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All of you are invited to a realm of infinite possibility. Canon characters are allowed, but only one person can play a canon character at a time.
In the present time, people have the abilities to become mystical creatures of unimaginable power! Your powers are derived from the creatures of either the side of Hell, Heaven, or Earth from those who've once walked on the ground beneath us. Through a dream, you're blessed with such a power, hence, you now are now able to take full control of your creature's body at will through transformations!
A cozy little place for writers, readers, and story tellers to unite! This server focuses heavily on reading stories of all kinds to one another over voice chat, as well as encourage people to create their own! Sit and listen to fantastical fables, or spin a yarn of your own. Who knows? You may make some friends along the way!
Sunset is built to be an all-inclusive server, although our priority is mostly aimed at art, such as sketches, pieces of art, digital drawings, poetry, writing, and fiction of all kinds! We also have many areas for gaming chat, general stuff, roleplaying, and many more. We also have -too many bots -self-assigned roles -and nsfw areas for out 18+ contents! Sunset is a new server, so there aren't many people, so we also have a suggestions channel in case there were things missed.
Welcome to Kalos! This is a literate RP server featuring the Kalos region! We utilize a server XP system with Nadeko for increased benefits depending on participation, and quite literally have a channel for every route and settlement. For fairness, Pokémon Showdown is used to conduct official battles, and there's certainly an opportunity for multiple characters and fun interaction. Interested? Then feel free to drop by and look at how we do the rules and whatnot around here. We hope to see you in our Kalos!
Eine Insel, verborgen hinter Stürmen nördlich von Irland. Abgeschottet von der Außenwelt und bewohnt von magischen Wesen. Eine Welt, in der die gierigen Menschen noch nicht ihre Spuren hinterlassen haben. Einige Elfen und Vampire würden dies als Paradies sehen, aber hinter den Mauern der Hauptstadt wimmelt es nur vor Geheimnissen und Intrigen... Willkommen in Sekrona, neuer Einwohner! Du liebst modernes Fantasy? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig!
**__سيرفر فوق تحت للمصريين فقت__** هذا السيرفر +18 اقرأ القواعد **__Rules__** 1-متبقاش نرم 2-هزر مع الناس بس مشتهزر هزار غبي 3-ممنوع السب + الشتم 4-ممنوع اضافة بوتات بدون أستاذان صاحب السيرفر 5-ممنوع استخدام اوامر لزيادة المال 6-ممنوع السبام ولاكن يمكنك في #Gante , #Spam 7-اقبل حظك 8-مش تخرب السيرفر 9-ممنوع منعاّ بتاّ الغاء مييس بوت 10-نتمنا ان تمضي وقتاّ ممتعاّّّ
The Wasteland is a dice-based role-playing game set in a Nuclear Wasteland 34 years into the future. We're only just starting out, so we apologize if things seem a bit barren at first. Nonetheless we try to stay as active as possible! We try to keep the server chill and welcoming for new players, and our staff is always willing to help if you need it. Come join in and write with us!
A community server meant to find sanctuary, which also includes: roleplay, nsfw, gaming, music, giveaways, hentai and much much more. Our main concentration is on role-play with our vast world and character limits.
Welcome, Shadowhunter fans! Looking for a place to nerd out over Shadowhunters? Or perhaps scream about your favourite guys and gals of the series! Look no further than the unofficial Shadowhunter discord! We hope you enjoy your stay~ Steeles not included.
Welcome to Lawton's Academy of Heroics. This school is an American Hero school in the My Hero Academia verse. Founded by Mr. Lawrence Michel Lawton who was one of America's best heroes, Lawton's Academy opens its arms to students of all walks of life and any ability that which they were born with or earned. Quirkless or Quirked. Lawton's Academy is a school where you can be a hero of your design and where it is encouraged that no matter what others say, you can achieve what you believe. So, New Student. Shall you take the entrance exams? Mr. Lawton is waiting to welcome you through these very doors.
Il était une fois , dans un royaume qui régnait Elfes et humain là où la magie était extrêmement puissante, le futur roi Babalerouge né..... San-B Story est un serveur Rôle Play Le serveur est doté d'un bot qui permet l'intégration d'une économie. Venez nombreux et n’hésiter pas à partager !!!!!
Um RPG muito bem organizado onde tudo é possível... Desde que esteja dentro dos conformes do universo de J. K. Rowling.
Scott & Flak Scott and Flak is a discord server to document the projects of two idiots, Scottsly and Flakkori. | We have | - Partnerships - A new community - Realistic management - Welcoming staff - Debates - Gaming channels and chats - Self assignable and soon roles gained from leveling. - High hopes for activity - NSFW chat. (For those who wish to see it.) We hope you look into our projects and we wish to see you there!
A server for sharing your short stories, essays, poetry, screenplays, or anything else that happens to be in words.
Welcome To My Fan Server! Chat all you want in here! Just don’t break any rules. Have fun!
