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» Anime, Manga, Nightcore etc. | A growing community with similar interests. | Tatsumaki | Music | Ranks | Kind members with an open heart! ヾ(`∀´)ノ゙ Since you went this far, you seem to be interested, my cutie~, » To have you and others included in our family and community would help us more to reach our goal to connect each other. Our goal is for people to have the opportunity to find new friends and people to talk to. We are basically interested in the following topics: Anime • Manga • Nightcore • Art • Gaming • Music • Roleplaying etc. However, you have almost unlimited possibilities of topics to talk about. Everyone is welcome to join. We would like everyone to have the opportunity to meet others peacefully! We look forward to your membership. ヾ(`∀´)ノ゙
Get yourself some roles, unlock some channels, make friends establish some connections get good grades. live better.. walmart..... oops wrong place anyways everyone is welcomed! enjoy the good vibes! We are gaming community with our headquarters located in Garry's Mod. We run servers like TTT, Prophunt, Last Prop Standing and few others.
Hello and welcome to Omega Crystal. The server that mixes many things together like Gaming, Roleplay, and Minigames. It is just meant to be a fun server.
Welcome to the Secret Oasis!! Here at the The Secret Oasis, we aim to bring together Taylor Swift fans together for a place to meet other fans, form friendships and share their love for Taylor. We strive to provide a safe environment that is bully and harassment-free. We play games, have fun events. We have დ Friendly members and staff დ Music bot & music channel დ Multiple text channels დ Special roles დ Badges დ A fun leveling bot & level roles დ Daily Questions დ Game nights/Movie nights დ Featured member დ And so much more! დ Self-assigning roles Coming Soon დ Gaming bot დ Our very own bot დ Monthly newsletter დ Minecraft Server დSo much more That isn't all! We are always looking for ways to improve our community and would love for you to join us!
Welcome to Café Panda! We serve positive vibes and fun times so come and make yourself at home in our warm and welcoming server!
˜”°•.˜”𝒲𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝓉𝑜 𝓔𝓬𝓵𝓲𝓹𝓼𝓮.”˜.•°”˜ Looking for a friendly and welcoming place to just chill? Welcome to Eclipse! We're a small server looking to grow and have fun, and we'd love to have you with us. We have lots of fun and cute emotes, and also some fun bots to play around with! (15+ server) (18+ with verification for NSFW content) (Looking for partnerships!) Enjoy!x
A place for people to hangout , socialize and be friendly! Chill chat and fun channels :P Come join us!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔷 Leveling System 🔴 VERY SWEET MEMES 🔷 Partnership is offered out
Welcome to Delinquents! We are trying to build our server again, and gain members due to us being raided. Hopefully you join us, and support us! Here is what we offer to you as a server: -- Introductions -- Self roles -- Main chat -- Partnerships -- Venting -- Writing channel -- Selfies -- Memes -- Aesthetic pictures -- songs -- Bots -- Gamers and more what are we as a server? - We are a server, mostly devoted to mental health, and supporting people through it. However, we accept everyone here as long as they are not being a cunt, or bitch for absolutely no reason. Owner: Addy #9893 Co-owner: Lisp #2785 (Alex)
➼We are a fun loving space themed community of gamers, anime lovers, memers and all types of creative geniuses! ➼We're a small but growing community. ➼We want to meet new people and just have a good time. ➼We are a very social and always welcome new people ➼We also welcome creators, small You-tubers and budding artists, providing inspiration and tips from semi professionals. We have a variety of people, all eager to showcase their talent and help others. We hope future members appreciate the security and safety measures we go to ensure this safe little "space" stays fluent and open for all of you ;) Come in and join the family!! We'll be waiting soldier! :rocket:
Created by Soldier-boy03 this server was made to to help others grow their social media everyone is welcome to Join and share your Social media such as Instagram,YouTube,Twitch etc but as long as you follow all the rules.I hope that you Enjoy your stay on my server and that we can help you grow out your Social media and be sure to share with your friends and others
One of the most peaceful and nicest servers you will ever be in. Very friendly and adorable community!
