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```-Amacımız-``` **Alyans Lojistik Ailesi Olarak Daima Samimiyet Ve Saygı Ve Sevgi Ön Plandadır En Başta Olmak Üzere Biz Bir Aileyiz ve Bize Katılanlar Kuralları Kabul etmiş sayılır Alyans Lojistik Ailesi Her Daim Kaliteli Konvoylarla Öne Çıkacaktır Ailemizde Kesinlikle Küfüre , Saygısızlığa Asla Yer Yoktur**
Support server for mShop
Witaj Drogi Kolego Szukasz Grafiki i Nie Wiesz Kto Ją zrobi to nie problem tu znajdziesz grafików
Rs Scripts
CyTube tech support
This is an unofficial server for help with the Discord platform and related
Sunucumuza hoş geldin
Elite Ranks - Undisputed No.1 Gambling Discord
The server is intended as a place of community for people who may be experiencing painful symptoms of arthritis and other related degenerative conditions that cause significant pain. We are here to support those undergoing these conditions and promote wellness through a positive, friendly environment of discussion and community support.
Server De Minecraft
Hola amigos, este es un nuevo servidor de free fire donde encontraras amigos para jugar,tantos de pc como en movil. Tambien hay canales de noticias, musica y demas... se daran roles a los primeros usuarios en entrar.
Sunucumuz Popüler Bir Csgo Sunucusudur.
boardcast bot
Toca do BearBot, um bot de discord com varias funções legais ;)
KFC Solutions
Scurvy Tavern is a Sea of Thieves clan open to PvE and PvP players. Join and meet up with a plethora of players AND Content Creators.
A Minecraft Server
LGS is a gaming community.
One with the pack -This is a gaming hub for veterans by veterans and anyone who is either thinking about joining themselves or has family that was or is currently residing within the military
Fala Galera, Esse Server No Dc E Para Um um Suporte | Ajuda Para Nosso Servidor De Minecraft
Dedicated to Smile Game Builder (SGB). Whether you have questions about SGB or about models or want to chat, this is the place for you.
Um Server Onde Fala Tudo Sobre o Discord, Noticias, Bugs Legais e Programação De Bots Em Brasileiro :D
sTap Gaming Fortnite Team
Welcome to the FriendExchange discord, where you can add friends who aren't mutuals with you! Needed to friend someone who isn't on the same server with you? Don't want to make your own server just to add a friend and do nothing after? This is just the goto place for that! Note that chat and other functions are disabled as this is only a service to allow people who aren't mutuals with each other to friend each other.
The Dental Squad server is a non-profit community designed to connect future and current dental students, as well as other dental students and professionals. If you are an RDH, DA, or other professional, we’d absolutely love having your input in our discussions! Or even if you're just curious about the field -- come on in! Our main goal is to create a laid-back, friendly atmosphere where members can share study tips and resources, talk about their personal experiences in class or in the field, receive help and support from peers and mentors, and chat with like-minded people. We like to have fun, so our Discord server is very casual and includes general chats, bots to play with, meme and pet sharing, and occasionally we will host a game night or other event. We would be delighted if you choose to join and feel free to invite others! Please note this server is very new! By joining early, you can help shape the server into the kind of community you'd like to see!
A Peter Pan Syndrome community server.
Hébergeur Gratuit avec des graphiste Free et payant et des Youtubeur je vous attend dessus
The Butler Discord Bot (The Butler for short) is a general purpose module for moderating Discord servers and simplifying tasks. This server is created to provide help on any issue you might come across regarding the bot, as well as insight on current and upcoming releases.
Turkish support server for Bozkurt 🇹🇷 Discord bot!
A twitch discord for streamers and supporters
Discord community van DerpySven! YT:
A Big Developer Group
Serveur dédié à ceux qui souffrent de phobie sociale et de trouble de la personnalité évitante. Venez discuter de la PS, de tout, de rien et du reste, mais surtout sans jugement et avec compréhension.
**◈ Hola, buenas soy Misamirú Ownership de Rend-Z • Equipo Camuflado de DCIA, en efecto el server es público. ◈ Por favor Si tienes problemas y necesitas Ayuda con Problemas no dudes en reportarlo en el servidor o a mi MD para ayuda inmediata. ◈ 📎**
A small community for those looking for a foundation for different means of expression. Lots of gaming, art, nsfw, shitposting and randomness included. Highly active mod support.
3 yıldır bu işlerle uğraşıyoruz, Elbet bu yolda bazen zorlanacağız bazen tıkanacağız ama yanımızda olan dostlarımızdan destek almayı ihmal etmeyeceğiz. Sözün kısası bizi sizler var ettiniz. Siz olmadan bir yere gideceğimiz yok.
Olá Sou Master da RedeOmega um servidor de minecraft totalmente raiz. Aqui você encontra diversos Minigames SkyWars/Bed Wars/The Bridge/Kit PvP/Build Battle Ta esperando oque entrem em nossa Rede e se divirta-se.
**__BIENVENUE À TOUS__** Ce serveur est ouvert à tous. Nous sommes là pour vous, pour vous aider. Ce serveur est là pour parler, discuter, de vos problèmes, de vos vies. Nous nous sommes aperçues que nous étions nombreux(ses) à avoir des problèmes, et des démons, dont quelques uns très connus : **• Deb • Cat • Sue • Annie • Izzy • Ana** Et pleins d'autres... Nous sommes là pour parler, pour vous aider, ou juste pour discuter. N'hésitez pas à venir nombreux.
Mvp Dayz Exile Server Arma 3 Survival
Zero Hour Servers Discord
The BSOD mining pool official Discord server
Hello! This server is for small YouTubers to promote their channels.
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