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We are a gaming community based on having fun and chilling. We also have a streaming team that helps small streamers connect with each other and help each other grow. Interested in joining the team? Join our Discord and ask an admin or mod. Cheers!
FUNSTATION GAME Votre Radio Stream faite pour vous! Avec une sélection de meilleure Streamer! UN JEUX CHAQUE MOIS A GAGNER!
Freedom Phaser is a budding educational community geared towards personal growth, quality communication, and creating a culture of excellence. Embark on a hero's journey, and join other heroes to create a synergistic environment. Discord channel includes a Great Books of the Western World book club, civil debates, and a live stream that airs three days a week.
Esse é um servidor de jogos dedicado a apoiar um streamer iniciante chamado Ozzy HQ que joga minibworld free fire e e outros jogos...
This server is about helping bring friends and community together I’m a Twitch Affiliate and this server is so people can make friends and to build our community!
Servidor de Roleplay Aqui sabem mais informações sobre o servidor de roleplay Poderam falar com admins & outros players Etc...
Welcome to the Apex Legends Rocks server! You can easily find squad members to play with. Find out news about the game and our website.
Playing with ImDeadLine or ManofFire
Айтишник, геймер, алкоголик. Люблю сиськи. Играю в денди. Я показываю ретро игры, качественное инди, рогалики, песочницы с открытым миром и классические ММO. Если тебе нравится, что то из этого списка, то добро пожаловать и до встречи в сети!
#GameOfThrones Türkiye discord sunucusu açıldı! Bu gece 04:00'de canlı yayın ve bölümlerin linkine discorddan ulaşabilirsiniz. Discord sunucusuna katılmak için :
Hey guys. I just wanna say a few things. This server was worked for about a week beffore being oppened to the public and i really put a lot of work in this server because i wanted to see people joining it and having the most fun they could get and i hope that all of you have fun. This is a Gaming server and it has: -An Rankup sistem -Staff Applying Channels _Dedicated staff -Custom Clubs that you can join So i hope you all enjoy the server and have fun. Bye!
In this server were offering you the best experience! You can find economy systems, fun bots, minigames. We have a lot of active staff members and we are looking for partners Many people like self assignable roles and we are adding in a lot of them soon! We do include a Self Promotion channel and weekly giveaways! Enjoy!
Discord Server für die Twitch Streamerin Lucyina! Hier könnt ihr euch mit anderen Viewern und natürlich Lucyina austauschen. Sie streamt aktuell hauptsächlich League of Legends und Aion. Weitere Games folgen!
Hey, si tu recherches un serveur tranquille où tu peux parler de cinéma / vidéos / photos ou autre alors tu frappes à la bonne porte ! Ce serveur est fait pour trouver des personnes qui veulent s'améliorer ou donner des conseils sans prise de tête. Si tu veux des conseils sur le matériel nécessaire pour faire des photos des vidéos ou du stream il y a sur ce serveur des channels prévus pour ça ! Tu peux même si tu le souhaites faire des vidéos ou des lives car des channels sont également prévues pour cela. Des événements sont bien évidemment prévus comme une diffusion de film, concours photos, vidéos ou bien même des choses plus tranquilles... Si tu es motivé à rejoindre le serveur alors je t'en prie tu es le ou la bienvenu(e) !
Wassup dawg we gaming
Repulse Gaming - FREE entry to PAID tournaments - KEEP your winnings - Practice with PROFESSIONALS - Join an AMAZING community!
Ein kleiner Smash, Splatoon, Mario Kart und Streamer Discord zum Zocken, unterhalten, und News erhalten!
