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Welcome to Karuna Worldbuilding, the everyman's server for building things together and sharing our experiences. Karuna is meant for sharing, discussing and collaborating on ideas in the worldbuilding genre. Work on imaginary warp gate technology, alternate physics galaxies, species and their languages, you name it. Whether you're just interested in creating languages, famous space-cowboys or spaceships, this is the place for you.
Servidor dedicado a la conversación relacionada a los libros, especialmente de corte clásico o no famosos. Trabajamos con la página web
We're an all new and ACTIVE better-than-the rest roleplay community set in the universe of Percy Jackson and the Olympians! Come join us today! -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·--·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- Friend or Foe? Greek or Roman? Human or Divine? -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·--·=»‡«=·- -·=»‡«=·- We are an all-new, better-than-the rest roleplay community set in the universe of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Our community prides itself in many things, including the following: • Fun, active homies. • Literate roleplayers with enforced standards for quality. • Beautifully and simplistically organized. • Bartholomew, our pet Pegasus! • Fun bots! Fun out of character roles and chats! • Rolling system for godparents. • Monthly Quests that YOU help design. • Experienced staff who participate in the RP! • New community (so we don't suck yet)! Come join the fun and help us not suck EVEN MORE! Wexx. An ever growing and ever improving server with both free roleplaying and D&D-esque campaigns. Entirely homebrewed, this server has everything you're used to, but without the pesky details and difficulties. No longer must you worry about your work schedule getting between you and your roleplaying and leveling, as the server is active 24/7 with different campaigns being ran by GameMasters hailing from all across the globe. Are you a gunslinging satyr? Or maybe a magic wielding giant made of rocks and gems? The options are limitless! Or'd rather focus on running your own campaign? Whether it's your first time or your hundredth, we would love to have you!
An art and literature channel, we have: - Level unlocks - Fun bots like Pokecord - A wide array of different art channels for your artistic needs - Friendly mods and a community revolving around being non-toxic - LGBTQIA+ friendly
We are a small community focused on creativity and art such as drawing, writing and music. Since we are a new server, we'll also be looking for staff so join if you are interested!
INK-ubator aspires to be a safe and inclusive home for writers of all skill levels and backgrounds. As a community, we celebrate our diversity and work to help each other improve our skills as both writers and editors and to encourage each other in our efforts to improve our craft and work towards publication. We have an active writing review channel and a lovely community. Our members have seen success in publishing prose and poetry. If you take your writing seriously and want to see real growth, plus hang out with some friendly writers, this is the server for you.
C'est un serveur fantastique RP avec plus de 100 salons Rp.
Hey ! Welcome to The Unnamed Discord Server. This server is about to talk ,share and enjoy stuff with each other. It's also about The Unnamed Corporation, a group of writters who is also available on Youtube, Wattpad and some of the famous social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Wanna join us?
Welcome to the world of SuperheroFanfiction, where you can be your own hero (or villain) in your own story. In an effort to bring together a group of remarkable superhero fanfiction writers, a server has been established to fulfill the transcendent duty of creating superhero universes.
A small roleplay server for warrior cats! Feel welcomed to join and add your own card to the three clans; Mountainclan, Shoreclan, and Firclan!!
Midi City est un serveur Role Play qui évolue chaque mois changeant de thème et ajoutant de nouvelle fonctionnalité la devise de Midi City "soyez qui vous voulez" un rp simple pour une vie simple ^^ j'éspère vous voir sur le serveur bien as vous -Ronny, le fondateur de Midi City RP (attention le nom Midi City n'est en aucun cas relié a tout autre chose, si c'est le cas sachez que ce n'est que pur coïncidence)
A Discord server for writing professionals and hobbyists to come together to talk about writing, craft, and improve our skills together as a community.
We have these following, with specific roles for specific categories: > 270 text channels >16 voice channels >23 categories >a nice staff >hugs and kisses
An Original Character Tournament server that takes place in a small Victorian-like town where users are given an opponent's character to "battle" with through the means of art and writing.
Hyperion Falls a mature 18+ cyberpunk prison roleplay inspired by (but not based on) various sources such as "Love, Death & Robots", "Neuromancer", "Electric Dreams", "The Expanse", "Hunger Games" and many other sci-fi stories.
Earth has been all but destroyed—the catastrophe of the 21st century burned it to a crisp, leaving the planet irradiated and swarmed with mutants. The year is 2334. The New Earth Republic has fixed Earth with new technology, and war continues. Welcome to Strife in Solaris!
Tell Tale Academy, a school filled with the offspring of your favorite childhood fairytales and Greek mythology. With royals, warlocks, Gods, peasants, etc. there is always something buzzing in these hallowed halls. Check out our website!
Hundred and twenty years after the First Contact, Starship Aurora is launched from drydock, with the hopes of many that her launch will usher a new era for humanity. But what the brave crew does not know is that the adventure awaiting them is something even beyond their wildest dreams.....
Social, old community working on reviving under the direction of a crazy person. Feel free to join and chat with us.
BetaMe is a community of writers and readers who want to give each other feedback on their work. We welcome all writing, from fanfic to blogs!
Satisfactory News is the place for FICSIT engineers to discuss the factory-building game Satisfactory, from Coffee Stain Studios. Join us for these awesome benefits! 🛠 Find fellow engineers to play multiplayer with 🛠 Get the latest news about Satisfactory 🛠 Get our hot takes on the latest patch notes 🛠 Find helpful tutorials and guides on how to play the game 🛠 Talk strategy and gameplay with other players 🛠 Be part of the best Satisfactory fan site! We’re not affiliated with Coffee Stain or Satisfactory, but we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction for support needs or suggestions. Now get building! ⛏
Ce serveur est une communauté de jeu de rôles : universitaire et surnaturelle.
