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Xbox360 emulator
Official server of PassiveModding We do Discord Bot Development PS3/PS4 Modding XBOX Modding general development of software and more!
Development server for jagrosh's bots!
Support server for mShop
В случай, че имате интерес към програмиране / операционни системи / софтуер / хардуер / мрежи / мобили устройства и от рода заповядайте в discord-a на IT Bulgaria, с над 500 колеги от към момента!
CPRHax is a website that gives anyone free cheats to use on Club Penguin Private Servers completely free. Check out our website here:
Hey there! Are you a Roblox person? Do you like developing or watching people develop? Join this here Discord to get exactly that! We also have other things such as: Giveaways (could be nitro) Development streams Cool community Nice staff team
Vaeleth discord bot server.
This is a nice server guys ok so join XDDDD
Тут просто описание
CyTube tech support
Server with People who has technical problems with FiveM. Join and we fix it!
Epic server for epic programmers and gamers no fortnite
ARK: Survival Evolved - Devs Team
jailbreak call on Roblox
A Discord Server to talk about Lua and WoW AddOns
Do you want free programs or skripts (Minecraft) for free? Well, this is an invite rewards server that gives you free programs or skripts (Minecraft) for inviting people! Join now! ENGLISH ONLY!!!
Unofficial Discord server for the BYOND gaming and game development community.
ON R Studio is an independent video game development Studio. We are currently developing 2 games : 1 RPG and 1 fighter game. You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @on_rstudio or donate with PayPal ( --------------- ON R Studio est un studio de développement de jeux vidéos indépendant. Nous développons actuellement 2 jeux à savoir 1 RPG et 1 jeu de combat. Vous pouvez nous retrouver sur Instagram, Twitter, Facebook : @on_rstudio ou nous faire un don via PayPal (
Um Server Onde Fala Tudo Sobre o Discord, Noticias, Bugs Legais e Programação De Bots Em Brasileiro :D
Discord server for the game of Tales of Kulplex.
We help peoples on scripting, we sponsor games to make them better, we create games ourselves, but who is "we"? Well, our team.
Discord oficial do TintaNetwork
Garry's Mod exploiter
CyberTech is a capture-the-flag like challenge built into Discord! We have tons of mini forensics challenges built into Discord from reverse engineering to brute forcing! The top members get prizes too! On top of the challenges, you can discuss anything related to technology or hacking. From routers to micro controllers to Kali Linux and more!
Rust gaming community Rust map making and sales
Haraya Game Devs is a community of English-speaking video game developers that regularly organize events such as game jams and programming competitions. Created on February 4, 2018 (date of creation of the Discord server) by Timothy Jemine, Haraya Game Devs aims to encourage Independent Developers and help them to realize their projects. In December 2018, it adopted the slogan "Let's Create Together"
Un serveur communautaire dédiés au chaînes des Moonlights Brothers, mais aussi tout simplement pour discuter, avec des salons généraux et spécialisés sur les jeux que vous aimez (beaucoup de focus sur Super Smash Bros). Des tournois seront également organisés par des habitués, vous allez donc être prévenu à l'aide de ce serveur, et à l'aide de mon site développé par mes soins ^^
xodz prods and RS hot rods
Indilab est une communauté de développeurs indépendants de jeux vidéo regroupant tous les métiers et talents nécessaires pour développer des jeux. Par l'intermédiaire de notre site nous voulons valoriser et promouvoir votre travail. Tous les jeux sont équitablement mis en avant et entièrement gérés par les utilisateurs. Notre communauté propose également par l'intermédiaire de notre serveur discord de venir discuter de vos projets et de recruter des personnes pour vous aider ou participer pleinement à la création de vos jeux.
Hi there, If you're looking for a fun server that likes to play games of old and new, come on down over to the Mainframe. We play games like{ Dota 2 Artifact Dungeons of Dredmor Risk of Rain 2 Tabletop Simulator Don't Starve Together } //And many more So if (like) == true : print.("come on down over") See you soon, Mainframe
Just a coder wanting to share his mind with others.
levisploit by Levi#7059
Du suchst Bots weißt aber nicht was diese Können und brauchst deshalb hilfe? Dann ist dieser Server genau richtig. Er erklärt dir was Bots können welche Prefixe sie haben und eine Eigene Meinung zu jedem Bot.
La ZedRoff DevSquad est un endroit où il y a plein de codeur/dévelopeur/programmeur. Mais aussi une communauté aimable et active. Rejoins dès maintenant !
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