Galactic Faction War The Galactic Faction War is a Star Wars fleet/character focused RP, where you can become anything from the lowest soldier to owner of a planet. With a dedicated staff team and an advancing timeline currently set after The Empire Strikes Back, GFW aims to be a unique experience among the Star Wars RP scene. Utilizing a point based system for fleet battles to deliver balancing on a new scale and narrators to guide the battle, anyone can hop in to GFW. Factions include -Empire -Rebellion -Mandalorians -Mercenaries/Criminals -Bounty Hunters -And more
LOOKING FOR PARTNERS! Technas is a Post-Modern Fantasy roleplay server with a shifting environment on a schedule! We are practically free reign, lore-focused, full of suspense, events, adventure, and so much more. We have offer many things such as an organized channel list, safe anti-troll measures, mature staff, convenient bots, and an economic system that rewards you for roleplaying. This is a new server, but everything is nearly done and set up for your comfort. Come join and help us grow!
Camp Half-Blood is a Percy Jackson inspired roleplaying server from the author Rick Riordan where you can roleplay as a demigod, nymph, satyr, or centaur! -- Many channels to roleplay in! -- LGBTQ+ friendly and active! Age 14+! -- Choose from over 50 unique Greek Gods/Goddesses to be the demigod of! One of the biggest selections out there! -- A very large variety of powers for every godly parent, even for ones like Ares, Hermes, Artemis, and Athena! -- Also choose from over 10 different nymph types! -- Pick from a multitude of different locations to roleplay! -- Battle against friends in our well-known Capture the Flag game! -- Bring along a friend or two to embark on a quest of your own! -- Chat and send memes with our friendly campers and staff in our out-of-character chat! -- Easily create a character in the span of a few minutes with the help of our friendly staff! -- Our layout is organized and neat!
A fun place to meet other people who like to draw read and write comics!
This is a discord server for my novel series called Lumica: The Adventure Begins. It's also a community discord server to just chill and chat. This is a LGBT friendly server as well. You can either discuss my novel or talk about anime, writing, gaming, art and plenty of other things. I have made lots of roles as well for everyone.
Durgan here to invite you to a sever full of Action and horror filled rps, along with other Sci-Fi roleplays for your needs. We are a welcoming and respectful community and are open to most people. We are also still growing so we would have be more than happy if you decide to join us here in our happy little server. We also include: •Art sharing/learning/help •Character creation/help •Music •Voice Chatting/Singing •Rp learning/help •Other RPs Simple rules to follow: •No Disrespectful acts torwards one another or myself •No art stealing or reposting (I will guarantee you'll be damaged severly) •No Drama, keep a positive enviroment •Please use the appropriate tags for the subjects you are posting •Please respect sexualities of people's ocs. •Nsfw is only allowed in the appropriate channels •Please be aware that I am not good with Discord so please be patient. •Please read the info and study your power. •No Godmodding or Power controling.
I love meme
Hi! Welcome to The Chronology Series! We are a Multifandom roleplay with a constantly expanding lore and characters. We just started so we’re small now, but with any luck, overtime we’ll have tens or even hundreds of members! OCs and all post styles welcome!
Out of Sight: Novel - Official Server! - Hangout, create fan-art and discuss the an epic story that's about to unfold!
Join the Kingdom of AL. Art, Philosophy, Music, Literature, Books, Poetry, Organization. Tumblr: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube:
Ever wanted to see how it felt to be a tiny person next to a gigantic sized lady? Well, wait no more, because this is your place. New community, roleplaying fun and much more. Join us today at Giantess Infinity!
Welcome to Apocalypse Roleplay (or ARP for short) We are a group of people who take RPing seriously in a world similar to that of The Walking Dead and State of Decay and are constantly updating the server We have - A very unique style of RP - 4 Cities to RP in - Roughly 312 individual locations to RP in - A Dev Team - Optional Systems to make the RP feel like more of a game - Detailed Character Template/Sheet
Welcome to DCC's Standard, the hub for Digital Community Cafe's official newspaper. DCC:
In the future, or maybe the past, there was a war. A horrible war that was predicted to end all life. Bomb shelters and preservation projects went underway. Almost everything moved underground to prepare against the inevitable nuclear detonation from both sides. 70% of the world population was wiped out, but the world rebuilt itself below ground with one global government lead by representatives from each underground dome. Now, there is a Sanctuary for those who live in the shadows. Hackers, theives, and conartists alike. The only rule in the sanctuary is everyone is treated with the same respect as everyone else.
Welcome to Karuna Worldbuilding, the everyman's server for building things together and sharing our experiences. Karuna is meant for sharing, discussing and collaborating on ideas in the worldbuilding genre. Work on imaginary warp gate technology, alternate physics galaxies, species and their languages, you name it. Whether you're just interested in creating languages, famous space-cowboys or spaceships, this is the place for you.
Have you ever created your own whole entire world? Maybe a map or biome for D&D or Pathfinder? All the little details exactly as you want them? Never had a community to help you expand on that creativity? Well look no further! World-builders Unanimous is the perfect server for those who like to invent fantasy languages (con-langs), expand on existing fantasy universes, invent your own whole new concepts, anything! Even if you just like writing and want a safe space to show off your work, come on in! We're largely focused on Forgotten Realms general lore, but everything is welcome!!!!
