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Suomalainen RP palvelin FarssiRP. Koska elämä on #farssi.
Das hier ist ein Deutscher Rollenspiel Server in der Welt von Harry Potter stürtze dich mit einem von dir erstellten Charakter ins Abenteuer
komiaAT KaalEET
just some roleplay and chating, nothing really special
Server roleplay di GTA V su FiveM, completamente italiano. Entra nel Discord e scopri perchè siamo il server più promettente della community di FiveM IT. | /
Nederlandse Roleplay server met veel custom scripts eigen unieke ui, Serieuze Rp met realistische prijzen
Salut ! Ceci est le discord officiel du serveur Metapolis RolePlay . . On vous attend nombreux !
Okul roleplay suncusu.
The Discord Server Where You Can Make Friends (I guess
Le serveur High Five RP est un serveur Free Accès | Semi WL créer par des passionnés du RolePlay GTA dans le but de satisfaire au mieux les envies de chacun(e)
Be sure to join Aer Lingus Ltd on ROBLOX! Flights hosted every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:00pm Irish time.
Um Servidor de Gacha Life, Com RPG Bots de Música e Organização.
Discord oficial do Crystal Roleplay.
Multi Theft Auto oyununda kaliteli bir Roleplay sunucusu.
TCF is a player build organization active in Elite Dangerous and getting ready for Star Citizen.
Servidor de roleplay português.
servidor de fivem (no se unan es solo prueba pero si quieren unanse)
A fun and chill place where people from all fandoms are welcome!
Maasland FiveM Roleplay
We're a roleplay server and community of creative people who like to talk and share ideas and just really have fun. Sometimes we do events, rabbit streams, games, all kinds of stuff, so stay tuned!
Rytmi- ja tanssipelei
FiveM RolePlaying server: San Andreas State Life Roleplay. It's focused on real life roleplay, so players could enjoy playing and even living in this city.
HardMode Games — постоянно развивающийся проект, посвященный серьезным играм на игровой платформе Arma 3. Мы пытаемся воспроизводить реально существовавшие и существующие военные конфликты (Гражданская война в Сирии, Югославия, Ирак, Чеченские кампании, вторжение в Панаму и др.). HMG сознательно обращается к сеттингу нашего времени (1980-2018гг.), так как только благодаря реальным знаниям, используя копии реального вооружения, существующих или существовавших штатных армейских структур и техники, возможно достичь реалистичных ситуаций и ощущений от игрового процесса. На сегодня мы стараемся привнести в игру новые интересные возможности и нестандартные игровые задачи, которые будут бросать вызов спортивному духу игроков. 🐧
Anime City RP. Come and battle others in Jump Force/J-stars style RP, or just hang out and mingle with others. We are relatively lax compared to other RP servers. We are more focused on "Slice of Life" events then anything. When you join, just submit a character, message a staff member and we can immediately get you rolling with the RP! Just make sure to keep your abilities on the low side of power, we only got the one city, so we cant have "city destroying" powers of course, but otherwise go nuts with your abilities! Join us! Its super fun!
Alpha Network Resmi Discord Sunucusu
Elite:Dangerous Powerplay group for Utopia (Pranav Antal)
This server is about worshiping me and only me for no reason just to be a funny xd laugh. I mean you can join and talk to me and my non existent friends, we have some weird emojis that are global if you want to use them. Come hang out with me. I need new friends
A text RP set during the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. This RP features many mechanics from tactics and commands to setting up outposts to deploying and supplying your troops. This RP also allows you to play as a High Command officer, organising the men en-mass to beat the Zulu threat, or you can play as a lowly Private on the frontline. The RP features 4 different regiments. The 24th Regiment of Foot, the 60th King's Royal Rifles, the 58th Regiment of Foot and the 91st Argyll Highlanders. We strive for historical accuracy as much as possible, in terms of communication, uniforms, weaponry, etc. However we also strive for players to make the war their war, changing history in their wake. Maybe this time around the British defend Isandlwana, maybe Rorke's Drift gets wiped out, who knows? Also if you are a bit intimidated don't worry, we are happy to help new players and those who don't know much about the war. See you on the frontline!
Une petite communauté de Role Play Yaoi, c'est ouvert à tous, tout contenue NSFW es dans des salons fait à cet effet et es réservé au personnes majeur mais es en aucun cas le principal de la commu On es assez ouverte mais on aime le respect des règles et des lois ♥ Hésité pas à venir, on accepte bien évidemment les OCs!
Just a server for SCP fans to chill out.
Battleplex minecraft community discord!
Server with People who has technical problems with FiveM. Join and we fix it!
SynologyRP owned by Syncryst. Owned by Antimony Studios.
Is a new SCP site showing up on roblox.
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