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Sa mga all around gamers na nag hahanap ng kalaro like LoL, Dota 2, CS GO, PUBG, APEX, Rainbow Six, GTA V and etc
Classhosting is a Hosting-Company that offers affordable fully virtualized (KVM) VPS packages, aswell as webhosting and other kind of hosting.
P4F (read "paf") or Play Four Fun (read "play for fun") is a online community where gaming is the main theme (we are not a team)... This community objective isnt having the best players on any game, but to have some cool friends who like to play and have fun, either if they are good or not, is all about friendship and having fun! This community is open, anyone can join, however admins and managers are emphasized since they have more responsabilities aswell! We have some simple rules to keep the community organized and some admins to help with that :smiley: This community is a non profit project and any donation or help will be to improve the community!
В случай, че имате интерес към програмиране / операционни системи / софтуер / хардуер / мрежи / мобили устройства и от рода заповядайте в discord-a на IT Bulgaria, с над 500 колеги от към момента!
PS4 News and more,
Bienvenue a toi. Ce server discord est le server officiel Aresia . Aresia est un server minecraft Je te souhaite bon voyage
This is ReviewTechUSA. Tackling gaming news, tech reviews, and sometimes random discussion just for fun.
This is a nice server guys ok so join XDDDD
Cube 2 Sauerbraten Racing server
Welcome to Best Buy! You can find amazing deals on electronics. You can also find a great, active and growing community. Our store focuses mainly on gaming and fun. We have a large economy with lots to buy. PERKS _ HUGE WORKING ECONOMY SYSTEM -STRONG & GROWING COMMUNITY -REAL BEST BUY EXPERENCE -JOBS AND FUN -PURCHASABLE ROLES WITH IN GAME $$$ -BUY/SELL ASSETS -GAMBLE FOR THE BIG BUCKS -INVITE PEOPLE FOR BIG REWARDS -BEST BUY RP CHAT -HUGE CUSTOM ROBLOX WORLD __ JOIN NOW THE REPUBLIC!
Güncel teknoloji haberleri, güncel teknoloji, oyun haberleri, yazılım haberleri ve daha fazlası haberlerle, video incelemeler ve rehberler ile adresinde.
Rabisu Resmi Discord Kanalı, arkadaş edinip sunucu hakkında duyuruları burdan hızlı bir şekilde öğrenebilirsin.
This is an unofficial server for help with the Discord platform and related
CARBONMC - MINECRAFT NETWORK. Uma network de minecraft totalmente otimizada para sua melhor jogabilidade! Twitter: @SuporteCarbon
dfsfdasdfsdfasdfasdfasdfsdf - Den Rest kannst du dir sparen.
Come join the FiveM roleplay server!
Come join the FiveM roleplay server!
TECH⭐GAMES⭐ ■━━━━━━■ ▸ Membres agréables ▸ Beaucoup de channels vocaux ■━━━━━━■
Rede de servidores de Factions, entre no Discord e fique informado sobre todas as novidades do servidor, em breve nosso novo servidor de Factions estará disponível para todos os jogadores. Twitter:
Serveur pour ma chaine youtube : Fetchy
Particl is an independent and democratic economy supported by a privacy-focused and open-source platform built on blockchain technology and designed to work with almost any cryptocurrency. The platform allows anyone to use and build decentralized applications that respect your right to privacy. The first official Dapp is the Open Marketplace, a private-by-default decentralized marketplace that keeps your data provably safe and that operates with barely any fee. Also check out:
DrZzs Home Assistant Community
MechWarrior: Living Legends Official Community Server Founded in 2007 by Wandering Samurai Studios, and initially released in 2009, MechWarrior: Living Legends is an award-winning total conversion mod for the Crysis Wars (formerly for Crysis) game by Crytek. The mod has undergone a storied history since its first release, and development for it resumed under the community's direction in late 2016 after cessation of development by WSS in 2013. Please read through #rules when you join, and don't hesitate to ask questions about how to play and such. We're a small community, and as such will try to help newcomers as much as possible. Welcome to MWLL!
nada aki :3 nutella
Du suchst nach einer deutschen Hytale Community!? Dann bist du hier genau richtig! Du kannst dich mit anderen Menschen rund um Hytale unterhalten, dir sind keine Grenzen gesetzt. Zusätzlich bieten wir dir noch ein Forum an! Dort kannst du Freundschaften knüpfen, eine Gilde erstellen oder einer Gilde beitreten und natürlich auch mitdiskutieren. Wir freuen uns, dich als Mitglied begrüßen zu dürfen!
Bem vindos(as) Fundado em 2008, o COBRA (Comando Oficial Brasileiro) é um clan sem fins lucrativos Multi-jogos FOR FUN (sem obrigações de jogar, treinar etc), com foco no Battlefield. É constituído por uma equipe jovem (de espírito), gameniacos, pais, resenhistas, parceiros, dinâmica e ativa (alguns passivos). Todos nós adoramos jogos, jogar, e falar sobe jogos._____ Somos parciais/imparciais (depende da embriaguez) com opiniões bem formadas ou não, gostamos de desempenhar bem o nosso trabalho._____ A equipe Clan [COBRA] aguarda você aqui... Discord: Encontros Fanpage Grupo Facebook Grupo WhatsApp Instagram Recrutamento Servidores BF Twitter Youtube
Welcome to Christo Cord! We are a tech community whom is passionate about technology and helping you build/pick new parts for your new PC! We also have dedicated tech support to help with any tech problems and a dedicated, active staff recruit ready to help when you need it! We also have music nights every Friday 9pm EST! Perma Link:
A community for r/AndroidThemes subreddit, focused on Android homescreen customization.
Casual chat for all things Untappd and Craft Beer.
Welcome to the team of Z-Fighters!
CyberTech is a capture-the-flag like challenge built into Discord! We have tons of mini forensics challenges built into Discord from reverse engineering to brute forcing! The top members get prizes too! On top of the challenges, you can discuss anything related to technology or hacking. From routers to micro controllers to Kali Linux and more!
Support: Welcome to your 24/7 Real time mining community: Invite your friends to talk about all things mining, in addition to getting more hash with PiMP OS and!
McWorks est un projet fondé depuis le 1 mais 2018 ! Ce projet à pour but de créer un parc d'attraction réaliste sur Minecraft
Welcome to Streamers4life we are glad to have you here to get started. Join our discord. Then contact a leader or admin with your Twitch account. then they will give you access to all of our channel
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