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Midnight Menagerie is an immersive, member-driven, literate RP community with stories in the supernatural, fantasy, and horror realms.
Midnight Menagerie is an immersive, member-driven, literate RP community with stories in the supernatural, fantasy, and horror realms.
Hey everyone! This is a roleplay server but as a college AU! -ages 12-17 -mcu based -no OCs (( tbh I put work into this and I’m really desperate so pLeaSe cHeCk tHiS oUt
✨StaryHollow College Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamic with a twist of werewolf✨ StaryHollow College was founded by a Alpha named Brian Mckaley in 1987, It was made to help Alphas/Betas/Omegas learn about their instincts/their second gender plus control their instincts also prepare for adulthood. The college has many opportunity's, Maybe you might even find you're future partner but if not that's alright. The place has Alpha/Beta/Omegas dorms separate for the safety if a Alpha goes into rut or a omega goes into heat. (Sorry not the best with descriptions)
A server based around Box Critters and the Box Critters Wiki! Anyone is welcome to join, and any appropriate discussion topic is welcome!
Have you ever thought about roleplaying in the universe of OK KO: let's be heroes? Probably not! But if you are interested, you can join this roleplaying server! (ps: I literally have never made a roleplaying server before, so it might be a bit... lacking.) Have fun! <3
Mein neuer Star Wars Server beinhaltet: -Einen Hauptchat und lustige Botbefehle -Eine Star Wars Filmecke , mit Unterbegriffen wie Spoiler, Theorien und Neuigkeiten zum Star Wars Universum -Eine Ecke zur Star Wars Literatur, Mit Unterbegriffen wie Comics,Bücher ,Renzensionen , Empfehlungen -eine Serienecke mit Unterbegriffen wie Clone Wars oder the Mandalorian -eine Gamingecke mit Unterbegriffen wie battlefront oder Mitzockersuche -Einen Support-Bereich -Einen Support-Bereich
This server is made by VKBoy for his readers. Feel free to dive in.
Information on every subject related to Crypto, however tangentially, organized into the channels of a discord server. So... while the server is mostly about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, it's growing to include a lot of information about how I'm publishing the information gathered in the server with github pages. A sample of our SERVER DIRECTORY: _General_ 101 Cypherpunk Earn Crypto Economics Evaluation Exchanges Governance History ICOs Mining Oppression Regulation Satoshi Trading Wallets Walstreet _Resources_ Assorted Media Books Data Communities Ethresearch News Sites Research Papers Work Online _Security_ Cryptography Privacy Cybersecurity Tor _Tech_ Data Mining Databases Decentralization Distributed Systems Drivechains Forks GitHub Hash Algos IPFS Linux Open Source P2P Pi Sidechains Smart Contracts Smart Signatures State Channels
Das ist einfach mal ein server :D
Sword Art Online RPG! Applications always open!
Eng 202 with Cliff
Alternative Anime-News gefällig? Hier wirst du fündig und verhilfst gleichzeitig einer kleinen Gruppe an Redakteuren zu neuer Größe und Aufschwung! Ob nun japanisches Wasser, gewonnen aus benutztem Badewasser, cooles nützliches Merch oder kleinere Reviews - hier wirst du fündig.
We’re an active community of wrestling lovers and rp lovers alike. Would you like to join a friendly community where we have general discussions about everything from movies to music to general chat? Wrestling knowledge not needed. This is an open invitation for any and all to come join us.
Creative Writing Meetup in AltspaceVR meets weekly to support and encourage writers within the immersive virtual reality platform. Join our Discord for daily prompts, tips, techniques, and encouragement in our VR writing support group.
Servidor destinado a todos os escritores de fanfics e historias, temos dicas de como escrever e divulgações.
Hello there! Welcome to the Peculiar Home! I'm Daisy, and I was really hoping you'd join us! Here at the Peculiar Home, we like to rp about strange and mythical characters, known commonly as Peculiars. Peculiars can be anything from an anomaly to an alien! Of course, all formats and rp styles are welcome! We also use lots of bots, and write and draw! If you're looking for erp though, sorry, we don't do that. Mild gore is permitted, as long as you stay vague.
Hello! This is a K-POP fanfiction server. You can share some of your fanfictions and/or read others'! Reminder: The server is new, we are still looking for administrators so please don't mess around.
