is focused on voice and screensharing. We offer members a chance to: collaborate, learn, get ideas, create or hang out with like minded individuals. This server is not only for creators that are working on a project but also for complete beginners starting out in game development.
CodeX Development is a programming community which specializes in tutorials for Discord.js, a wonderful library made by Hydrabolt. Discord.js is a powerful node.js module that allows you to interact with the Discord API very easily. It takes a much more object-oriented approach than most other JS Discord libraries, making your bot's code significantly tidier and easier to comprehend.
Oyez !! Oyez RUSTY CIRCUS à ouvert ces portes et accueillera tous ceux ou celles qui ont en eux une âme de clown. Serveur fun en x20 modé comme il faut (pas de plugins jeté à la sauvage) Sur ARK ou Rust
Welcome to LUSK Discord. while you are here we have a few rules. # Speak properly. # Do you have noise in the background then use push to talk. #We don't want to see or hear about advertising. Violation can lead to ban. Friends of Lusk is a group that can be awarded if you want to use voice chat channels. DayZ Server. Look in our Dayz news chat and see what is happening right now. If you want to be notified when something new arrives, ask an admin to add you to the DayZ group. hope you have fun :) Team LUSK
Rust clan -- Клан в Расте
A server for people looking to join a game dev team.
Javascript focussed game development
Lanson Studios geliştirici ekibi discord sunucusudur.
❤ CRIMSON-HEART 13+ ❤ ✨ Giveaways✨ 💕 Dating 💕 💬 Socializing 💬 🌸 Active-Members 🌸 🏳️‍🌈 LGBT Friendly 🏳️‍🌈 🎬 Anime 🎬 🎮 Gaming 🎮 ➕ 13+➕ ❌ Non-Toxic ❌
Hacking and pen-testing community
Server has rules. No bad words allowed.
Discord server for Three.js, Pixi.js, Babylon.js, REGL and other WebGL frameworks. A community that enjoys 3D visualization and generative art.
A discordserver where people can talk about development but also can request projects to be made by developers.
LabNegro Programação | Bots | Discord Idioma: Português-BR Mini descrição: Hello jovens, tudo bem com vocês? Eu espero que sim. :D Eu sou o atual dono da Comunidade de programação de Bots discord, LabNegro. Nessa comunidade, você vai poder aprender a desenvolver bots em Discord usando JavaScript, Python, Java, dentre outras linguagens de programação. Como também, pode colocar seu bot lá e ajudar outras pessoas a desenvolverem seu ~~robozinho destruidor~~ bot, Cof Cof. Link de convite do Discord: <> Link do Site: <> Link do Instagram: <> | ``@lab_negro`` Link do Twitter: <> | ``@labnegro`` Link do Youtube: <>
Cheating Cheats hack
Dla wszystkich miłośników majsterkowania, elektroniki oraz programowania! Od początkującego do you eksperta!
Xtream-ITSolutions ist ein Hosting-Unternehmen mit Sitz in Gladbeck (NRW)
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