A place for ONCEs to meet new people! Mainly a TWICE Server but we have many people who enjoy other groups! a unique place, built around a close knit group of friends, we have event nights for comebacks, movie nights. Member channels, Bot for Social media updates. Trading\Merchandise and many other things! Don't be afraid to jump in and say hi!
Group of teen degenerates just looking to chat online. We are looking to build a fun and active community that can talk about anything. We don't discriminate here. Some of the main topics include gaming and anime for an example. We are currently small hoping to expand into something great and fun where we can voice chat and have fun. Try us out!
Friends? Check. Active chat? Check. Awesome e-grandma? Check. Join us for a good time and new friends.
Aesthetic Dating is a server dedicated to letting people meet others in a chill and stress free environment. Our goal is to let everyone be themselves without punishment (within reason of course^^) so that you can meet people that enjoy you and themselves. If you have any problems at all, never be afraid to message the owners or anyone who may be staff!
Lewd Empire
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Lewd Empire is an amazing server dedicated to weebs and people who wish to express their inner-lewdness. The server itself is mainly a friendly community discord server focusing on its members and their happiness. We do have an nsfw server that you may not access unless you are 18+, so everyone is welcome and safe from seeing the things they don't need to see ;w; Join the Lewd Discord Server!
The Pokémon Resort, a place where everyone is welcome to hang out and have a good time. We aim to be the nicest and friendliest Pokémon server out there. If you're looking for a place to meet new people and possibly make new friends, then this is the server for you. Come check us out if you're interested.
Online sports bar - pull up a chair and talk some basketball! We also provide live streams for current NBA games, which is located in one of our channels if you join! :) Check it out! *We are the official NBA Discord server.
Flat Earth Official, the one and only Official Flat Earth Discord! Everyone is welcome here regardless of your personal beliefs or background, we encourage healthy debate and banter.
Welcome to Viper's Pit! We are a very friendly, social, and active 18+ community looking for more people to join our circle of friends. If you are looking to chill, hangout, and meet new people, this is the place! We are always happy to welcome new members, get to know them better, and bond over food, memes, anime, pokemon, sports, music, and life in general. This server includes movie nights, music/voice channels, memes, contests, art, therapy, and more! If you are looking for a new server that values quality over quantity, come on in and join the fun!
★ Join the most fabulous server on Discord with spectacular staff. Supportive and LGBTQ friendly! ★
• •Hey, Everyone! We Want You! • • • •I hope you want to join PG Boss’s Server • • We would like you as a member of our Community. • •What we offer • • Self assignable roles • Gaming • Debates Art and Photography Many fun and useful bots Events Advertising Partnerships for growing your server! • •Always looking for partners • • Banner: • •If you're interested in joining: • •
Interstellar Mix is a friendly community-based server. It is great way to make friends, squander time, and have fun! You can talk about anything at any time. Don't be afraid to pour your heart out in this server. We will respect whatever you say. This server is also 100% appropriate. ALL are welcome! Now including: events, giveaways, polls, self-assignable roles, cool bots, evels, ranks, XP, and much more! Join now to help the growth of the server.
Hello there! 👋 We come bearing an invitation to **The Haven**, a server unlike others out there! Like our name suggests, we are a haven, a place to get away to, a tightly knit community! It's a server that'll surely become a part of your daily routine!
A chill server where you can talk about anything with other Asianz Welcome to Asianz! It's not necessary that you're Asian to join we're mostly Asians here but it's ok if you're not.
A small but friendly server. Join the war between the Duckarmy and Cookielord Kingdom or just relax and find some new Friends. You can also suggest some new lobbys/commands since the server is always getting updated
₩elcome to the Sᴛʀᴏɴɢʜᴏʟᴅ, a relaxed and mature (20+) environment for intellectual conversation without the constant shit-posting interrupting your thoughts. ℌere we encourage in-depth, thought-provoking conversation that you may not have a place for anywhere else. We are a exclusive safe-haven that employs the calmer, more relaxed pace of of Discord land.
NGM - 314
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NGM - 314: Medium-sized, active server with loads of great people. We have: + Emojis + Loads of obtainable roles + Bots + Events + Occasional giveaways Always open to ideas & suggestions!
