Call of duty mobile

A small and friendly community dedicated to Call of duty mobile. Anyone is welcome!

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A small and friendly community dedicated to Call of duty mobile. Anyone is welcome!

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thinking about Joining? read this

Hello. If you are thinking about Joining this server. Please only do so if you are going to stay for a while. If you are just going to leave in 5 seconds don't Join at all. We have a welcomers role that is pinged when a new member joins. Joining and leaving in 5 seconds wastes not only the staffs time. but welcomers time as well


Once we hit 50 human members. We will be giving away 10k Dank MEMER coins! Join for a chance at being rich!

Friendly challenges

Every year we host a battle between everyone in the server. Winner gets their own chatroom which they have 100% control over

Anyone is welcome! Really, ANYONE!

Anyone is welcome! including people with disabilities, we are a antisocial/anxiety friendly community. Join for just a fun chat. or to talk about the game. We are an extremely small community, you will get to know everyone well!

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