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Welcome to US Model congress where the political party of your dreams can come into really. Join now an take part in an government simulator where you can write, debate and vote your bill. Enter or create your crazy political party, from catgirl/pirate to gamer party Join now and have fun with politics (WARNING All bill will be taked seriously)
Your journey, adventure, YOUR LIFE, your hero academia...
New size server all about RP.
Welcome to The islands of Horastead, home to many races and dungeons, ruins, and so much more, vast lands to explore and wonderful people to meet, and maybe alittle something else if you know what I mean~ So come on over! Meet the wonderful community of Roleplayers and have fun, relax, and most of all, stay chill.
Official Server of Militia Company for Despasito
The eastern pack, danger is always afoot, we must protect eachother and fight against those who wish to bring us down, everyone in this pack is unique and qualified to take down whoever wishes us harm!
A small roleplay server for warrior cats! Feel welcomed to join and add your own card to the three clans; Mountainclan, Shoreclan, and Firclan!!
For as long as time has existed, the elemental stone has stood, this stone contains seven sides, each pertaining to a specific element. However, recently that stone has been broken into seven crystals, meaning that the forces of nature have been completely thrown out of balance. Tsunamis have been happening more frequently, volcanoes have been erupting more frequently and so many other natural disasters have been happening, destroying entire villages and towns. But it's up to us to find the seven crystals and connect them once more, otherwise....
Join we have Chrom's nudes
The One Shot Club is a table top; discord server used to run one shots in the 5’th edition Dungeons & Dragons module. Everyone is welcome regardless of their level of experience with the game. We are always looking for more amazing people to join our community and nerd out about this awesome game. Curious about the server? Go check out our website:
We are a gaming community that right now is mainly aimed at game mode based on Garry's mod called DarkRP. If you wish to play you're welcome to join us.
Midi City est un serveur Role Play qui évolue chaque mois changeant de thème et ajoutant de nouvelle fonctionnalité la devise de Midi City "soyez qui vous voulez" un rp simple pour une vie simple ^^ j'éspère vous voir sur le serveur bien as vous -Ronny, le fondateur de Midi City RP (attention le nom Midi City n'est en aucun cas relié a tout autre chose, si c'est le cas sachez que ce n'est que pur coïncidence)
──────☆₊˚│♡✬☆✬♡│˚₊☆───── ────☆₊˚│🌀☆✨☆🌀│˚₊☆───── •°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° ₊˚│✬__Damned Nightmare__✬│˚₊ ⠀⠀☆✬Welcome to **__Damned Nightmare__**!!✬☆ ⠀ ⠀✬☆『insert pings here』✬☆ ✔『❄』•👋•WELCOME, YOU'VE BEEN INVITED TO DAMNED NIGHTMARE!!☆ ✔『❄』•👥•Open to partnerships!☆ ✔『❄』•🤝•Friendly community!☆ ✔『❄』•🗣•In need of active members☆ ✔『❄』•👤•IN NEED OF PARTNERSHIP MANAGERS☆ ────☆₊˚│🌀☆✨☆🌀│˚₊☆───── ||───||☆₊˚│✬FEATURES✬│˚₊☆||──|| ✔『🦋』•💰•Custom lore!✬ ✔『🦋』•💬•Chill hangout!✬ ✔『🦋』•📈•Custom bestiary!✬ ✔『🦋』•🤖•Polls for upcoming features!✬ ✔『🦋』•🌀•40+ RP channels✬ ✔『🦋』•📊•Self promotion!✬ ✔『🦋』•🔞•Custom battle classes!✬ ✔『🦋』•🐭•The option to create your own pet and battle class!✬ ✔『🦋』•🔪•Medieval + Fantasy genre!✬ ✔『🦋』•💯•AND MORE!✬ ─────☆₊˚│🌀☆✨☆🌀│˚₊☆──── •°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°
Hello, and welcome to Mahou no Gakkou! We are a small and starting-up discord server focused on giving members not only a welcoming community but also a place where they can RP with like-minded individuals. The role-play here is set in a modern fantasy high school in world full of magic and a variety of other eccentricities. Well, have I piqued your interest? If so, why not come on in and say hello to the fellow students and make some new friends?
U.A. is the #1 ranked high school for heroics, canon, and ocs! You can role-play, meet new friends, or just talk about the series! You will have a choice to be associated with Class 1-A or Class 1-B. Upon choosing a class, you will receive one exclusive channel and voice channel away from the other class, being able to privately associate with your own classmates. You will also receive the RP, Fanart, Content Creation, and Music section as well as additional channels. We also accept affiliations. Anyone can join. RP and Non RP members are all welcome! [Est. 2017]
LetsRP - A friendly roleplay based community discord that covers multiple games across all platforms and encourages IRL interactions and communication. Everyone is welcome on the basis of being polite, not using foul or vulgar language, respecting other members and adhering to the rules
It is a gmod starwarsrp server that is currently in development. I am also currently looking for people to help me develop on it and help me get this server up and running
This is a Roleplay Server combining the three topics The 100, Supernatural, and Divergent. We are open to ideas and suggestions. •It is all Original Characters. (With Canon Parents.) •Always Active Staff and Members. •Respectful Staff and Members. •Always updating for people to engage.
We are a serious FiveM RP community. We strive to provide quality and enjoyable RP experiences each and every day. We look forward to seeing you join! (Note: You will need the mod and a copy of GTA5 on your PC.)
