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Servidor de Fivem Role Play
Hello, Tu parles français et tu es à la recherche d'un serveur discord sympas ? Tu es le BIENVENUE parmi la Famille ReBirth ! Tout âge est accepté, mais un français correcte et compréhensible est exigé. :) Des Channels Textuels et Vocaux sont à ta disposition ! Des Administrateur prêt à t'aider ! Une bonne ambiance Les membres du staff sont à ta disposition pour ajouter des channels, modifier ou ajouter des Grades... Tu as la possibilité de faire ta PUB dans le channel adéquat. Soit le BIENVENUE
make sure to join it interesting THE PASSWORD IS DT4BRO
Acheter Nos Menu Gmod Venez Modifier Vos Menu entier ou demander de l aide en lua ou Glua a nos dev
Entre Para família Snowman
AlwaysValid is an upcoming Development based website with free-to-use APIs and a custom and unique dashboard! We currently have 3 domains for our website and will be hosting it on DDOS protected servers and it will be kept as secure as possible. There will be a logon for the website to access the developer products we release.
THE HUB Want a place to meet fellow gamers? Hangout? Make suggestions for a new server? You are in the right place! * Talk to people that have devices you have! * Video games! * Friendly community! *Many other new things awaiting you! * Begin your journey now!
Csatlakozz Minecraft szerverünkre:
Sunucumuza Gelmeyi Unutmayınız +++++
A server that focuses on the Microsoft Agent software and many other things. It has sort of an e-nation theme.
PloowStore - PloowClient v3, release
Official VG Clan Discord
Need help with Assembly programming and looking for experts? Then this isn't the place, but we are enthusiasts and are willing to help most of the time, if we can!
Le serveur Discord du serveur Minecraft INFERNIA.
No Code Base is a community for talking about building software, side projects and prototypes with 'no code' tools. Join us to share your projects, tips, and tools you've found to help with your no code projects!
Primary Services: - Domains - SSL Certificates - Web Hosting - Weebly Drag and Drop Website Builder Hosting - WordPress Hosting - Cloud Hosting - eMail Hosting - G Suite We are a registered business in the United States of America! Services are NOT free.
Servidor de Discord da NetWork SpeedyMC de servidores de Minecraft.
Elkir est une association loi 1901 qui a pour but d’accompagner à la création et la concrétisation d’un projet, via des solutions et des services, et tout objets similaires, connexes ou complémentaires ou susceptibles d’en favoriser la réalisation ou le développement.
Southeast USA waze editors.
A gaming community with high-quality custom game servers. We offer public Minecraft, Just Cause, G-Mod, Factorio, and Starbound servers. Don't see a game you'd like? Let us know and we can create a new game server.
On parle de hack et tout
Online Gaming Community Server Network
Ez egy Nagyon jó MTA szerver! Gyertek sokan! Nem harap! ;) ;) ;)
Ce serveur est un serveur de développement visant à échanger sur ce thème, à aider sur nos projets personnels et à faire évoluer certains d'entre nous.
uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ye
Hi! Welcome to my channel. My name is Nikita, I'm a British Born Chinese girl based in Manchester, England. I decided I'll assign myself a challenge to explore life as a full-time streamer for the next 4/5 years; see where this adventure takes me and hope it'll help me get over my depression & social anxiety issues. Would be lovely to build a community of friends and like minded individuals, then have fun together by share your interests... This discord is for anyone who wish to support me, either by lurking in my streams, following the channel or contributing in whatever way that suits you.
Hello and welcome to "The Rando's" Discord Server! Before you start chatting away, please read the rules so you know what and what isn't allowed. Thanks, and have fun!
[Türkiye'nin İlk ve Tek 7/24 Aktif Canlı Steam Hizmetleri (ReportBot,HourBoost,CSGOBoost)] Tüm Hizmetlerimiz Phoenix Software Güvencesi İle Sizlere Sunulmaktadır.
This server is focused on Tech related stuffs! It's still under heavy development.
</Uma comunidade brasileira com programadores e desenvolvedores (e alguns novatos). Faça parte da comunidade mais programadora do Brasil.>
Моля спазвайте всички правила който са написани.
VaporCorp is a community of people who want to make the world a better place by removing censorship and having the government tell us the truth about this world we live in. Join VaporCorp today, and let us tell Authority to fuck off.
German Development Community
Prinzip des Server: Ask & get Help ... das bedeutet: Jeder der schon immer von einen schönen und tollen Discord geträumt hat, aber nicht weiß wie dies geht kann jetzt bei *CreatCord* sich ganz einfach einen von unseren Creatorn machen lassen. Dazu gehst du einafch nur in den Creator - Warteraum (Warteraum ● Creator) Sprach-Chat und wartest bist dich ein Creator in seinen eigenen Sprach-Chat verschiebt. Jetzt besprichst du mit ihm, wie du dir deinen Discord vorstellst, welche Rollen er haben soll und so weiter... Wenn der Creator fertig ist oder noch Fragen hat meldet er sich dann per Direct-Message bei dir. Wir hoffen, dass dir das Prinzip des Servers jetzt klar ist und wünschen dir viel Spass.
Welcome to Retail Productions™, where we're here to make you websites for your server, for fun, or anything you want it to be firs 5 clients will get a 50% discount on their first Product so come fast and claim your spot before someone else does
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