What is Connect University?

Connect University: https://connect.university/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_dOZjqtM6cJFAeu8TQk5rA

What is Connect University?

Connect University is the most effective and user-friendly tool for students to network with others, access unique opportunities, and most importantly, grow as an individual. We are the future of education, inspiration, and opportunities. Here is the general breakdowns of what we offer:

College / Scholarship Finder: We have two different ways that a student can access scholarships and discover colleges. They would (1) be able to manually visit finder pages and look for the opportunity that fits them the best, or (2) they use our algorithms that recommends them the best choices based on their academic profile. Connect is a giant database full of up to date colleges and scholarships.

Networking: Connect University offers a variety of solutions for students to connect and engage with other students. This can be done through public groups created by a student, an advance posting system, or simply by chatting with another member one on one.

Academic Profile: Think of the academic profile as a collection of all your adventures and experiences from your academic career. Here, you will be able to add information such as what classes you previously took, your GPA, future aspirations, etc.

College Portfolio: A small feature to better compile all your academic and extracurricular info. We will take all the information that you put into your academic profile and organize it into a clean resume format.

Job Board: Students will be able to seek help and complete paid tasks for others. This will offer two benefits for students (1) Students will be able to finish their work faster with more quality (2) Students can earn money for helping others

Video Courses: We understand that some students do not learn the best while with others. Because of this we offer students a unique way to learn. Connect University is home to a collection of videos on whatever topic you may come across in your educational career.

Feel free to join our support server if you have any questions :)