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Helmed by a Streamer/Youtuber EzyCommunity is a Streamer/Youtuber community built around hype/game speculation/recognition/game updates and a place for everyone to chill. With it's ever changing theme based on the latest titles we encourage fresh new fans to join and chat!
Gaming, Discussion, Politics Free, SFW
YÖNETİM EKİBİ : @Qaxy @CiennizS @Mertcan795''
Discord for the =OMNICIDAL= DayZ Servers.
This is the chaotic Discord server of the Twitch streamer MaximzM []
Join this amazing Zone Wars Hosting Discord Server. Where you and your friends can host your own zone wars. Or you could just join the zone wars that the Host will always host at 2pm and at 10:30pm also its a 2.0 because we got raided so we would like for you to join
Welcome to ChisdealHD Discord, where all his Coding / Livestream and many more. We are Small Discord over 93 Members and i do livestream over dlive / Twitch / Mixer and over YouTube too. But theres other places too you like visit all in my discord too. Please note: i am looking for Dlive streamers that willing help me Grow my Dlive then my Twitch, and if Up for it then DM me in my Discord. Thanks #DliveFamily #TwitchFamily #YouTuber #EXPGatherers
A place for all Australian Youtubers to get together to chat collab.
EnragedGames Presents: Da Union a Community based group that supports and Helps each other grow, whether or not your just a social gamer or looking for a group to play with or your a beginner streamer looking to grow your audience. with a strong foundation to back you we are here to provide all the tools from tech help, to building your first setup to even looking for a graphic designers to upgrade your stream We are here to help.
Group of People that just like to talk and play games. Come relax after work or long day with the kids. Engage in conversations and debate ideas. BUT most of all Have FUN! TsM (TeamSteveMcGill) is a gaming community since the days of Counter-Strike 1.6. Most of it is ran by 30yrs+ individuals and a family like group for years now. Always looking to expand that family
The Meme Team's Discord Rules • Extreme Toxicity is highly discouraged • Post images, links, videos, etc in the appropriate channels • Extreme Racism/Sexism or Homophobia is highly discouraged • You must follow Discord's Terms of Service while in this Discord server.
Come check out the brand new minecraft Pixelmon Server! Server is now open! (PST) Over $1,000 in giveaways! AND $500 GIVEN AWAY IN FIRST 24 HOURS Check #giveaways for more info IP: Trailer: Website: Discord:
Serveur d'un streamer débutant (LaTacheGaming) bientôt 200 membres, giveaway récurent, recrute des modérateurs, administrateurs, graphistes !
Hledáš pohodovou komunitu s aktivním A-team? Pokud ano tak jsi ji právě našel máme dostatek voice roomek rádio a mnohem více tak neváhej a připoj se.
Need people to join a community ran server!
Este servidor serve para ter todos os meus subscritores, donators e seguidores na Twitch.
Initially official Disord server of RNG Gods community on Twitch, now we accept any gamers, streamers and artists from all over the world to engage in jolly cooperation and conversation
TQM Network for streamers is a Exclusive StreamTeam for true active supportive members who lurk/host/raid eachother on a daily base. Do you think you have what it takes to become a true active supportive TQM StreamTeam member? Show us what you got on active support! Host,Lurk,Raid - Network and Support, make the effort to get to know eachother! We offer sponsorships and oppertunitys via our sponsor agent for streamers small and big. We offer a streamteam for more close support to one and eachother. And we have a great leadership
Este servidor é dedicado a falar sobre coisas relacionadas a K-pop. É focado em grupos femininos e, também, possui canais lewd e nsfw. Português brasileiro é nossa língua principal, mas inglês também é permitido. This server is dedicated to talk about K-pop stuff. It's focused on girl groups and also has a lewd and nsfw channels. Brazilian portuguese is our main language, but English is allowed.
Official discord for Mayze. Twitch:
**NEW SERVER** Come join The Salt Squad! 16+ Slap some memes down. Get salty and use those dank emojis. We are a gaming based server with live streamer notifications. There is many interactive roles to choose from. Also we have a store, where you can gamble in house currency to save up and buy new roles. Plenty of chat rooms and voice rooms to choose from. Active Owner and moderators. (we are open to suggestions and separate clan/group roles so you can sit in your own private channels)
If you're looking for an active server for all types of games Contagion Gaming is for you! Contagion Gaming (CG) is all about having fun, we have a passion for gaming and are looking to expand into many genres of gaming as a group. We’re all about having a great time with friends, both old and new. We have a very active group and have lots of plans for the future! Including Giveaways, Streaming, Youtube and more!! Come join us!!
We are a community that lives to help others. We help with everything that has to do with streaming, whether that is setting up your overlays, panels, social media, or more technical stuff. Make new friends, network with others, and have fun in games!
Server de jogo para as pessoas conversarem
nimo tv sidney silva
Fun server with twitch streamers,youtubers and more! Come play with us or just talk and make friends.
YOOOOOOO!!!!! So to be purrfectly honest, I made this server for my fans and viewers on twitch (currently 0) lmao. However, I'm also quite bored so basically I decided that "All Hail Us" is just a going to be a really cool server to hang out on if you're a really cool weeb, otaku, or even a gamer. It's just really sad though if you're not one of the three, but don't worry for this server's rules forbid people from being an ass. winkwinkwink Don't worry, I got ya'll. :joy: Anyways, enjoy you noobs lol.
Anime | Gaming | Communities | Comunidad
Hi there, thanks stopping by to see what this server is about. This server is dedicated to Xylium#5800's streams whenever he goes live on twitch. If you want to be updated on his stream, then feel free to join and hang out with the other people on the server, we do have a small verification system so be aware!
Avapire's Shire is a friendly place to enjoy gaming with others, chat, post memes, and have a good time. We are small, but i hope that we could turn into a big community someday! This server is tied to Avapire's twitch streams, where they play various games and chat with anyone who feels free to join!
We stream and create entertainment for charity. We are a company of non profit. We are looking to help grow content creators around. Feel free to come join and also advertise.
Join if you want to simply have fun with me!
We're a new group of twitch streamers and gamers, anyone and everyone is welcome to join!
This server was made to spread the love! To help streamers grow, to build friendship, or to find games with other people to play with!
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The Discord focuses on Streaming, gaming and being part of a community. Other streamers can share their own streams and share the love. While gamers can connect with others. This is a family & furry friendly Discord channel that currently focuses on Twitch, Youtube and Second Life.
3000+ Military Servicemembers from the United States. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and USCG. Three US Army Chaplains and Certified Behavioral Health Professionals Available We are a Military based Gaming Community geared towards the rationale and mindset of Active Duty, Reserve Components, and Veterans of all branches, including our NATO allies. Military Spouse and those interested in military service are encouraged to join. JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE: PTSD, TBI, Mental Health, et cetera.
just a server were you can live stream and talk to livestreamers.
Discord Server for the DrDronez community to discuss a variety of topics. Mostly related to sci-fi/Space games such as Star Citizen!
The official Discord Server for the Wikipedia Bot and yaman071.
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