Hello, fellow CivilizationCrafters!

It's time for another phase again! Because of the victory by the Civilization of Boscania, with the Conquest condition, it's time for a new phase! This phase will run for another Empress phase, but it will be different.

You are able to join on server.minetexas.com or empress.minetexas.com with Minecraft version 1.12.2 on Saturday, July 27th at 9PM GMT+1, 3PM EDT, 12PM PDT

This phase will be special. We are going to war, every civilization will be permanently locked in war relation with each other. To make things interesting the limitation on a civilization size will be lifted. Happiness won't be an issue to bother with this phase.

We got 2 staff members who had an upgrade to a new rank. Congratulate Diferent and DealWithlt for getting the Admin rank! They will maintain Empress, together with Biglooc while BenjaminGoGurts, tyggerr and pepsiqc will focus on Emperor.

To make things more smooth here a list of what special changes are for this phase. Some might stay, even after this phase. Time will tell.

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