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Discord Server for the DrDronez community to discuss a variety of topics. Mostly related to sci-fi/Space games such as Star Citizen!
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Discord server for Content Creators such as Youtubers or Twitch streamers.
The official unofficial YouTube Gaming Sub Reddit Discord server. Come join, have fun, get help, talk to content creators, join our awesome community! Get help for your YouTube channel, make friends, find a collaboration buddy, anything you need, is right here!
This is a brand-new server for viewers of the Alex J Brimmer YouTube channel, gamers in general, and collaborators. Talk about whatever you want or share your content! There will be a giveaway for viewers at 500 subscribers, so make sure you're keeping up with my content!
A friendly community of nerds, artists, and gamers, run by a travelling hippie indie developer, Rinabow. Come in and share some of your art, photos, crafts, or game dev projects. Our community keeps a generally chill and open environment. Our community owner is also a solo developer behind a 2D platformer known as Floating Wonderland, so this will also serve as an "official" community for that game.
Official gaming server for Soldier-boy03 on YouTube mainly based around PS4 Game play moving to PC Soon on the road to 5k subscribers,Feel free to join the server of Soldier-boy03 come stop by and chat with me and other Viewers
Share your favorite audio & video! Promote your YouTube channel, Twitch stream, or podcast! Enjoy streaming radio, offensive memes, prank calls, & anime lewds!
The community server of Brago D. Ace, a One Piece based YouTuber. This is the most active server within the One Piece community.
We are a small server based on jacksepticeye, with its goal the fanbase to get to know each other better and make friends! We offer events, daily questions, game nights, helpful staff and friendly members. Come join if you want to talk (even if you don't watch Jack) and make your day a little better. ♡
Discord server for Content Creators such as Youtubers or Twitch streamers.
We are a gaming Community dedicated to having a great time. Hope to see you there!
Looking to meet awesome people? Come join our server,Here you can meet new friends, play games, share memes, and hang out! Features: - Dedicated staff members -Leveling system -Gaming text and voice channels -Self Assignable Roles - Great YouTube videos and Twitch streams - Fun community
YouTube Squad is a server that used to be about promoting your content and finding good content, is now mostly just hanging out and watching videos. We also hold events where we play games and watch things together! Recently we reached 3,000 members! Please note that we are not an official YouTube discord, we are just a group of people who are interested in helping each other!
>> Panda Motel << - A discord motel were everyone and everything is welcome. - Many bots that can fulfill your needs. - As long as you follow the rules you are welcome to the server. - Events - + More
This server is a fan-made server for a growing YouTuber that goes by Rye - Chip. He is known for making nostalgia videos, particularly his videos pertaining to Minecraft. This server is focused on Minecraft nostalgia and current Minecraft news, but also other nostalgia pertaining to the early 21st century. If you were born between 2000 and 2006, this server is right for you. We have: - Over 100 members! - A very accepting community!
Trust me when I say we're pretty decent, we are gamers and weebs and a TAD bit of furries in the mix lol haha
(Offical Discord Partner) The server for the popular YouTube channel with over 4.1 million subs. We offer weekly events, giveaways, active community, friendly staff, and a few channels for the peeps who would like to talk about their hobbies.
The Fun of Crafting is an re-opening of an old server. Here, we are a friendly survival community that doesn't allow griefing. We have plugins such movecraft, slime fun, jobs, and more! We are looking for new staff and community members to join today!
A server full of pewdiepie fans looking to beat the enemy T-series! (This group may also be used for social activities and gaming with others!)
The official Discord server of GameFront - The best serving of video game culture, since 1998. Whether you're looking for the biggest collection of PC gaming files on the planet, tools, tips or advice, GameFront has you covered. Browse through over 150,000 mods, maps, tools and more. Game on!
