Looking for a server where you can feel free to make jokes? 🤯 Looking for a friendly and active community with all kinds of people? 🎉🍃 We have all that and much more! Feel free to join us and share your adventures, hobbies, passions! 😎 Ready to make friends and deal with randoms online? 🔥😱

Active voice-chats! 📞

Active community! 🕶🤯

Giveaways and events! 💰🎉

Self-roles! 🏝

Games! 🕹💣

Selfies & Memes Channel 📸

& Much More in The Future! What are you waiting for? 😱 You found us! Join now and feel free to invite your friends, the more the better! 🎉 We’re waiting, don’t disappoint us! ❤️

(we also got deleted recently so please help us out!)