Infamous ones is a Mental health focused server that was made for, ASPD, Schizophrenic. people primarily, however other mental disorders are welcomed here, Keep in mind this server may contain *NSFW content (in NSFW) channels *TCC (true crime community) without the gorey content *This server follows Discord TOS* No children allowed.
Welcome to Supreme™, a semi-anarchy server where you can be yourself. This server is meant to be a community for people to communicate with each other. This server has many conversation for certain text channel for people to chat on. We even have tons of fun channels and bots to use with yourself or others to get a better experience with another. We have tons of giveaways and events for users to conversate and we can't wait to do it with you guys.
Comfy place for nice people! Minimalistic design and casual talk. Unique emojis and bots. Jazzy music and vintage aesthetics. Friendly members and a calm environment. Drop by and see you like it ♡
If you enjoy cubing, this is the server for you. This server is active with a bunch of cubers. We have plenty staff members to answer your questions. This server also involves a bot that generates scrambles for you to race with others! We hope to see you around.
This is a place where you can hangout with other introverts after hours.
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~ A place for people who just want forget about walking on eggshells for a few moments ~ We do have 1 rule in place, post content in appropriate channels. Everything else is pretty much limitations and filters that our members impose onto themselves ~ It's a community driven server, where people are responsible for their environment. `Warning, server may sometimes get extremely NSFW`
A comfy hangout to chit-chat with other nice people. Luna's Tavern has several channels for many subjects including MBTI, astrology, philosophy, gaming, music, and more. Come say hello!
dis is a kool and ebil serber for shidbosting and bully niceposders lole ebil has won!!!
Um servidor inútil onde pessoas inúteis falam sobre coisas inúteis. Português-Brasil
Jeśli szukasz polskiej społeczności, gdzie możesz porozmawiać z ciekawymi osobami, pograć z fajnymi osobami i pośmiać się, to dobrze trafiłeś :-)
Gumdrop Kingdom ☆ We're a small server so far but most of the active people are really nice and we have some simple rules imo. We try to keep it wholesome and kind so itd be appreciated if you didn't join just to troll pls. We have a currency of cows, you can use the !work, !slut and, !crime commands to earn cows in gambling channels. Just be careful cause you can easily go into debt ☆ Join if you enjoy gaming make friends, enjoy music, anime, or art. ^-^
[PC][18+] Just some friends playing some games. We are a small community of (mostly) PC gamers who just like to hang out, try new games, post memes, and talk about cool tech stuff. Everyone 18+ is welcome! We have per-game self-assignable roles as well! And also we have a minecraft server!
Welcome to Hell! A server with a hellish aesthetic. We are an active and growing community. A social server with close friends including; - Active VC's - Daily Music Sessions - Self-Promo channel to promote your content or server! - Rise above the rest with your rank by being active in the chat! - No toxic users are allowed. - Events and more! Heaven is boring... Join us in HELL!
We’ll never know if we are the best server out there for advertising, but we do work hard to try and achieve that. Just give the server a try, if I were you; I wouldn’t regret it. - A chat for spamming your server! - Has channel for channel adverts! - Has Streamer & Youtuber roles! - A reward system for chatting! - Advertise your own server! Other self-assignable roles! Find new servers! - Colour roles!
Small casual/chill community with a hostel theme and a unique random room assignment system! Hugs and cookies for everyone!
✩❀ - STEP OUT! This is my one and only Stray Kids Server Fan Base! ~ A Place Where You Can: ✧ Chat with respectful individuals, ✧ Have fun events, ✧ Listen to music, ✧ Get updates/news, ✧ Receive Free Pictures of Stray Kids through member categories with a chat for all, ✧ AND MORE! :・✧Whether or not you know Stray Kids, you are always welcome to join.✧・: ☆*.+ We look forward to you joining this fanbase, and we guarantee that you will have fun here ♥(ノ´∀). ☆*.+
Cold Ones
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:tada: Cold Ones is a place to chill and hang out. :tada: Each role is given to a person based on how active they are with the server. You can self assign roles to yourself with neat titles and what not. The only thing the we won't be lenient with is other server links outside our partnership. So please join and help get this community growing. :wink:
We are a small community, with a cute animal aesthetic, focused on helping others open up and feel like part of our family. We strive to keep our server a positive, family friendly, and welcoming environment. Come make friends and relish the love! * Cute and positive atmosphere * Color and expressive roles * LGBT and furry friendly * Daily hugs and head pats * 13+ and SFW
We talk and send messages EVERYDAY. We want one day to be 48 hours. Join if u love sprite and other pop
Small Community of people Slowly growing, just pretty chill. we mainly type but trying to get more people to chat in calls Owner is a streamer we Try and talk to eachother as much as we can -Memes -Selfies -Artworks - Alot of Bots for games and extra - Loyalty Rewards - Decent ranking system
active big political server, many debate channels and new channels that are auto updated so you can keep up with the latest news, accepting anyones opinions.