FIRST STRIKE - An Overwatch Roleplay “The world could always use more heroes!” We are a serious, long-term, canon-divergent roleplay group looking to expand Overwatch’s lore in our own ways, using all the canon materials that Blizzard has provided the community, namely the comics, short stories, and cinematic shorts. We have a small community of writers, artists, and gamers alike— and are accepting both canon and original characters. Open and taken canon characters are listed in the group— and are kept updated by staff on the daily. Upon joining the server, you will be placed in a welcome channel in which the staff will get you acquainted with the server. We request that you read the rules and ask us any questions that you might have. We’re here to help! [END TRANSMISSION]
Servidor dedicado a la conversación relacionada a los libros, especialmente de corte clásico o no famosos. Trabajamos con la página web
Play by post RPG server. Play 5e, Pathfinder, Powered by the Apocalypse and other great role-playing games in this friendly, inclusive server run by Roll 4 It Dice. Over 50 games, 500 members. Also chat channels for various topics from Neurodiversity to video games Also get access to flash sales, special promotions and more from the Roll 4 It Dice company.
We're an all new and ACTIVE better-than-the rest roleplay community set in the universe of Percy Jackson and the Olympians! Come join us today! -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·--·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- Friend or Foe? Greek or Roman? Human or Divine? -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·--·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- We are an all-new, better-than-the rest roleplay community set in the universe of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Our community prides itself in many things, including the following: • Fun, active homies. • Literate roleplayers with enforced standards for quality. • Beautifully and simplistically organized. • Bartholomew, our pet Pegasus! • Fun bots! Fun out of character roles and chats! • Rolling system for godparents. • Monthly Quests that YOU help design. • Experienced staff who participate in the RP! • New community (so we don't suck yet)! Come join the fun and help us not suck EVEN MORE!
Satisfactory News is the place for FICSIT engineers to discuss the factory-building game Satisfactory, from Coffee Stain Studios. Join us for these awesome benefits! 🛠 Find fellow engineers to play multiplayer with 🛠 Get the latest news about Satisfactory 🛠 Get our hot takes on the latest patch notes 🛠 Find helpful tutorials and guides on how to play the game 🛠 Talk strategy and gameplay with other players 🛠 Be part of the best Satisfactory fan site! We’re not affiliated with Coffee Stain or Satisfactory, but we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction for support needs or suggestions. Now get building! ⛏
Senātus Populusque Scrīptōrēs is a pre-Marian Roman Republic themed writing server in which, quite like our predecessor the Alt-Write, we exchange ideas, share our writing and pretend to be elitist academic types. All are welcome, history enthusiast or not (although having some history knowledge would help you in understanding the jokes).
In a world where hero society shuts the door on wannabe heroes once they choose their highschool, one school decides to open the doors for a second chance. Not UA. Not Shiketsu. Not the schools you would suspect. Roseland Academy, sitting in the depths of Yokohama, certainly befits the foreign mix nature of the city. Students looking for a second chance flock to seize it, and fresh eyed newbies join for the school's sizable reputation. And with the tunnel to success dimly lit, and the end result blinding, well- Even the most gorgeous roses can sprout out of the mud. Wexx. An ever growing and ever improving server with both free roleplaying and D&D-esque campaigns. Entirely homebrewed, this server has everything you're used to, but without the pesky details and difficulties. No longer must you worry about your work schedule getting between you and your roleplaying and leveling, as the server is active 24/7 with different campaigns being ran by GameMasters hailing from all across the globe. Are you a gunslinging satyr? Or maybe a magic wielding giant made of rocks and gems? The options are limitless! Or'd rather focus on running your own campaign? Whether it's your first time or your hundredth, we would love to have you!
An art and literature channel, we have: - Level unlocks - Fun bots like Pokecord - A wide array of different art channels for your artistic needs - Friendly mods and a community revolving around being non-toxic - LGBTQIA+ friendly
Welcome to the World of DC, where Young Justice protects the streets, the Justice League watches over the earth, the Lantern Corps guard space, Justice League Dark suppresses the forces of dark magic, while Atlantis fights insurgents and the Amazons battle mythical creatures. It's a world where anything both horrifying and amazing happens. Where both costumed and everyday heroes live, work and perform incredible feats! We're a community of writers who share a passion for roleplaying. Based on a blend of DC movies, the animated series and a bit of the comics. While we have fun exploring missions together, we are also working to improve ourselves as writers. Our server is strictly PG-13, and we strongly discourage one-lining, drama or disrespectful comments. Canon characters recommended, but certain OCs can be allowed (if they can fit). Novel formatting required.
We are a small community focused on creativity and art such as drawing, writing and music. Since we are a new server, we'll also be looking for staff so join if you are interested!
INK-ubator aspires to be a safe and inclusive home for writers of all skill levels and backgrounds. As a community, we celebrate our diversity and work to help each other improve our skills as both writers and editors and to encourage each other in our efforts to improve our craft and work towards publication. We have an active writing review channel and a lovely community. Our members have seen success in publishing prose and poetry. If you take your writing seriously and want to see real growth, plus hang out with some friendly writers, this is the server for you.
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