Ribbon Hearts™ •Hi, thanks for reading our ad. This server is the official public server for my YouTube channel: Plantbob.• °While it is a server mostly for my channel, it is also a public chatroom server open to all!° ×Currently, we have: 7 bots, because we like bots shut up× ∆We have a memes channel currently looking for cuties to fill him up with your spiciest may-mays.∆ :hearts:It's fun to stay at Ribbon Hearts!:hearts: ∞ Come on down ∞
The official Discord server of GameFront - The best serving of video game culture, since 1998. Whether you're looking for the biggest collection of PC gaming files on the planet, tools, tips or advice, GameFront has you covered. Browse through over 150,000 mods, maps, tools and more. Game on!
Official Discord server for my YouTube channel. Feel free to join.
Ce serveur est dédié à 3 choses: - Le youtuber Edward (présent sur le serveur) et ses chroniques rétro-découverte, histoire de personnage, histoire du jeux vidéo et histoire de consoles - Le rétrogaming - Le jeu vidéo dans son ensemble, rétro ou non, Nintendo/sony/Microsoft/pc/smartphone. Venez discutez avec nous de ce qui nous passionne tous! Vous y trouverez aussi de nombreux events: Interview avec Edward, quiz sur divers jeux vidéo ou sur des vidéos d'Edward, tournois rétro, tournois sur des jeux actuels, challenges scoring, etc.!
__**Bright Lightning’s Discord Server**__ **Events/Announcements** **In the server** Leveling Systems with ranks up to level 200 `Minecraft Thame, ` **Fun Bots** `like mee6, dyno, coin master, cafe, pac-man` **Mimi games** `pac-man, tic tac toe, connect4, black jack, snail racing and more` **Great Gaming Community** `Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Pokemon, Need For Speed, GTA, Forza, and more` **Friendly Staff and Owner** `if any staff is ever rude you can report them to me` **And a lot more** `Bots in the server Mee6, Dyno, Cafe, CoinMaster, Ok Counter, and a lot more.` **Coming Soon** __Want to know more vist__ or
Welcome to EdsonTheRiolu's server You can find his YT channel on his profile. Here, we have... Memes Bots Music Gaming Jokes And others Come join now!
Wir sind eine Youtube Community! Schaut bei mir vorbei:
FRENCH-SPEAKING-ONLY L'objectif de ce projet est: - Pour les viewers, de faire découvrir des chaines youtube aux contenus unique ou nouveau, qui change de YouTube. - Pour les youtubeurs qui correspondent a notre vision, d'avoir un moyen et des outils de se mettre en avant dans un cercle de youtubeurs qui partagent leurs réseaux. Candidature ouverte pour toute chaîne ayant une vision un peu unique de YouTube. Aucunes restrictions matériel et de compétences de montage.
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Hello subscribers!!! If you haven't subscribe to my channel yet, make you sure you do it!!! This server is a YouTube server where you can chat with other subscribers and have fun but make sure you read the rules before you do anything else! So enjoy this server!!!
We get people partnered fast? Make sure to join!!! We have 500+ members
Welcome to Scientific age! A server with a hellish aesthetic. An active and growing community. RP section, music sessions and more! Heaven is boring... Join us in HELL!
Want to grow on Youtube, Mixer, Twitch, etc? Join Bait Squad TODAY with tons of other creators! If you are a graphics designer, video editor, etc, there is also sections for that. Maybe you just want to chill with cool people and aren't actually a content creator, that's fine too! We have weekly giveaways, raffles, movie nights, game nights, etc! Join NOW! Project founded December 22, 2018.
A new and growing community for nerds, anime fans, cosplays and content creators. under the banner of frankie its a laid back server that supports all people and their fanbases.... except furries.... WHY IS THAT A THING?!?!
This is a Discord channel mostly dedicated to the people that watch my videos and want to support me. Here you can hang out with some fine people. The only thing I ask from you is that you be respectful towards everyone, and follow the rules. If you can do all of that, welcome to the Campfire!
Welcome to Papyrus Editing Server! on this server we will be editing videos and making thumbnails and we have just started but we are professional editors! First 10 people to join get 1-2 videos and 1-2 of there thumbnails to get edited For free! Join before somebody claims the offer before you!