New guild with no drama, dedicated to making a comfy space, to help you know that you'll always have friends when you need them most! Giveaways active. :) Pokecord, Pokeverse, lots of colour roles, bio roles, well moderated (if I may say so myself), kind people, small friend guild, rabbit with a group, whatever we want this to be, it can happen! STAFF & PM OPENINGS!
This is the official Glitchtale Wiki community server. If you're a fan of Glitchtale, it's a great place to hang out! ❥ You want a server to find cool new friends? ❥ Interested in Undertale, Glitchtale, Deltarune, Anime, Games, or Pokemon? ❥ Are you curious about a community-based server, animated/non-animated emotes, and sweet roles? ❥ Are you an Artist/Musician/Developer/Writer, or looking for a server with channels dedicated to your hobbies? ❥ Are you a fan of Glitchtale and interested in the official Glitchtale Wiki community server? Then join us!
Welcome to Planet Tiger! This is a small server with bots and lots of chats to mess around in. Come check it out and see if you would like to stay. We have a bunch of nerd here so come make some friends with these weird but fun people ❤
Welcome to the Black Mesa Research Facility, an unofficial Half-Life fan Discord. We mainly discuss the Half-Life franchise, but we also have off-topic banter, and we’re generally pretty laid back. While the server is predominantly Half-Life 1-themed, every Half-Life title is up for discussion. We offer a wide variety of channels, a colourful range of Half-Life themed roles, and a few Half-Life themed bots. They’re waiting for you Gordon, in the test chamberrrrr. :)
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Welcome to Thighland! We are a growing and friendly community, who are always looking for new people to hang out with! If you'd like to give us a shot, go ahead and join! We are constantly updating the server with new content, so there will always be new things to enjoy here!
Um servidor Brasileiro do Discord, focado em apenas conversar, possuimos Mini-Games, NSFW, Musica, e muito mais :D venha conversar com a gente, Staff e Suporte quase 24 horas.
Server for anime fans, or anyone in general. We avoid toxicity and are casual. Feel free to stop by.
Amethyst - Community + Amethyst community+ is a friendly community server with the aim to build a friendly, sociable and safe community. This server contains events, giveaways, levelled roles with rewards and plenty of bots! We're a new server trying to build very friendly and safe community where you can speak up about things and socialise. We strive to create a community that is accepting of all beliefs and cultures no matter how different people are. We would like to grow as a large server that keeps its motto and improves.
Le serveur proposera prochainement des tournois sur différents jeux comme par exemple Fortnite, Overwatch ou Paladins, pourquoi pas ? :thinking: , au début ce sera des tournois pour le fun et monter en réputation puis pourquoi pas faire avec des cash prises. Comme on dit, chaque chose en son temps donc on ira tout doucement au début puis tout viendra petit à petit :smile: Je compte sur vous pour puber et rejoindre le serveur par la même occasion pour nous permettre de nous agrandir et monter dans les tops serveurs de Discord De plus voici nos objectifs dans le temps : -Avoir le plus de dons possibles pour lutter contre le cancer du sein via des dons. -Organiser le plus d'événements possible comme des tournois, des compétitions ou autre. -Augmenter notre communauté tout simplement et surtout vous faire kiffer un maximum. -Lutter contre le __**CANCER DU SEIN**__
Sussex downs radio link is a global open chat community network radio style channel on zello and linked with discord. Topical conversations or just general chats throughout the day. If the channels are quiet just a simple hello is usually enough to get something started. English speaking and no swearing on channel.
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