Hero Zero tr1 takımı
Magyar Írók Discordja Ha szeretsz írni, vagy szereted a magyar írók szerzeményeit, esetleg szeretnéd megosztani írásod a tagokkal, kikérni a véleményüket, akkor mindenképp csatlakozz!
This server is a place for writers, artists, editors and general fandom lovers to unite under one kingdom! We're here to have fun and share our creativity and ideas! Also just to be social too <3
La team HyZeD recrute Pseudo ? Age ? min 14 voir 13 exceptionnellement si t'es mature Ville/Pays ? Disponibilités ? Possèdes-tu Discord et un micro ? Que recherches-tu dans cette team ? As-tu déjà joué avec une autre team ? si oui, pourquoi es-tu parti ? Tes ambitions ? (joueur fun, ESL,...) Principalement du fun mais pourquoi pas aller plus loin ? Ton nombre de points en arène ? Min 280 . Pas de prise de tete, bonne ambiance Et si ta deja un duo n'hesite pas à venir avec ton mate dans la team pour former un rooster. on recherche aussi des streameur
👑 Game Community 👑 OYUN SOHBET EĞLENCE
Some aspects of DnD involved. Roleplay is still under construction and ideas are very welcome!
A Discord Server where you can come to improve your writing by working on prompts and your stories, as well as role play in one of seven scenarios created by the server owner. They are as follows; - Earth. - Elementa. - Krystallo. - Mousiki. - The Ektelo System. - The Land of The Beginning. - Victoria. Are you interested? Come on in and check us out, we're a friendly bunch who's looking for like-minded people.
==Dawnfire: Legends Reborn== Welcome to the realm of Dawnfire, a world of mystery and unexplored lands... Midderus, Esdeir and Rassai are the inhabited continents of these lands, all being very different from each other. With war, politics and magic, Dawnfire brings all Fantasy lovers together to enter these lands and fight for what they believe in. We include: :crown:ERP :crown:Tons of channels to rp in :crown:Open to adding more lore for your characters :crown:Good staff and Owners :crown:A fun rp with a plot to follow! With a exclusive lore, we are willing to add more and more so you can have a good experience while roleplaying on Dawnfire: Legends reborn!
Welcome to Algol where there is a need for a growing community! We have art, Pokecord, games, Truth or Dare, 2Truths1Lie, some great people, and a try for roleplay! A lot of things are loose and free here so just come on in and go by some rules to keep the place happy and safe. We hope you can come along and make this server lively to enjoy for the rest!
Role play server on a ship in space, what else do I have to say?
You are heard by granted access to one of discords rising servers!!! Jiali Association is a business granted to anyone who joins. This association has just open officially June 5th, 2019. It is open to anybody who likes to write, read, or create books, fanfics, and even manga. For the next 3 weeks, our boss or owner of the server would like to recruit admins and moderators for the server and our local website. All the information about this can be found on our website, please join the server to get the link. Our server is a danger-free zone. We would like for your stay in the association to be comfortable and safe at all times. And for all of our older people we have a reserved office just for you so please do not worry about breaking any laws or whatever. If you have any more questions please contact the owner at: xiuqiejiali#9812 Without further ado please join our server and become a member of the Jiali Association!!!!
Hello, this is Camp Half-Blood, a place where all greek demigods live (or at least some of them). We are a roleplaying community that is trying to simulate Rick Riordan's Universe. This server is in it's building form so roleplay will start on the 17th of July. Until then, try to stay alive and make a character sheet. Feel free to join, this server is free to play! What you can find on this server: (when it will be released) 1. Staff & Mods that control myth gods, you can even submit your app and rp with one god. (there are 20) 2. Lots of rp channels and sometimes even a quest that could change the entire world. (Rick Riordan's fans would know what I'm talkin' about) 3. All 20 cabins + people that rp as gods and claim their children.
This is a Chat and Talk server. There is no rules in this server so you can argue etc.
Bonjour! Et bienvenue sur un serveur basé sur l'écriture, le partage d'histoire! Longues, courtes, amusantes, WTF tout est permis pour le style d'écriture! Il y a aussi des Bots, on peut discuter, partages des musiques, des vidéos et autres! Merci de venir!
Serveur fortnite communautaire pour pouvoir discuter, jouer avec d'autre personne. Toutes les actualités fortnite seront publié automatiquement sur le serveur. Le robot Ray est à votre disposition. Sur ce discord les monstres de la tempête de sont pas apprécier ( Risque d'éxécution ).
Serveur Français baser sur la détente
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