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Up And Coming Rocket League ORG. Competitive Players Can Do Tournaments With An Active Team. Casual Players Can Have A Place To Meet People And Have Fun.
A fan Discord server for all Aston Villa fans to discuss everything AVFC related. Invite:
Coming soon
Discord Oficial da Black Wolf E-Sport Team
This is a public server for Mercedes-Benz fans on Discord. Everyone is welcome! Owning a Benz is not required! General MB talk, from car purchase, repairs to motorsports are covered here.
The only time you'll want too many surfers in the line up.
A server for all things sailing
The biggest discord server for Football Manager Fans
In Development
A server that welcomes all football fans! More specifically, the focus is tailored towards national team football. But all football fans are more than welcome.
A Team Clap é uma equipa focada em crescer e ter o maximo reconhecimento possivel. O nosso objetivo é fornecer suporte para os jogadores crescerem e para aqueles que desejam alcançar o "Flow" em todos os jogos!
This will be taken down at some time by me
Comunidad HablaHispana de juegos multijugador. FiveM (RolePlay) Arma 3 (RolePlay) Arma 3 (Simulación) Unturned (RolePlay) Minecraft
A world wide Premier League server for all football fans alike. This server is primarily English speaking but we are accepting of everyone! Rival fans, great banter, live scores and updated league tables are just a few of the things you'll find here alongside everyone's favourite bots. Come and join the best all-round football server discord has to offer! + Exclusive global live-score updater! + Live feed of the latest transfers and football news around the world + Livestreams of EVERY Premier League, EL and UCL match in their designated matchday channels + Friendly staff + Leveling system + Exclusive Club Chats
Serveur dédié aux abonnés de la chaîne SebiLab Football Manager. On y parle bien évidemment des vidéos, d'FM, de foot en général, mais aussi de plein d'autres choses.
A community for The Dragon Prince, a fantasy computer-animated television series on Netflix. Watch season 2 of The Dragon Prince now on Netflix:
The #1 Seahawks Server with roles, news, predictions and live gameday channels.
Hip Hop Music is a server, about hip hop & many other things. We talk mostly hip hop but also sports, anime etc, it is also for rappers & producers to network.
Join thousands of other baseball fans with live game chats, fantasy leagues, team channels, fun points betting, streaming advice and a whole lot more!
Oglądamy Fame MMA 4 - transmisje
Welcome to the College Sports Network! CSN is a college sports server focusing on College Football and College Basketball. We have discussion channels for college basketball and football, off-topic channels, conference channels to brag about your conference, and voice channels!
Se gostas de futebol e queres partilhar a tua experiência com os mais diversos adeptos do futebol português entra já no Isto é Futebol! Eventos, giveaways, debates, noticias e muito mais!
Join this server for great NBA content What it offers: -Discussion about NBA and other leagues -Trade and other news -Debates -Mini games -Rank levels system -Friendly and reachable staff Please consider joining!
Hey people that like football and PES. It's been a slow week for PES but we have a small announcement! Just wanted to let anybody who is interested in chatting about football, friendlies, tournaments or PES that we'll be moving to a new Discord server with updated channels, new roles, a levelling system based on your comments, and many new bots that just facilitate a better user experience (a bot that posts tweets and new posts from the subreddit automatically, for example). If you're already in the server you'll have seen some chatter about the move, if not you're welcome to join us and chat with newbies and veterans in PES alike. We're also considering applying for Discord Partnership with our sub, so hopefully the experience between the sub and the server will be more streamlined.
This is a awesome server for fans of American Football from all over. If you are not very knowledgeable of new leagues or players come to our experts at the World of Football! Come join us to learn, talk, make friends, and find stats! Our goal for this server is to be very active and have many members!
ECHL, SPHL, and FHL standings, news, and more! We are a new server but would love to grow into a big community of like-minded hockey fans!
Welcome to the XFL 2020 Server! We have team roles, XFL Standings, News, etc. As well as chat for other Football leagues and other topics as well! Come join the community!
This is a Rocket League Trading server. Here can you find best trade offers and trade fast with people around the world. You can also find Rocket League teammates here!
Cola Com Nos GUYS!!!
A fun place to chat about Formula 1. We are always adding new features to the server for our users to enjoy, we also have some hilarious emojis for those perfect reactions. Come check us out.
genuine cricket server for all cricket fans around the globe to be united under.
Calling all Real Madrid fans! Fans of other teams are welcome too!
Discord Sports Bar! Join us to talk all things NFL - pull up a seat and enjoy the game. We host live game chats, predictions polls, betting systems, movie nights and more.
We are a server that give you lots of coupons Free food vouchers that always work If you are a hungry being we are the all you can eat buffet
We are a small community with a focus on thewonderful world of professional wrestling. We hope to have live chats for major wrestling promotions. We want to expand our list of wonderful companies we have channels for but we need to build our community to allow this growth. Hope to see you in the squared circle when you join our little community
Come join this server for all fans of the NHL and Hockey! We got roles for all teams! Non-toxic chats, Friendly mods! What are you waiting for come join!
Une petite communauté soudée, composée de connaisseurs en sport et en santé, et surtout de gens qui veulent améliorer leur style de vie ! Petit staff actif, très ouvert aux propositions Challenges toutes les semaines, en sport ou en nutrition ! salons dédiés aux plannings sportifs, aux photos de progression physique, aux listes d'aliments conseillés et bien plus ! ;)
Server about the EURO 2020 qualifications and other football things!
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