Server gos live friday the 13th@12PM EST

like the title says this is just a little info on when the server will go live come join us Yes we do have a Arma3 exile themed spawn selection that means you will spawn as a freshie on the cost and when you die or kill yourself you will be took to the spawn selection screen and can pick where you want to go "this only happens on the first time you ever join the server as a player/character needs created" here is the current list of mods and we are open to add more if the community is wanting p.s them spawns in the photo are just testing spots !!!!!!!!!!!!

@ChernoExiled @AmmunitionExpansion @WeaponExpansion @SQUADMSFC @DmnsExtraWeaponZ @dmnshumveeFixed @Breachingcharge @DinkyItemsPlus @InventoryPlusPlus @BulletStacksPlusPlus @EarPlugs @FlipTransport @DurableSuppressors @CheckIdentity @GoreZ @SalineBag+ @DayzNavigation @CodeLock @NoShoeDamage @Stamina @CloseOpenAnywhere @betterscopes @PlantExploitFix @BuildAnywhere @DisableBaseDestruction; @Banking; @PartyMe @VPPNotifications @VPPAdminTools @VanillaPlusPlusMap @DayZExpansionChat @TEPBillboardSigns @BuilderItems @CF @Banking @Trader