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EN: In this server you will find VPS at a good price, totally dedicated, with a very good support! ES: En este servidor encontrarás VPS a buen precio, totalmente dedicadas, con un muy buen soporte!
Un servidor de Minecraft SkyWars No premium
Join in this server for 1 Free Nitro or whatever is!!
Yo aayan click join server
“My principles are only those that, before the French Revolution, every well-born person considered sane and normal.” This is a space for normalcy
A place for furrys and Hoomans
Este é um canal de discord para todos amantes do minecraft e afins, o que significa que todas as regras listadas aqui são estritas e serão aplicadas, seja por meio de um mute, aviso ou ban, dependendo da gravidade da regra quebrada.
˜”*°•.˜”*°• Welcome to Blueberries and Mangos! •°*”˜.•°*”˜ *want a place to just hang out, talk to some chill people and catch some pokemons? Come join our server!* *We've got;* 💙 Pokecord 💙 LGBTQ open space! 💙 Anime/Manga 💙 Bot games! "Uno & Mantaro" 💙 Fun Events 💙 Vent channels 💙 Cool roles 💙 People from around the world 💙 Partnerships!
Come save alot of money at chicfila chic-fil-a on our server. We are always online taking orders! Now also accepting doordash orders ~$20 or less for now. cashapp payments only
Santos Roleplay - MTA 2019
Server for MultiGames support and more.
Support server for WarMatch.US, the clan stat tracking tool for Clash of Clans. Track your clan's attack data both on the website and with the WarMatch Discord Bot to see exactly how a member is contributing on both offense and defense to your wars: be they random matches, Clan War Leagues, or community leagues (CWL, NDL, MLCW, etc.)
Thirstee OSRS services
Multi Theft Auto RIOBA Gaming Askeriye Polisiye İP:
Aide Problèmes psys Drogues Autres conversations et partagés ^^
Un serveur actif, avec support, level, modération et recherche joueur.
Un Sv Nou De Fivem Si Foarte Bine Scriptat Fondator:Zedu Si Bre Faby Scripter:Bre Faby Si Zedu Discord Dev:Bre Serpisor
DeepHelp is a non-profit organization that offers free support services to teens! Started by teenagers, we get what you are going through and encourage you to come join our server and talk with members of our Support Team about your day! We're here for you! Reach out, go deep.
We fight and conquer other servers!!! We will become the biggest cult on Discord. You can change this world!! Join us and fight!!!
Hello and welcome to the GCSE 2019 Discord server. Here, you can join and chat with other people doing your subjects, as well as get help for your subjects from our certified tutors who have passed their subjects with 6's or above. We also have a feature where you select the subjects you're doing and it gives you access to their chats so that your server experience isn't clogged by subjects you aren't doing. We hope you enjoy your time here and it helps you get a better grade in your subjects. Thanks!
Welcome to QT Compilers, a home to everyone trans*
Rêverie Compulsive est un discord d'entraide pour personnes expérimentant des rêveries compulsives (ou Maladaptives Daydreaming) et qui souhaitent en parler, échanger, trouver des solutions et rencontrer des personnes dans le même cas. Nous partageons nos expériences, nos rêveries, nos problèmes et nos astuces pour gérer les daydreams au quotidien. ➠ Soyez les bienvenu.e.s !
The Clinic is a support server for those who want to talk about their feelings, dreams, or even daily problems they have. What you can talk about is limitless. We are a family here at The Clinic and we would love to have you guys join it! Join have some fun and meet new people.
The Crow's Nest is a Discord and sometimes in-game based group dedicated to supporting justice for those who have been wronged. We are the voice for the silenced. We take your personal requests, if verified and complies with our criteria, along with any information given, to achieve these goals by any means necessary. "Crows" will take your request by choice, or you can contact a specific Crow to do the task. We also offer other similarly helpful services such as venting, if needed. Our main goal is to ensure that Discord can stay a safe place for everyone, whatever may be needed to do so.
Serveur du Support officiel de ZikaCorp.
Olá seja bem-vindo ao nosso servidor, bem aqui trocarmos umas ideias.
Fan of the Mystery Dungeon series? Want active help? Wanna have a good time? Well, look no further, for I have the server for you! Owner: <@!419605496316690442> Created: 1/27/18 We are a discord server about rescuing in the Mystery Dungeon games! We are active and growing! Join if you like to have a good time! Features -🚑Active rescuing! -🤖Fun bots! -⭐Great staff! -🙏Support for ALL Mystery Dungeon games! -🎲Giveaways! Bots: Moderation including Mee6, Dyno, and Nadeko! Fun things like GiveawayBot and Pokécord E motes: <:bellsprout:558435924673953812> <:wigglytuff:556484299952619549> <:grovyle:559048424008450068> <:emoji_30:559442479443607553> <:snorlaxmad:559450422931226686> <:popplio:420705600041779202> <:PikaHappy:560639383049469992> <:Furret:408388278623010829> <:besterfurret:554065633705197598> <:cosmug:558821645205372957> <:1_:420365057827012610> and many more! Join today for an amazing time!
Hello! This server is primarily focused on Digital art! We also have a traditional art channel for people who do or enjoy that. We have artists from all over the world in this cozy community, and we would like you to be a part of it! What we can offer: - Frequent art challenges and competitions - Constructive Criticism on your art to help you improve (if you don't want any then just let us know) - Resources, tutorials and tips, all free! - Lovely people who don't bite :) We also plan to do competitions with valuable prices and setting up our own bot with a good currency system for fun stuff. This Discord Server is based off the Facebook group Digital Artists Group. :)
We are a growing, welcoming, computer-oriented community. Join if you have knowledge and experience in Linux, MacOS, and Windows based systems or just want to join a good community. We also do not mind helping people with computer related problems! If you're interested in computers, technology, security, getting computer assistance, or just want to join a great community, this is the server for you!
**Testez Boaty ! Le bot indispensable !** Boaty est un robot qui souhaite être le bot indispensable de votre serveur. Des commandes de modération Des commandes fun Un système d'xp inter-serveur Une commande permettant d'empêcher les gens de parler dans le channel des commandes. Ils peuvent seulement utiliser des commandes (logique ^^) Un préfix personnalisable Donner des préfixs à certains utilisateurs Et pleins d'autres choses ! **Mais au niveau du serveur support, c'est comment ?** Un staff et des devs à votre écoute Des salons de pubs pour les personnes ayant invité au moins 5 amis sur le serveur Un anti-raid performant **Les tickets ?** Notre page sur : (Inclut un lien pour inviter le bot et le serveur support) **À bientôt sur le navire !**
Serveur d'entraide et ayant pour but de passer un bon moment tous ensemble .
This is the home of ChaosBOT(=> and a chill lounge for everyone who wants to have some fun ^^;).
----Teens Or Gamers---- -Welcome! -New rules -New Roles -New people -New something
Magyar mindenes szerver gyere bátran! :) Ha játszol barátokat keresel vagy beszélgetnél itt a helyed!
A place to talk about tech and offer tech support and get tech support!
This is a newly created server for people suffering with depression who is in need of a community and friends.
Rytrak est une micro-entreprise qui se concentre sur le jeu Garry's Mod, sur ce site nous trouvons des services mapping, skin véhicule, apprentissage au mapping et l'offre qui est spéciale dédié à notre site qui est l'importation de véhicule.
Discord zum Thema Drogen. (Deutsch)
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