It is a small but welcoming roleplaying community. Come on in!
I love meme
A small sever for discussing books, writing, and other creative outlets!
__**If you're reading this within less than two days of this being posted than we are just getting started with the reboot of Firefly Valley! The RP and history is starting fresh on a semi-blank slate. There has literally never been a better time to join us!**__ Welcome to Firefly Valley Academy for the paranormal! We offer a uniquely structured RP about a high school for paranormal youths. With a system that promotes the creation of highly unique characters, such as a boy who can move things with his mind, or a girl who flies and breathes fire like a dragon of legend, we make it all fit into the world in a logical way! Our world is dark yet delightful, and we hope to have you join us on this wild journey.
We're a city rp that has just gotten back after 1 year of denial from it's owner. If you're down to become a mod, submit a mod application in the submissions channel. You can commit crime, become a rapper, stop crime, or just be a normal citizen. All is up to your decision
where a casual server based around a world my friends and i created. features. -self assignable roles -chill af staff. -memes -lore -an active mod team. we are a happy bunch, if you want to add to the lore you can add to the lore if you would like, with a specific role to do so.
Server for all kinds of Writers. Songwriters, Storywriters, Poemwriters...
+ Fair & drama free + Channels for art, music, world-building (and much more) + Warm, welcoming, and friendly + No writing snobs + Helpful people (for critique!) + Pro LGBTQ+ This is a place for writers to chill out and chat about all things writing (or not) and to make friends. To get started in our server, read through the #start-here channel. Everything you need to know is in that channel! If you've read this far, we hope to see you around, and we hope you enjoy your stay!
Have you ever created your own whole entire world? Maybe a map or biome for D&D or Pathfinder? All the little details exactly as you want them? Never had a community to help you expand on that creativity? Well look no further! World-builders Unanimous is the perfect server for those who like to invent fantasy languages (con-langs), expand on existing fantasy universes, invent your own whole new concepts, anything! Even if you just like writing and want a safe space to show off your work, come on in! We're largely focused on Forgotten Realms general lore, but everything is welcome!!!!
Welcome to the World of DC, where Young Justice protects the streets, the Justice League watches over the earth, the Lantern Corps guard space, Justice League Dark suppresses the forces of dark magic, while Atlantis fights insurgents and the Amazons battle mythical creatures. It's a world where anything both horrifying and amazing happens. Where both costumed and everyday heroes live, work and perform incredible feats! We're a community of writers who share a passion for roleplaying. Based on a blend of DC movies, the animated series and a bit of the comics. While we have fun exploring missions together, we are also working to improve ourselves as writers. Our server is strictly PG-13, and we strongly discourage one-lining, drama or disrespectful comments. Canon characters recommended, but certain OCs can be allowed (if they can fit). Novel formatting required.
A literate/advanced literate Role-play community centred around high fantasy Role-play set in a medieval era with elements of steampunk which allows for great versatility and variety in characters and races without sacrificing the server's rich lore and world building.
Camp Half-Blood is a Percy Jackson inspired roleplaying server from the author Rick Riordan where you can roleplay as a demigod, nymph, satyr, or centaur! -- Many channels to roleplay in! -- LGBTQ+ friendly and active! Age 14+! -- Choose from over 50 unique Greek Gods/Goddesses to be the demigod of! One of the biggest selections out there! -- A very large variety of powers for every godly parent, even for ones like Ares, Hermes, Artemis, and Athena! -- Also choose from over 10 different nymph types! -- Pick from a multitude of different locations to roleplay! -- Battle against friends in our well-known Capture the Flag game! -- Bring along a friend or two to embark on a quest of your own! -- Chat and send memes with our friendly campers and staff in our out-of-character chat! -- Easily create a character in the span of a few minutes with the help of our friendly staff! -- Our layout is organized and neat!
Durgan here to invite you to a sever full of Action and horror filled rps, along with other Sci-Fi roleplays for your needs. We are a welcoming and respectful community and are open to most people. We are also still growing so we would have be more than happy if you decide to join us here in our happy little server. We also include: •Art sharing/learning/help •Character creation/help •Music •Voice Chatting/Singing •Rp learning/help •Other RPs Simple rules to follow: •No Disrespectful acts torwards one another or myself •No art stealing or reposting (I will guarantee you'll be damaged severly) •No Drama, keep a positive enviroment •Please use the appropriate tags for the subjects you are posting •Please respect sexualities of people's ocs. •Nsfw is only allowed in the appropriate channels •Please be aware that I am not good with Discord so please be patient. •Please read the info and study your power. •No Godmodding or Power controling.
Hey! If you want to roleplay Rick and Morty and Gravity falls, you are welcome to join us! If you have a Rick OC or a Morty OC, or you want to rp some Rick X Stan or other pairings, you are definitely welcome to do so! Head on over!
[RP|GMT/BST|SCIENCE-FANTASY] Take on the role of a member in a newly formed spaceship crew, with the purpose of tracking down the new and mysterious supernatural threat that is spreading out across the galaxy.
Serveur à but informatif et préventif et communautaire sur des sujets divers !
roleplay server based on the marvel universe.
Just a small friendly server for chatting and shooting the shit.
Welcome to Our Library, we’re excited to have you here! We hope to create a fun, safe place for people to share their writing, as well as a way to receive feedback and advice, and chat about all things literature. We plan to hold server events like readings (a member’s work, or even a famous favorite), trivia, literary debates, contests, and more!
A Warrior Cats Roleplay server! Based in the forest territories, join one of the five warrior clans, Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Riverclan, Windclan or Skyclan. Make friends, Roleplay! We currently have a very small community but we'd love to have new members soon!
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