Server of
🔴[GermanTwitchCommunity]🔴 ⭕Das Ziel des Servers ist die Streamer und (deren) Zuschauer zu vernetzen. ⭕ Weitere Infos zu unserem Konzept findet ihr auf dem Server❗❗❗ 🔶Was wir für Streamer bieten:🔶 🔸Sobald du live gehst wird dein Stream im #🔴live-benachrichtigung Channel gepostet. 🔸Eigener Chatroom 🔸Freischaltung zur Nutzung der Live-Sprach-Channels. 🔸Vorstellung eures Twitch-Channels in der Vorstellungskategorie 🔸Das Ankündigen von besonderen Anlässen (beispielweise 24h Stream, Giveaways, eigener GameServer (z.B. in Minecraft), …) [ #╔📌ankündigungen ] 🔸Den Rang und die dazugehörigen Berechtigungen extra Channel nur für Broadcaster 🔸Viele andere coole Dinge *Die Voraussetzungen findet ihr auf dem Server❗
Serveur Discord de la communauté à Maychina
Todos bem vindos! Venham e divirtam-se com a nossa comunidade
it's AfterMidnight folks!
This is a server where we all come together as a community to support each other and help each other grow, my friend and I are joining together trying to grow a tiny community of streamers that are willing to help each other whether it means lurking, following, chatting, etc, so we will be here to help each other with lurks, hosts, and much more. So how it is going to go down is we will have a VIP section of the community, these people are a part of the bigger team which will be able to send out a notification to the entire server whenever they go live, then we will have the verified streamers side of the discord which will consist of being able to self promote in a much more limited chat than the regular channel. Anyways I hope you hop in and enjoy your time networking and have fun!
The Official server of
Minecraft server "SHINOBI MC", 2019 coming soon!
Typhoon TV server for android entertaiment app for watchin tv shows and movies based on Terrarium tv!
RalFinger YouTube und Twitch Discord Server
Comunidad TaTuista donde venimos a pasarla bien entre todos. 🎌 Comunidad hispanoparlante. 🎧 Bots con Música y radio 24/7. 🎮 Usuarios para variedad de juegos. 😊 Haz amigos en la comunidad. 😎 No flammear, divertirse entre todos. Cualquier duda que tengas puedes hablar con los moderadores del servidor, siempre están para ayudar. 😉Tienes ideas de que agregar al servidor, puedes enviárnosla en privado(Moderadores/MiniTaTus) como también en el mismo servidor del discord, te esperamos, toda sugerencias son bienvenidas Canal de twitch del creador: Canal de twitch de moderador: ¡¡Te esperamos!! 😀
discord communautaire
A Discord for people that Support and watch Healshot
Rules&Regulations No Racism No Self Promoting unless authorized No Spamming No Swearing/harassment Don't ask to become a Admin/Moderator Treat others with respect Use Designated text channels Don't argue with Staff Members Don't abuse your role
A Discord community dedicated around the online game Dead by Daylight with kind staff and a chill community.
ProFam, join our Discord today!
Voici le serveur Discord de la Shinsekai Fansub !! Nous sommes une équipe de passionnés qui traduisons multiples animés, mais notre projet principal reste le seul et l'unique... One Piece !! Sur notre serveur vous pourrez donc trouver différents animés que nous traduisons, et que nous postons directement dessus (exemple : One piece, Kagegurui, Dororo, Irozuku Sekai...) Plusieurs salons vocaux et écris pour en discuter avec les autres membres, et plein d'autres activités funs qui valent vraiment le détour ! Hâte de vous y retrouver !
A server for my stream! You can follow me on as well on This server is for fans!
This is a brand new server based around rainbow six siege We offer LFG, Ranked voice chats, Teams, and once more people join we will offer private skrims, possibly with a prize pool We are in early days and have very few people Anyone is welcome and as we grow we will consider adding more games and making it a gaming server
Hi This is a Discord server which contains LOTS of roles which dontain all the characters (This Is A Fan Discord)
Ламповый сервер пренадлежащий милой стримерше. На сервере вы сможете пообщатся с адекватным комьюнити и просто приятно провести время. Рады всем)
Join Nonolive's server where small streamers gather to talk and gain the opportunity to make money from their stream! Join for more info!
The Official discord server of the youtuber/twitcher *A4Papier*
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