A Warrior Cats Roleplay server! Based in the forest territories, join one of the five warrior clans, Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Riverclan, Windclan or Skyclan. Make friends, Roleplay! We currently have a very small community but we'd love to have new members soon!
Set 97 years after a devastating nuclear war wiped out almost all life on Earth. The supposedly only known survivors are the residents of "The Ark", twelve space stations in Earth's orbit that had banded together after the war. After the Ark's life-support systems are found to be failing, the 100 juvenile prisoners are declared to be "expendable" and are then sent down to Earth to determine if it is indeed habitable again. They land on Earth and find that they are able to breathe. There they meet the "Grounders", people who have been living on the ground for the last 97 years forming their own new culture and traditions in twelve separate clans all under the leadership of one commander. There are also the "Mountain Men" who live in a closed-off military bunker unable to leave for fear of dying in the radiation, using the grounders to supplement their blood supply. The 100 - Active Community - Lore - Great Plot - Troll Proof - Important ranks open!
A storm has struck the lands causing a fire in Timberclan that has burned their once group forest down to ash blowing in the wind. Streamclan are trapped in a string of murders and grief. From Quaildust to Tigerheart. Nightclan's past leader Hawkstar has left the young Skystar in command of the clan. A she-cat not even 20 moons yet. The clan is dived between accepting the young leader and questioning her skill in the role. Breezeclan exiled the young Hickorypaw who has now returned as Hickorystar with a clan at his back to worship the Dark Forest with each passing day they grow stronger. The Tribe of Warm Sunlight was just attacked by the deadly rogue group from the mountains, the Blood Tusks. Those lucky to have survived the battle are hidden deep in the cracks of the cave. Over in the Tribe of Broken Antler things are relatively peaceful as the cats creep into the shadows of the Antler Rocks to connect with the great cats from before. What secrets will they unlock?
The Year Is 2019. We Are Now One Month Into The Apocalypse. One Month Ago The World Collapsed, It Started So Fast, It Went From Stories On The News To Real Life, Random Mauling's, Police Shootouts, Riots, It All Came To Your Front Doorstep, The East Coast Fell Extremely Quickly, People Panicked, Police Started Killing Random People Thinking They Were Infected, Followed By The Military, The Last Remains Of Yesterdays Government Either Lies In Deep Dark Bunkers Or Oil Rigs Lost At Sea, This Provides Possible Events For This Specific Timeline, Which You Will See Allot Of Events, With The Military Falling, Leaving Chaos Up North, Leaving Behind Weapons, Unguarded Bases, Police Stations,Cars, Looters Roam Free. How Will YOU Survive? (Friendly staff, active nearly 24/7)
A GTAV FiveM Server
boob backwards is boob
We are a FiveM based RP community
There has been a legend going around about a town created by the gods themselves. In this town lies race from every corner of the globe. The different beings bring with them, their technology, and their knowledge in the act of brainstorming with other races with different knowledge. Come create a character and explore the streets of the City of Blackwell, the depths of The Deathtry Woods, the Mysterious Clearing and much much more. We Are: A Fantasy Role Play Server Plotted Accepting Both Detailed AND Simplistic role players LGBTQ+ Friendly We Have: An Accepting Community Interesting Activities outside the roleplay Memes So, Come join us and have the adventure of a lifetime!
Mario M.'s Fan discord!
HEY!! WAIT!! Stop scrolling for a sec!! Now, I know what you’re thinking. I totally thought mayonnaise was an instrument too- No? You’re looking for a rad place to hang out? Well You’re in luck! I found this cool town somewhere off the reef, that apparently has a bunch of cool stuff for Furries of every sort and humans! It’s got stuff like ⇨ Roleplay rooms galore ⇨ Chat games ⇨ Custom roles ⇨ A way to customize your own experience ⇨ An actual store ⇨ Dr. Phil ⇨ Currency you can work for or earn through chatting ⇨ NSFW ⇨ A club to listen to Your music ⇨ Bots everywhere ⇨ Only one Mayor who overlooks the town he founded himself The list goes on! But it’s only a rumor. You should go check it out and see if it’s true!!
Discord server for =]H[= Hardcore Gaming 24/7 Territories Rotation
NL/BE Roleplay server FiveM
Discord de la guilde Alliance Nuia (Jakar - EU)
We Are Eternity Roleplay, a FiveM Dedicated towards offering a unique and custom roleplay experience
We are friendly people. Earth and planets collided causing Earth and Aliens live together and solve problems. Its up to YOU to to find out the rest when you role-play .
Serveur FiveM
Suomalainen Roleplay Palvelin.
The PvE Atlas company to be in! Silk Road is actively looking for members to join. We have a pretty well rounded group of active players already, more joining every day. We're a group of open-minded pirates currently preparing for the wipe. We offer you: - hours of fun gametime surrounded by nice people. - A place to build your own base if you so desire. - end-game content We'll employ anyone to our company as long as you're respectful of others. Come check out our company discord :smiley:
Sistema de RPG produzido de fãs para fãs.
Casual PC gaming and DND community, looking to grow into a larger community. No NSFW content allowed and open to all. Join us and meet some new people!
A weird server that literally has no purpose
Welcome to Life Beta. In Life you can control another body created by you. Make sure to create a account. In life you can get married, get children, go to space and meet new people. Our currency system allows you to buy points to use at our store. The store has a lot of items to buy including a apartment. There are commands and more. We also have Life Premium, Life Premium allows you to get access to: Paradise Island, 150 points every day, access to giveaways channel and more. We hope you enjoy your time at Life. #play with life
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