☄️ Eternity Discord Server (German) ☄️ Join and find out what's all about! ;D
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Fortnite Clan
Discord server for Pewdiepie and T-Series first channel on youtube. The community fan of T-Series and Pewdiepie (Please sub to pewdiepie for 100 millions) There have sub count awesome bots and social of T-series and Pewdiepie ! Fun server ! Join now!
the chicken
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we are the chicken community -our own bot -advertise -more emotes coming -fun bots -fortnite based voice chats and more
I have created an Unofficial discord server for Creator Insider. We don't have Tom here, but I have already sent to an email to create/join this server. Barbara is here, and she is first person joining the server! I want to bring Creator Insider fans to provide suggestions and feedback about Youtube, from technology improvements to bugs..etc.
Heya! This is StarWorld, a loving discord full of lots of amazing people and channels! My channel bases around all types of art and animation, if you like that sort of thing then this is the right place for you! (This server is mainly based off my channel RyRylizzy) Our Discord includes: ☆ Art channels ☆ Events! ☆ Community and fun channels ☆ Free Artist/Ping roles (Optional) Our community is very family friendly, and staff members are willing to help with any situations! Be sure to read the rules. Any disobedience or toxicity will NOT be tolerated in the slightest.
We are bent on saving PewDiePie from T-Series! We got some kewl stuff, just hop in, Everyone is warmly welcomed. You in to save PEWDS?
Join FrostNetwork Sekarang Juga! ↢―↞――――――――――――――↠―↣ Beberapa Bocoran Fitur Update FrostyNetwork ↢―↞――――――――――――――↠―↣ Category Update: • Quest • Towny • Gangs • Crates ↢―↞――――――――――――――↠―↣ Commands Update: • Warps • Donate • Kits • Shop • Daily ↢―↞――――――――――――――↠―↣ Maps Update: • Lobby • Shop • PVP ↢―↞――――――――――――――↠―↣ Maps Reset Update: • Survival • Nether • The End ↢―↞――――――――――――――↠―↣ User Reset Update: • Balance • Home • XP ↢―↞――――――――――――――↠―↣ Vote: ↢―↞――――――――――――――↠―↣ Vote Prize: • 500 Balance • Vote Key • 3 Diamond ↢―↞――――――――――――――↠―↣ Discord: ↢―↞――――――――――――――↠―↣ IP: FrostNetwork.Anjay.Id
Her türlü paylaşımları saygı, sevgi,anlayış çerçevesi içerisinde yapabileceğiniz, dostane, yumuş yumuş , eviniz sıcaklığında bir kanal. Hepinizi bekliyoruz.
Server bringing together the community lead by "ModestNeko" aka "ModestNek0" on some social. Runs a YouTube channel and streams on Twitch. Pretty chill but fun and friendly community. Come join us! :3
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Hello this is my youtube discord server thanks for joining and remember ti subscribe to pewdiepie and also sub to me
We are a server for Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game! Create you're own cards and post them here for everyone to discuss. We also have VRAINS Discussions. We offer YouTube Notifications from many of your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Youtube Content Creators! We have a levelling system and custom card channels Everybody (TCG Player or not) is welcome to join! This server was made by and for the YugiTuber channel: XUnderGroundMembersX Hope to see you soon!
Tired of YouTube? Project Blank is a video sharing site startup that focuses on the community and community oriented features. In this server, you can join the discussion on anything youtube and videos, share memes, and even join our team if you wanna be apart of something amazing and big. And most importantly: have fun :)
We are YouTubers! We play Roblox! We do giveaways.
----------Welcome to Team Fadionic----------- We are a small server always look for members. We are based on the owner's youtube channel but mostly just chat and mess around. ------------------------------------------------- What we offer: -Anime Channel -Meme Channel -Self Roles -Partnerships -mEmEs -Art Channel And MORE!!! --------------------------------------------------- We are always looking for new partnerships. Looking for: -Staff -Partnership Managers -Server Techs -Event Managers
Hey This Is MegaRock Here! Welcome to The Discord
Ein kleiner Aber Feiner Fortnite Server
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