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If you've wrote 10 lines of code or if you have been writing code for 10 years, you're welcome here. The Programmer's Hangout (TPH) Welcomes all levels and is a great place to get a solid footing in programming.
If you've wrote 10 lines of code or if you have been writing code for 10 years, you're welcome here. The Programmer's Hangout (TPH) Welcomes all levels and is a great place to get a solid footing in programming.
Welcome to the first Discord server that is all about natural cures and treatments for disease! Are you into alternative medicine? If so, join now!
Yggdrasil is now an open server aimed at genuine and honest discussion fueled by passion, logic, reason and principal. It is young, it is quiet. Feel free to change that.
Hey bienvenue sur Kozmos ! Kozmos est un petit serveur sur l'astronomie et l'espace. Si vous aimez lever les yeux au ciel ou tout simplement aimez en parler, cet endroit est fait pour vous ! Partageons l'univers, telle est notre devise: partager notre passion avec d'autres passionnés. Le serveur comprend: -Des salons adaptés en fonction des sujets de discussion -Un staff compétant et à l'écoute -Un site web où nous publions régulièrement des articles: -Un bot créé spécialement pour le serveur -Trop peu de membres
Bird's Bumpin' Bungalow is a bird-care focused discord, with extra emphasis on the bird! The goal of the discord is to actively educate bird owners, lovers, activists everywhere! Always encouraging healthy care and research. Feel free to contribute as even the owners are always learning new things!
A fun discord server for chatting to people and being included! Enjoy debates as well as normal conversations and of course the cake! So why not join and have some fun? ^^ ALSO CAKE!? What's the point of the server? Having fun conversations and make some friends with the other people trapped among the cupcakes. A fun themed community group.
Wholistic is a discord server that wishes to unite people interested in healthy living. The word 'wholistic' derives its synonymous meaning from the word 'holistic' and refers to the emphasis and importance of the whole as well as the interdependence of its parts. We strive to take a wholesome approach to the topic in question, so as to be open, expand our awareness of how to go about leading an optimally healthy life, as well as shaping a loving community that values the sharing of information for the ascension journey of all. The three facets of Wholistic health entail physical, mental and spiritual health. The server seeks to accommodate these interconnected parts in such a way that even if you don't happen to emphasise certain aspects of health optimisation in areas of your own life, there will still be plenty of opportunities for you to learn and grow according to your own aspirations. In essence, all people with a care for their own and other's well-being are more than welcome.
We center our focus around growing the established community. Consider this your pit stop in life for both sharpening your introspection and developing your character. We usually discuss topics, such as, but not limited to: Philosophy, Psychology, Typology, Sciences, Mental Health, and Life Advice, as well as whatever that goes on in your lives. For those who are familiar, this is the successor of the server Cognition.
Hi, welcome to New Horizons! We are an academia-based server that focuses on the topic of space and all the fields that contribute to our understanding of it! Come explore our little corner of the galaxy!
We encourage the exploration of any and all subjects. Come join our cozy den!
A slightly "stolen" and edited description cause of laziness... Looking for another small server to waste your time or start lurking like a weirdo? If so, then you have come to the right place! I think! And that's cool, right? Heck, you might actually even like being here!... it even has... Emotes! I think, but I'm not sure, were even emotes uploaded? Who knows! Anyway, you like those Chinese cartoons and at times then being lewted, right? Stop that, it's weird, grow up. I mean join the server! As for how it is or isn't... They say you won't know if you like the beer until you have... Jupp you guessed it right, you have to chug down the entire thing! We are not wine tasters, well, not all of us! But a sip will do you no good!
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